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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New chairman for Fiji Development Bank Board another coup lackey

Bob Lyon conspired with dictator to drive out Denarau developer and Qarase’s think-tank man Martin Darveniza from Fiji

The illegal Attorney-General and Minister for Trade and Commerce Aiyaz Khaiyum has announced the appointment of Bob Lyon as the new chairman for the Fiji Development Bank Board. Lyon is currently the chairman of the Foundation of Development Corporation (FDC) and the current chairman of FINTEL.

Lyon was appointed chairman of FDC in September 2007. He worked for ANZ Banking Group from 1965 – 2008. The last 14 years were spent in the Asia Pacific region. Following his retirement as Managing Director, Pacific in 2006, he was appointed non-executive Chairman ANZ Pacific, a position he held until 2008. He was also President of the Australia Fiji Business Council.

In appointing Lyon as the new FDB Board the illegal Trade Minister Khaiyum said Lyon will bring in a lot of experience. Definitely, he will, especially by reporting on the regime’s opponents, and helping it to remove investors from the country the regime dislikes.

In 2008 Lyon conspired with the regime to remove Martin Darveniza, the former chief executive of Tabua Investments Ltd, responsible for the overall development of Denarau Island. Darveniza was forced to leave Fiji that year after 20 years with the company. The conspiracy involved Parmesh Chand who was then principal private secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, and is now CEO of the Public Service Commission.

On 10 May 2008, Lyon e-mailed Chand with the heading “Contacts”, and wrote as follows: “Hi Parmesh, Here are the contacts in relation to that matter we discussed.” Although the e-mail is silent on the “matter discussed”, Lyon gave the names and e-mail addresses of the following persons as useful contacts: Radisson- Graeme Woodley; Paul Adams; Golf Terrace Apartments – Ross Porter; Sheraton Denarau Villas – Ian Rodwell and lawyer (Nadi) – Peter Lowing.

Adams is a property developer of Carrus Corporation in Tauranga, New Zealand. Porter was president of the Australia-Fiji Business Council. Ian Rodwell is the founder of the Adcorp Marketing Communications Group, and is also chairman of Denarau Villas Limited (Fiji) in conjunction with Sheraton Hotels in Fiji.

Tabua Investments Ltd carried out the development of all residential areas on Denarau Island. The company is owned by BIL Ltd out of Singapore and has been involved with Denarau Island since 1996. Since its involvement, the company has successfully developed the Sheraton Denarau Villas project and several residential precincts.

During the debate of the controversial Qoliqoli Bill, Darveniza was quoted as saying the following: “Some people believe that efforts should be made to dissuade Government from proceeding, but they have made it very clear they will proceed with this, and this needs to be recognised. Too often in the past operators and developers stood in one corner and resource owners stood in the other. I believe the way forward is to bring them together. It’s very imperative that such a broad-based programme is undertaken. We have to bring the two minds together.”

In 2003, Darveniza was on deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase’s “Think Tank Advisory Group”, which also included Radike Qereqeretabua, Y P Reddy, Mahendra Patel and Jesoni Vitusagavulu. When Fiji TV, which was working on the story, contatced Lyon and Chand for comments, the then Police Commissioner Esala Teleni’s goons were sent to Fiji TV, who took the reporter to the Central Police Station and an IT expert searched through the reporter’s computer but couldn’t find anything – the thugs forgot that there are one hundred thousand ways to skin a cat. Fiji TV was forced to abandon the story after threats from Chand and his goons.

On 2 June 2008, Chand had forwarded Lyon’s e-mail to his illegal boss: “Prime Minister, Sir, these contacts would be very important if ever there is an investigation on Martin Darveniza – PC”.

Now, Lyon has been rewarded with another chairmanship, that of the Fiji Development Bank Board.

The appointment of these foreign adventurers reminds us of the words of the Governor Sir Arthur Gordon who had remarked in 1875: “I cannot believe myself that it is a thing to be desired that this interesting and intelligent population (the i-taukei) should be simply swept away from their own land, to make room for adventurers.”

Unfortunately, locals are being swept away from various Boards etc to make room for adventurers like Lyon by the unintelligent dictator and his Talibanistic henchmen Khaiyum, the author of that infamous genocidal “Sunset Clause” against the i-taukei Fijians.


Jake said...

We are all adventures in own little oblique way the mass inclusion of the Caucasoid race can only be good for Fiji.

It comes back to the inability of educated Fijians to run their country in a successful and just manner that would benefit the entire nation rather than the selected few pilfering from the masses.

Bottom line your leader Bainimarama knows this and is systematically adjusting all governmental departments to be more productive and contribute to societies needs.

Bainimarama for his minor shortcomings is a lot more intelligent than the average man.

We all ought to be glad we have an honest man in charge as compared to the other sidewinders.

Ateca V said...

Me thinks Jake is smokin some serious weed.

The Max said...

I am not suprised at the jughead praising the so called caucasiod race given he spent a good part of his life serving them.

Imperialist lawyer, Sir John Davies depicted the Irish as little better than canniballes, who eat one another, and hee that hath most strength and swiftness doth eat and devoures all his fellowes.
Thurston to Gordon in Fiji : With all our highfalutin to the contrary, the wrongs we have committed in the names of Christianity, civilisation, progress are manifold. We are, as a race, a race of robbers and spoilers.
So jughead you can patronise the Caucasiod race and Bainimarama until you drop dead it will not change an iota of the indiginity they perpetrate on others for their own gains,

Anonymous said...

Note how Jake & Max posts bear all hallmarks of Kai Dia's?

Kulina said...

Anon 9:17
What is wrong? you out of your league or you gota a tiny brain in your big head.

Anonymous said...

Wonder it their aware of various talents of one P. Foster?

Jake said...

Mouse: Wrong on both counts, we are kai vijis, whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

Don't know eitheir?

Never come across or heard of Kai Vijis before? Maybe when your straight you will elaborate?