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Friday, October 1, 2010

Sappy write-up on police commissioner - is this where Motibhai and Swinstead are taking us?

A curious story in the Fiji Times today - the sort of copy that makes you wonder "Is this the shape of things to come from the new team behind the former News Ltd paper?"

Under the heading 'Top man a born leader', right on the front page, the Fiji Times today ran an aimless, promotional piece on police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua.

There was no hard news value in the story, which didn't even carry a direct quote from Naivalurua himself - the talking or should we say the 'praising' was left to his sister, Talei, and former army commanders - Sitiveni Rabuka and Epeli Ganilau.

Here's how the story started: "Ioane Naivalurua is a man who was destined to reign. Schooled in acclaimed Sandhurst, England, the career soldier had all the right training. He was groomed for leadership. And as he sits at the helm of both the Fiji Police Force and the Fiji Prisons and Correctional Services, his sister Talei remembers that his name was exalted long before he joined the military."

The Fiji Times then roped in Rabuka and Ganilau to shower the new police commissioner with compliments. Quote: "Former army commanders, Ratu Epeli Ganilau and Sitiveni Rabuka, also loaded praises when asked about the calibre of the man who was thrown onto the national stage after his appointment to the Prisons Department.

"He is a very professional soldier, very capable, dedicated and disciplined," said Ratu Epeli. "He leads by example and is a source of inspiration to those under his leadership and I would not hesitate to add that he would excel if he was placed in any leadership role within the RFMF." Adding to that, Mr Rabuka said: "He was good at all levels of command he was in. He was destined to be commander."

The story ends with a look at Navalurua's "pedigree as a soldier" and how he was named by a father, who had fought in two overseas war campaigns.

If the Naivalurua story is how new publisher, Dallas Swinstead (pictured), and the owner of the Fiji Times, Mahendra Patel of the Motibhai group intend to do business with the regime, then readers are about to be shortchanged.

Patel has made it clear he intends to work with the regime and Swinstead has said he is a strategist. Both obviously intend to survive the regime and beyond, and if today's story is anything to go by, than we are in for more 'favourable' coverage of this very corrupt regime from what was once a proud and questioning Fiji Times.


Anonymous said...

What a repulsive article that was. Brain dead text. Written by Margaret Wise at her best. The Fiji Times already stooping down to gutter level.I never want to buy a copy of that paper in protest.

Anonymous said...

Oh sod off!! Attack the owner, attack the paper, attack the publisher, attack the reporter.
Who next, the owner's dog if it doesn't bark right???

Anonymous said...

For every Fijian that makes in life theres at least 20000 plus to pull him down.

It is an indictment on society in general what a sad lot.

We praise people with little or no morals yet those who deserve praise gets castigated.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anonymous 8.38p.m. That was the most puke-inducing and self-serving, junk piece of work by the once-reputable Fiji Times.

But I don't blame Margaret Wise or any of their reporters since we're all fully aware of the difficult circumstances they're operating under - total chaos & censorship.

And that stupid Talei whatever, its all in the family they say - blerry cowards who thrive on a people's misery living under dictatorship!

The Doppy said...

What is so special about Naivalurua? Born leader my arss...there is no such thing as born leader. He is merely riding the coup train...otherwise he would never have made it to the post he holds today.

In fact he applied for the Prison post before the coup and was not even short listed. That is why the military went against the imminent appointment of Baledrokadroka.

So you see folks the so called born leader is a hypocrite, kana loto et al.

WOOF WOOF said...

Anon@9.11pm You git! Or are you the owner, the publisher, the reporter or the owner's dog?

Tiger Balm said...

Anon@9.33pm this is not genuine publicity about succwessful fijian/s: this be about promoting regime, this be about cosying up to bhaini and co, but whey they start with Pol Comm. Can't figure that one, possibly as he is latest appointee.

Asikarioti said...


Coz he is close to the Vore and quite influencial...loyal dog he is.