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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sada Reddy accused of ethnic cleansing of i-taukei Fijian staff from RBF

In an emotionally charged letter dated 1 October 2010 to Sada Reddy, the illegal Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, a staff member, presumably, an i-taukei, has expressed his disappointment at the way a fellow i-taukei staff member of seniority and long service was summarily removed from her job. The disgruntled RBF employee claims two Indo-Fijian women staff members were instrumental in the removal of the i-taukei lady from her job.

We have withheld names and referred to key people as X,Y and Z but the disgruntled bank staffer, who signed his name off as ZXXXXXZ (for fear of reprisal), started his letter with: “Dear Governor Reddy; Today marks the beginning of another new month (OCTOBER) for this year 2010. Yesterday was a sad day for the Reserve Bank of Fiji staff and most of those who have worked here for a long time to see another staff leave the Bank not on her own accord. I have seen the changes that are rapidly taking place in this professional Organization. For your information, my heart cried out on Thursday to my friend because she has left the Bank in an unprofessional manner - that situation was created by you and your two henchwomen (names withheld) who do your bidding-Evil women that they are!”

He informed Reddy: “I take to this form of communication to air my disappointment or grievances because you would not take the time to listen to staff or anyone else for that matter -to listen to reason or anyone else’s voice on any matter in the Bank. That is a sign of an arrogant leader or a person, selfish to the core and prejudiced in every decision he makes not taking into account the consequences of the decision you have taken which has affected the people or staff that work in this Bank.”

He continued: “We now live in a society where opinions and “voices of reason” are stifled and suppressed because they are not in line with opinions or ‘heartless’ decisions that harden people’s hearts and lower morale to a level that it motivates a person to “kill” or rather commit a crime (in thought or in deed) not right in the eyes of God.”

When the letter writer started in the RBF, he said, he was impressed with the bank’s Visions and Statements: “I took pride in following those Vision and Missions because it gave me and motivated me to move further then where I started and to be a useful tool for the Nation of Fiji in moving the nation forward to Economic Success. Back then my morale was as high as the peaks of “Himalaya” because “leadership in the Bank” was gentle, reasonable, and kind to all (no race differences) that worked in the Bank. I saw, that when leadership was of this manner, everyone produced excellent outputs and morale all around was marvellous and it was an exciting place to work in.”

The letter writer then turned his attention to the dismissed colleague: “Now, yesterday was a sad day for one of our staff in the bank who has worked for more than 10 years and she was working longer than I. Y was told that her contract is no longer renewed and she has to leave the Bank today - JUST LIKE THAT! I was flabbergasted. And just to refresh your memory, that is the second Fijian Manager to be put out of work in this Bank since you started. Do you remember X? He was the first Fijian you refused to renew his contract and I am beginning to see a trend here. I hope you are keeping a record because the “Professional” staff in the Bank has a memory that stores all these events-sad or happy it may be.”

The letter continues: “X worked longer than I and the work he used to do was given to someone else, which in turn increased that particular Manager’s work-load… I heard stories why X was released from his contract - was it because you did things in the Bank that was unprofessional and unethical? Only God knows and you know and also X knows. One of those unprofessional things you did was having an affair with the woman who is now your Executive Secretary - Z. You promoted her to Executive Secretary and demoted the previous one to Senior Secretary (name withheld) and she is a Fijian. Are you keeping a record so far? If this allegation is not right, then I do apologize but like I said, only you and God knows, so don’t be disheartened but strive for integrity like everyone else in the Bank is doing - I am really trying.”

Editor's Note: More to come on this hugely revealing letter.


Anonymous said...

I red in one posting in an anti-Voreqe site that Sada Reddy is applying for NZ Residency Permit.

I urge you all to contact the NZ Prime Minister lobby him to cancell Reddy's application because he is a prominant official in the illegal govt in Fiji.

In line with Key's govt policy on sanction on Fiji every citizen in Fiji would expect NZ Govt to reject Reddy's application to migrate to NZ.

You can access email to PM John Key on site below

The Doppy said...

Gud morning Fiji. This is all about transparency, good governance and coruption clean up Vore style. Welcome to the party.