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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Part Two of the Letter to RBF: Governor Sada Reddy accused of ethnic cleansing of i-taukei Fijian staff

Editor's Note: Names withheld as in the first part of letter
Another major change in the Bank was the promotion of a woman from the position of Manager to the position of Acting Chief Manager but there were other capable people in the Bank and who had worked much longer than this particular woman, the anonymous bank staffer told the RBF chief Sada Reddy.

He wrote: “Do you remember promoting Mrs (name withheld) from being an Accountant to the post of Acting Chief Manager Currency & Corporate Service Group and burdened the Manager Human Resources (name withheld) with the post of Deputy Acting Chief Manager Currency & Corporate Service Group?  The post of Chief Manager was previously held by Mr______, a Fijian and well capable of running the Group and was doing better than the now Acting Chief Manager.” 

Abuse of Bank’s Travel Budget and Corruption

The letter continues: “For the record, Mr. Reddy, ever since you placed Mrs. (name withheld) as the Acting Chief Manager CCS, many wrong things has happened but in your eyes they are “Alright”.  I see differently! I know that your travel budget has been over-spent (busted/Kaput) and your going to New Zealand once a month is to keep up your NZ Visa process paid for by the Bank is really the root of your corruption.

“Oh! And what about your refusing to use the Bank’s Official residence so you can stay in your own residence-you remind me of Mr. Chaudhary when he was in Government and did the same thing.  You arrogant and selfish men think alike - but the end of it is destruction in your life.  If there was to be an audit tomorrow in the Bank, how can the Accounts people explain all these accounting anomalies?  Only god knows how deceitful your heart is in manipulating the accounts to keep up your bull-shit leadership,” the letter writer tells Reddy.

The Missing Millions from the Container

He then gives a few examples: “Take, for example, the recent One Million Dollar Heist that no one knows who took it so far. I believe procedures were not followed especially by the Acting Chief Manager CCS, Mrs. (name withheld) and the Manager Currency, Mr (name withheld).  I read a memo in the Bank that said the procedures were not followed starting from your Acting Chief Manager Mrs. (name withheld) and the current Manager Currency, Mr. (name withheld).  To me this warrants a laying-off (sacking) of these two but you cannot do that because they are “Indian” and of your kind.”

The aggrieved employee remonstrates Reddy about the above remark: “For the record-please keep a record Mr. Reddy, it’s important!  I may sound racial here but the truth is being revealed here and you instead stopped the contract of Mrs. Y even though she did not do anything wrong in the Bank-why was she not given another Contract?   I beg to ask the question-Why?  Can you answer me that?  I guess you would say-SHUT UP! BE GONE! SILENCE! THAT IS NOT TRUE!  But I want to understand and I beg you to make me understand Mr. Reddy.”
He also reminds the bank chief of another unrelated episode: “Oh! Mr. Reddy I nearly forgot and this was a subject of discussion and laughter today when I went to work.  I opened the Staff Notice that was posted on the electronic notice board and noticed some new postings.  The Manager IT, Ms. (name withheld) has relinquished the position of Manager IT and given a post titled:  Advisor Information Technology-wow!  I really laughed at this one because I have heard of this post ever created in the Bank.  And then the notice said,(name withheld), the new IT guy has posted to Manager Information Technology.” 

