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Sunday, October 3, 2010

'There was no public meeting': Chaudhry

Mahendra Chaudhry has told the Fiji Times there was no public meeting and that he was just having grog with his farmer friends.

The Times reported today that they had managed to reach Chaudhry for a comment and that he told them he was in Ra to assess the impact of the drought on sugar cane fields in Rakiraki.

Quote: "Mr Chaudhry said he had just sat down to have grog with his driver and some of his National Farmers Union Rakiraki branch officials at a house when they were taken in about 11am Friday."

Chaudhry told the paper: "There was no public meeting."

The former prime minister and the leader of the Fiji Labour Party told the paper the police said he had "information" when they took him in.

Coupfourpointfive was first to report Chaudhry's arrest on Friday night, saying he was taken in with five others, including his driver after meeting with farmers.

We have since been told police knew Chaudhry was going to be in Ra and that they had an exact location for him. We were also told they monitored his visit and knew how long he was in the house.

Coupfourpointfive was also told Chaudhry had been warned to only visit the National Farmers Union office in Ra.


Radiolucas said...

I wonder who else will be brought in for questioning for having a "public meeting"? Perhaps the entire Traps bar needs to be taken in for questioning too?

ex Fiji tourist said...

And those drinkers in the officer's mess ay QEB

TheMax said...

Its not the number but the people(what or who they represent) who meet that is the perceived threat.

TheMax said...

Its not the number but the people(what or who they represent) who meet that is the perceived threat.

Anonymous said...

Also al the talibans

Anonymous said...

And not to forget the Fiji Girl Guides Association, they've just gained 30 new members.

Anonymous said...

So, the regime's propaganda machine was already spurning out the spin about sabotage of the sugar mills - and we wont be surprised if they will now accuse Chaudhry of sabotaging those sugar mills

Jake said...

The prophet of doom and gloom is wondering who will be next, I just hope all those who benefitted from the Qarase government.

And maybe those funny buggers running around town dressed as women.

When you guys going to learn the people have anointed Bainimarama as their leader.

Someone who will put the "D" back into democracy.

ex Fiji tourist said...

The green goon, 'jake', says, "And maybe those funny buggers running around town dressed as women."

He obviously means bananasinpyjamas who dressed as a woman before he did his cowardly run through the bushes back in 2000.

Anonymous said...

Funny state of affairs?

Despite official warning - FLP website still carries post critical of person currently running Sugar Industry?

Scary part being its accurate.

Which begs the Q?

So what happens next harvest?
Years after that?

Radiolucas said...

I agree with Jake but for a minor change - I think Frank put the "d" back in dumb.

TheMax said...


Your esteem leader (Vore)has put back the C into Coruption.

Jake said...


Arent you the troll from Aussie with several pseudonyms, caught brown nosing Qarase on his last visit.

My my what drives people to stoop to such sickening depth.

You would have been better off kissing Bainimarama's nether region.

At least Bai's regions are honest unlike those who raped the poor peoples Democracy.

Jieke said...

There was no meeting but Chodari & Co have appeared in Court and bailed. Thats efficiency...keep it up Vore

ex Fiji tourist said...

jerk at 3:22

With such gutter language and the inability to argue a point, it is no wonder that you have been made a lance-corporal.

Are you too young to remember bananasinpyjamas sprinting through the casava bushes in his frilly female clothes whilst pissing himself.

Anonymous said...

Ex Tourist, in that case Bai if he really ended up in his frilly female clothes into cassava patch, then he was temporarily insane that led to other CRW purported friendly fire!

Hence he is not guilty of any murder!! The sooner that is cleared the sooner he returns to barrack.

Anonymous said...

Nice try 'anonsense 9.36p.m.', methinks its a little too late in the day to argue insanity... Naboro brightly beckons - Justice will be done though the heavens may fall!


Anonymous said...

Anon 12.10am, Why then did Qarase not put him in Naboro in 2001/2002...Lamu Sona... or why then did he offer olive branch to Frank by promoting him to "Admirer" and also recommending him to UN Post?

Was he trying to reward a murderer just as he rewarded the coup supporters of 2000?

So rest assured, Frank will not see Naboro, rather a UN Post to clear the path to new democratic Govt as NZ Govt has been proposing for a while (inside story)!!!

Will join Tarakinikini, his partner!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL @ the Anonsense 10.35a.m. - sounds like u're shaking in your boots man... na tamani lamusOna levu ikeri kemuni. Four years later and STILL hiding behind a pseudonym - defending the indefensible - iieee, a cava tale o rerevaka, bulletless twit! Qarase's long gone and you have no boogieman to blame for the sorry state of affairs you and your lamu sOnalevu hero single-handedly brought about eh? Hihi... without guns, u're.... poooofffff!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.59am; if Qarase is long gone, then it is for you to form a new political party "NOW" with new faces like yours to show the goons that there is another option.

Isn't that a common sense approach to show the goons that politicians are ready?

You still haven't answered why was Bai rewarded in 2001/2002???

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