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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vanuatu Opposition leader accuses PM of dividing MSG

Rifts appear between Fiji and the Melanesian countries over cancelled Suva meeting in July

The Solomon Star: The leader of the Vanuatu opposition, Maxime Carlot Korman, has accused the Prime Minister Edward Natapei of causing division in the Melanesian Spearhead Group, and undermining the country’s reputation.

This comes amid reports that MSG meetings are to be held from Thursday next week in Solomon Islands to try and mend the rift with Fiji caused by Mr Natapei cancelling a summit in Nadi in July.

Mr Korman (pictured at top) claims Mr Natapei wants Fiji out of the MSG in the same way it’s been suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum.

He says he’s taken a divisive approach that doesn’t reflect Melanesian values which emphasise dialogue.

Mr Korman says it’ll be a miracle if Mr Natapei can convince his Fiji counterpart to attend the Solomon Island’s summit.

Neither MSG secretariat, which is based in Port Vila, or Mr Natapei, could be reached for comment.

Fiji media reported earlier that the Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting will not be held in the Solomon Islands next week according to Bainimarama.

This was despite confirmations by the Vanuatu Prime Minister’s Office on the holding of the meeting in the Solomon Islands.

Bainimarama was reported as remaining adamant that Fiji will be handed the chairmanship of the MSG as it is rightfully its turn to hold the position.

He said: “The handover is going to be made to the Fiji government on the chairmanship.”

Bainimarama was quoted as saying he is unsure of the date the handover will take place.


Anonymous said...

International diplomacy - military style.

Anonymous said...

Silly illegal junta leader Baineee underminning Fiji'central intergrating role in the pacific - by taking sides in MSG. As usual "peanut brain" is doing more harm to Fiji's interests.Bainee's competence level is at highest point when taking a boat to Kadavu. Running the affairs the state is well beyond him.

Anonymous said...

This is voreqes last straw in order to justify his clean up BS,
engage and influence the members of the MSG to follow suite and join him so that it will justify his look north policy.
I doubt it very much that he will ever get that chairmanship.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama only wants to open doors to other Pacific Island Nations, for the Chinese Government, while at the same time, justify his illegal occupation of Fiji.
Any organisations which chooses to acknowledge Frank Bainimarama's Regime as the legitimate representative of the people of the Islands of Fiji, is taking it's own country into the abyss also.

Jake said...

The Melanesian way of dialougue is a laugh. If that is so, Bainimarama
should not expect it, given he choose to ignore dialougue and forcefully took over government in Fiji. A lot of hogwash I think, this dialougue melanesian way bull shit.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing to hear that the Vanuatu parties and some in the MSG are unclear of what to do with the dictatorship of Bainimarama in Fiji? This is clearly sign poor governance which is devoid of ethical and moral standards.

How can anyone in MSG support an illegal regime in Fiji which has and continue to brutally suppress citizens who oppose their criminal activities and voice their ambitions for an open and democratic society?

People like Phillips of the Solomons and Somare of PNG are the type of misguided so called Melanesian brothers who are perpetuating the misery in Fiji and lending credence to a criminal syndicate that is morally bankrupt.

Bainimarama is viewed in Fiji as a politically corrupted military commander who has broken his Oath of Allegiance to the people of Fiji. By illegally removing the elected government of Fiji in 2006, Bainimarama is now criminally liable for Treason and through the subsequent killings and the tortures of innocent civilians that followed in attempting to consolidate his illegal gains; he is criminally liable in the International Criminal Courts for crimes against humanity.

The current generation of young Pacific islanders are acutely aware of the global advances and commitments for the provision of their fundamental human and democratic rights. In addition, governments are now expected to be held accountable for actions.
For too long, the Pacific has be plagued by corrupt and bad leadership who for too long have equated the compromising our ethical and moral standards as being the “Melanesian or Pacific way”.

In Fiji, there is a now a determined effort underway to bring down this current coup and to stamp out corrupt military officers like Bainimarama. By doing this we will be building a cleaner, law abiding, free, peaceful and safer Pacific but we cannot do it alone.

The MSG should be clear in their stance by siding with Fiji’s citizens in opposing the traitor Bainimarama otherwise stop negatively meddling in Fiji’s affairs or get out of politics all together.

Jake said...

The MSG can anly grow to become a more effective regional tiger under Bainimarama. It will out do the other regional bodies...Forum etc.

Kutari said...

Anon 4:47

Bainimarama states he gota the support of da people but you appear to imply that Vanuatu and the MSG should side with the people in opposing the dictator. Who has gota the majority? For or against? Somebody help me pleeeeeese.

mark manning said...

it's time to take Frank out the back and shoot him in the head !