Appointment of Indo-Fijians at Fijian Expense 

“You can imagine the discussions in the corridors today, when those kinds of posts are created and money wasted.  So I think this is what you tried to do-do not renew Y’s contract and create another post of Manager and direct that salary to another useless Manager's post.  Another Fijian out of the Bank and another less qualified Indian given a post that I believe in time he will not keep for long.  Mark my words-yes he might migrate again just like the previous IT guys and of course the Bank keeps on wasting money on these staff that do not spend time and loyalty in the Bank.  Who knows, may be next week you will move a Chief Manager to a post where he/she cannot perform and in the end ruin what good work that has been by the staff in the Bank.  You seem to be not following the structure in the Bank. It's really pathetic!
“To be honest,” he informed Reddy: “I am not a racist nor am I an arrogant person.  I love to see all races working together in peace and harmony but the one leading the organization is showing signs of biased and racial decisions.  In truth, all races need to work together so this country can move forward but if there exists in society men or women with racist ideas and decisions, then society as a whole is in chaos. I would love to see a new “Heart” in the Bank so the “Body” can function well again.  I believe there are capable people in the Bank. “
The aggrieved letter writer also informed Reddy that he was sending the copy of his letter to Prime Minister’s Office , so that the dictator, who has been preaching a race-free Fiji, “can read and know what is happening in the Reserve Bank. But if he already knows it then I plead with him to please help this Organization-the Reserve Bank of Fiji”. 

Reddy accused of creating racial apartheid in RBF

“I have noticed that the staff in the Bank is afraid to speak out openly, because of the consequence of being sacked for speaking your mind or being demoted. My heart truly goes out to the staff where once everyone mingled freely and never heard or feared the word “Racial Segregation” came into their mind-we were truly one in everything we did.  In truth, we worked as a “Team”, but this all changed when Mr. Reddy became the Governor.
“I am pleading for those in authority to see the problem that now exists in the Bank or the core functions of the Bank will not be realized. I would like to conclude this letter Mr. Reddy so that may be you can think about all the bad decisions you have made since coming into leadership.  A man who does not reflect on his actions is a sad man because for every action and decision made there is always an outcome or consequence to that action.
“I am sure that after everyone reads then you will be running around trying to figure out who in the Bank has sent this letter.  But to tell you the truth, only God knows because no one else in the bank will know.  But I will be a silent worker and diligently pursing my Missions and visions for the bank.  You can even blame you close co-workers but remember, the staff you degrade in the Bank are the very ones that will never respect you if you carry on as you are.  Take it from me as a friend-it’s good to take criticisms from friends because they help you-what say you?”
“I could have come to your office but you are always out of the country or busy to see anyone below you but tonight I will sleep well because I have told you what is in my heart and it’s always good to keep the heart pumping well so I can perform better tomorrow.  

I believe it’s time for a Change-and I hope it will happen soon.
Thank you for reading my letter Mr. Reddy and I hope God touches your heart to cleanse it of the evil that men do.”
(PS: I would love to put my name but I will be victimized as usual)


Anonymous said...

Now only a fool would believe the author of this letter.

The letter in question is full of holes you can just about turn a Wainibokasi bus around.

TheMax said...

Folks thats the way of good governance and transparency. Learn to live with it.

Anonymous said...

I bilieve the writer. Reddy is should be sacked by the dictator if he is serious with his corruption clean up

TheMax said...

@Anon 4:21

You are the one full of holes you moron

mark manning said...

In Fiji today, your " position " doesn't always refer to your " placement " in the Organisations !
It refers more to, bent over etc.

Anonymous said...

come on what's wrong , we Indians were sidelined for many years , some big stomach Fijians' with no brain in head were promoted so many times,we Indians did complanied but silently, this coup was not a cleaning campaign but showing you guys what's coup all about-toe line toe line

Anonymous said...

I just hope soon we go beyond the racial devide we have in Fiji which has polarised us in destructive ways for ages. Hopefully we arrive at a point we can all feel comfortable with each other and we all call ourselves Fijians ....oops....well some common name that make us all feel as one belonging to Fiji, sons and daugters of Fiji.

We use too much energy and destructive behaviours based on race. Most of our political and other national problems to development are rooted in racial emphasis. If indeed Reddy is being racist in dealing with the Bank staff then he is the problem letting his racial bias dictate his decisions. We do not want such leaders. Or if Fijian leaders are doing the same then they should be delt with appropriately....but this can only happen under political stable environment. We first need democratic Government.

Anonymous said...

Correction Mr. Reddy - it is not a one million dollar heist.

Documentation is available where you publicly state that the content value of the missing container is $200m - in freshly printed $20 notes.