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Monday, October 4, 2010

D-Day looms for Chaudhry

He's out on bail until Wednesday when he has to reappear in court, but what will be the ultimate fate of the Fiji Labour Party leader and former prime minister, Mahendra Chaudhry?

Lauded by some and reviled by others, opinion has been divided over Chaudhry's plight, you only need to look at the comments on this blog site to see that. It's to be expected when you're loathed by so many, even as those living on a higher plane suggest a redemption of sorts.

With two separate charges now facing him, Chaudhry is probably not in a position to be a genuine hero to us just yet. He is fighting for his life and will be as devious as he needs to be, and only he can be. Hence the hiring of the New Zealand lawyer, Peter Williams, QC, to defend him on the illegal assembly charge and the  money laundering charge. 

Williams is the clever lawyer who outwitted the regime and liberated Ballu Khan from the deadly clutches of the military  after they nailed him for 'orchestrating' the bumbling plot to kill Frank Bainimarama a few years ago.

Khan was originally arrested with others but was released following a successful stay application in November 2008. Williams had to turn up in Fiji, under camera, to wheel the hospitalised Khan past the soldiers, to the airport and safely home to Auckland.
Williams is already seeking to create the same magic for Chaudhry, letting it be known the Labour Party leader was visiting Rakiraki in his capacity as a politician, trade union leader and pubic figure, so therefore had legitimate cause to assess the drought conditions. It's hoped the argument will snuffle the claim Chaudhry was agitating disgruntled farmers.

Coupfourpointfive understands Chaudhry was warned he should only visit the National Farmers Union branch office in Ra. He was located, however, at the home of a farmer, who, with his son ended up in custody and having to fork out $F500 for their bail today. Same with his driver.

Coupfourpointfive also understands Chaudhry and his friends have been treated well in police custody over the past few days. We've been told the group were kept in the police conference room, not police cells, and that Chaudhry was not ruffled up as suggested by some reports. We also understand he was also allowed to take himself off to hospital after experiencing chest pains.


Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this is trying to undermine Chaudhry's efforts to derail the military regime.

At least Chaudhry has guts to fight the regime like a true leader not like NFP former leaders who ran away in sari????

Anonymous said...

Is that what da former PM is trying to do?

Tiger Balm said...

@ Annon 6.32pm ....Chaudhry has guts to fight the regime, hah what nonsense! You must one of his cronies to be saying that. Everybody knows Chaudhry joined hands with Frank Bainimarama following the coup coz he was so greedy for power.

Then he changed his mind halfway through esp when stories started surfacing about his tax evasion and the money from India he deposited into his bank account in Australia ...so he go out of Franky's cabinet and went hiding and bellowing the message to his supporters, the farmers, about how loyal he is to them.

And you say he has guts to fight the regime. Hilarious!

Shows how low you and Chaudhry are pointing the finger at NFP and still wanting to fight with your fellow indians when you're supposed to be united.

No wonder Fiji has gone to the dogs, if Indians themselves are not united, it's a wonder that Fijians should have all the power and rule Fiji.

Anonymous said...

dont get upset NFP supporters, the only leader left in fiji is Chaudhary, so he derseves the support not like NFP people now sucking up to Regime in the likes of Chandu Umario, Praveen Bala and YP Reddy. If Chaudhry was wroung then why are these rascals sucking up to Frank????? What action have NFP taken against these traitors? are they still memebers of NFP?? if not when were they sacked from the party???

partyplayer said...

And SDL and Labour doing that good? who you kidding ... all of Fiji's parties are in a disarray. If you really want a leader why not a Unity Fiji Political Party made up of some of the existing ones to oust regime.

Anonymous said...

ah the chor leader chaudhry, sucked millions of dollars , i just hope he put behind bars for life.So now Labour cronies showing up again in support of this chodry,that's why Indian's suffer under his leadership. I want to see the evidence of the NFP leader who ran in sari, please , please show or just shut up

Ratu said...

This is not a time to be pointing fingers you idiots.

NFP did its best and so did Labour.

Labour though unlike NFP supported the Frank Bainimarama coup, Labour supported the rape of democracy.

NFP people like Chandu Umaria etc who have sucked up to the regime, coz of their greed, cannot be sacked from the party, how can you sack members, that's what democracy is about. But they will never be given top positions in the party again.

Jake said...

Chodari is having a taste of the clean up he instigate. Whether foolish or smart, he at least has balls.

Anonymous said...

NFP senior members are sucking up..Chando, Praveen Bala, Bala Dass and YP Reddy....three souths and a guji blood suckers and another one from USP Wadan Narsey os now poverty has gone down 10% under Frank....do you wonder how these adds up...they all belong NFP and now sleeping with Frank after Mahendra had enough of it????

NFP lossers please answer.

party pooper said...

anon@10.52 NFP don't want Mahend's sloppy seconds

Joe said...

Indian Brothers and Sisters, DO NOT believe this money launderer Chaudhary. He is sitting on your money. This is a clear ploy to racially divide the nation. Dont get sucked in again. Is he the Lord Indra, who will bring rain to the drought stricken areas? Ask him for the money he collected on behalf of you poor farmers, before his QC takes it all. Wake up people, and look beyond your noses for a change.

mark manning said...

The difference now is that the bases are loaded in Frank's favour !

Anonymous said...

'experiencing chest pains'.

Probably wearing money belt incorrectly.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

good luck rika...you sound like an empty vessel, look like your girlfriend aziz and a gutless spineless snake you SOB. At least Rika had the guts to say and tell the truth knowing very well the consequenes but for you no photo, no name rauti iko vinaka qo-Comment edited

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