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Friday, October 29, 2010

Source: Fiji's Permanent Secretary of Information threatened cheating boyfriend and his new girlfriend retribution from military

The subject of sex has found its way to our blog pages.

First with the suggestion that Pita Driti was ousted because he was caught having a bit on the side and second with the revelation that the ousted Major Ana Rokomokoti and newly-appointed Land Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel, Mosese Tikoitoga, were caught shagging after their trip to Levuka early this year. 

This blog and others have documented the self-indulgences of this regime, so the extra-maritals along with the shameless nepotism and cronyism is well-known to us.

Still, more revelations this week confirm the questionable calibre of the people hand picked and annointed by Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to supposedly clean up the country and bring about Utopia.

Text messages from the mobile phone used by the Permanent Secretary of Information, Sharon Smith-Johns, have found their way into cyberspace and have been forwarded to Coupfourpointfive.

There have been rumours that she slept her way to the top, but if you think about it, she is not doing anything different from what most of those appointed by the regime are doing, metaphorically speaking of course.

But according to our information, the regime's mouthpiece tried to monster the guy she was dating and another woman when  she found out he was two timing her.

Our source says the incident occured in June-July and that the story is "known to party-goers like myself and others who love going to the O'Reiley's bar in Suva."

The source named the bouncer as, Tevita Qaqanivalu, saying Smith-Johns got him a job as a bodyguard for her good friend Judge John Connors but that "u
nbeknown to Smith-Johns, he was also dating other girls."

"Tevita went to Australia for a holiday and this was when Smith-Johns found out about his other girlfriends and she dumped him. But she told him in a text that the military would give him a hiding when he returned to Suva for what he did to her.

"Poor Tevita, of course, went running back to Smith-Johns, because he knew, just like anyone else in Fiji, that if the soldiers get their hands on you, you're a dead man."

The source says Smith-Johns sent angry text messages to both Qaqanivalu and the woman he was seeing in Sydney.

Coupfourpointfive has seen those text messages and can verify they came from the same number (9905558) that is used by media in the region to talk to the regime's head of Ministry of Information.

We can also verify that the messages from that mobile number promise retribution by the military.

Smith-Johns and others are being paid prime Fiji dollars to supposedly do the good work and use the country's resources to bring about a better life for all Fiji people not to bring to heel straying lovers.

Fiji taxpayers should demand better from their money.


give it a rest said...

ha ha ha.. you must be getting desperate for stories when you blog this insignificant piece.

Anonymous said...

Hellllllo might be insignificant to you pea brain but not to those of us thinking good Fiji jobs going to incompetent johnny come latelys!

Anonymous said...

australia's finest export going wild in suva, using her military boys to keep trophy stray boyfriends in line and we locals think it's all good. only ourselves to blame for this lot doing what suits them and not country. suck it up i say.

tiger balm said...

Give the sheila a break she is only doing what her colleagues are doing. Unbelievable how they making fools of us.

Anonymous said...

Who would date her anyways? She looks like a pig!

Anonymous said...

tiger balm: they only making fools of some of us

Anonymous said...

Nah they makin fools of themselves only, da ass oles.

Vusi said...

Rokomokota should be her Deputy Scretary...then we will see fireworkrs.

Anonymous said...

Message from Skippy.

We export our dysfunctionals - George - Peter etc?

Anonymous said...

Yep, this is the type of calibre that has wrecked Fiji so far. Pea brained low lifes.All off on their little James Bond style adventures under the guise of helping Fiji...

ex Fiji tourist said...

The poor bloke involved in this story would have to be blind, desperate or drunk [ maybe all 3 ] to even contemplate fornicating with such an ugly woman.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun has picture and story on illegal PM patting civil servants on the bakc. Perm Sec of Information Ms Sharon Smith Johns and VB all smiles. This lot too thick skinned. Someone please wipe those false smiles off their faces and put thesae incompetents both where they belong: in the typing pool and barracks.

PM salutes civil servants

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama last night acknowledged the hard work of civil servants around the country.

Suva's Vodafone Arena was jam-packed with representatives of various ministries and departments as civil servants celebrated their awards event.

The awards were to honour the achievements of civil servants for the past year.

Commodore Bainimarama thanked each and every ministry and department for their co-operation and team work to enable them to achieve the best in 2010.

"We have gone through obstacles and many have been successfully achieved because of all your hard work and support," he said.

"Tonight, we are all winners and we have all been regarded as excellent civil servants because of all the hard work.

"To all the civil servants, thank you for co-operating with my Government in keeping the Fiji flag high for the betterment of our current and future generation."

Vice-president of the China Executive Leadership Academy (CELAP) Jiang Haishan was the chief guest at the function.

Speaking to thousands civil servants, Haishan said that for the Government to effectively implement policies, there was a need to enhance knowledge and improve capacities through competency-building and behavioural-orientation.

He said Government leaders had a responsibility not only to their stakeholders but to the people they served.

"Placing more emphasis and value to the role that you hold adds immense weight in effecting changes," he said.

"Moreover, ensuring effective, enlightened and accountable leadership are the required pillars of rebuilding a country.

"We need to work towards that goal of rebuilding and making people satisfied in serving them with your performances as civil servants."

Rotting Rotweiller said...

Hahaa!Only way this insignificant trash from landdownunder cud hve her 5mins of fame by sucking up to Fiji's military thugs.. and don't they know it - na rotting rotweiller lewai o iko saron simth! Bark & wag the dog when we tell you to!

Anonymous said...

some one should check her out more weather she is working for the australian government as a spy.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

ministry of misinformation sheman spokesperson will be featured in the girls gone wild in this Nov edition, watch this space fellars.
What has a communist minded idiot and a delusioned democratic fool have in common.....they see no wrong in each other and they both agree with one another.....fools and idiots.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys cut some slack ay, there's no harm in having a bit of a side salad to spice things up. Besides, her looks are very inviting and that's probably why she's where she is now.