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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Other manouverings to follow departure of Fiji's Iron Lady?

A word to the doubting Thomases .... Major Ana Rokomokoti has been booted out of the military as reported by Coupfourpointfive on Monday. 

The former Iron Lady of Fiji (pictured right) was told to go three weeks ago but was officially fired at the end of last week.
She had lost her job as the Chief Registrar of Fiji's tainted judiciary earlier this year and was replaced by a Sri Lankan expatriate.

Her final ousting came after Pita Driti, the Land Force Commander, was sent on leave - Frank Bainimarama's favoured method of disposing the disaffected, on Friday.

Rokomokoti's depature, coming so quick on the heels of that of Driti and Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (the deposed 3FIR Commander who was sent on leave before Driti), was not something the regime wanted revealed.

Coupfourpointfive sources say Rokomokoti has already applied for the position of Legal Officer with Carpenters Finance. 

Rokomokoti's case was pleaded by Driti who insisted she retain her rank and employment in the military, but her boss was actually her close buddy, Brigadier Aziz Mohammed, who we suspect will be next to find himself manouvered.


Ruined reputations said...

The only thing this anti Fijian coup is doing is ruining the reputation of the Fiji military and its personnel. Are the Fiji military too stupid to realise they are being used?
Rokomokoti, Teleni, Driti, Mara - reputations all ruined - unemployable and untouchables internationally. Go back to the village Anna and prsactice in your cassava patch. you backed the wrong horse you fool!

Anonymous said...

Not first nor last to be booted out when use-by-date is up, se vaivei Ana?

So easy to be an 'iron lady' with guns propping up your skinny A, aye!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add last nite...

@ Ruined Reputations - I don't think Ana backed the wrong horse! It's been the ONE and ONLY HORSE (duh!) that needed to be put down since it became a mere 'white elephant' back in 1987.

We do not want to see another blerry useless horse in its place, a James Bond-Andrew Hughes led police force will do nicely thank you!

Are we set on that or not?

Anonymous said...

Might not be paying his salary and supplying his uniforms but rest assured Andrew Hughes is still on the case.