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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Fate Awaits Dictator’s Followers?

Chaudhry chose to dangle from the dictator’s ‘Indian Rope Trick’ and now the noose is tightening around his own muscular neck

GIVE a man enough rope, and he will hang himself. In a dictatorship, the rope is used to either hang your opponent or dangle the dreaded rope in front of your partner in crime for that person to keep quiet.

In Mahendra Pal Chaudhry’s case, the dictator dangled the ‘Indian Rope Trick’ in front of him shortly after the coup, and the Fiji Labour Party leader and former Prime Minister Chaudhry happily and treasonously agreed to dangle from it. The Indian Rope Trick, according to commentators, is stage magic, a great illusion, involving a magician, a length of rope, and one or more boy assistants.

The reasons outlined by the drunken magician, the dictator Frank Bainimarama at the post 2006 coup press conference for his treasonous act, was a great hoax played on the nation state. But he had no shortage of treasonous assistants, who were willing to grab hold of the ‘rope’; and Chaudhry was among them, high up there in the dictator’s Cabinet as the illegal Minister of Finance.

Chaudhry signed off cheques on behalf of the dictator, including that bogus back pay running into thousands of dollars. He travelled to Brussels to negotiate the sugar loan from the EEC. Power had gone into his head, or so he thought. One can give a litany of examples, for which he could be in and out of court, for the next fifty years.

But why is the illegal regime dangling one of its former own by the ‘rope’? Firstly, Chaudhry should have realised that the dictator was no friend of his, for he had bluntly refused to restore the Chaudhry government after George Speight overthrew it in May 2000.

Chaudhry is being dangled before the courts because he went along with the dictator and other treasonous assistants in prolonging the election date – he thought the longer the dictator delayed the election, the better were his chances of re-emerging, perhaps, a winner at the polls. This arrogant belief was reinforced by the fact that his political nemesis, the former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase, had already been charged, and silenced under the Public Emergency Decree.

It was a fatal mistake on Chaudhry’s part; he should never have colluded with the dictator and his assistants in arguing that Fiji was not ready for the polls. The longer the delay in holding the election, the greater the chances were that the ‘rope’ could be used for other purposes.

He forgot that the dictator’s ‘rope’ could be used against him, for that is what the ‘Indian Rope Trick’ is for – for the dictators to hang those who become too powerful around him.

If there is any lesson to be learnt from Chaudhry’s arrest and charges, it is that the dictator will not hesitate to hang his own ‘assistants’. So those supporting him, including those in the Military Council, should cut themselves loose from the dictator’s ‘Indian Rope’.
Like Chaudhry, sooner rather than later, they will also be ‘dangling’ from that ‘rope’ in a police cell.

For Chaudhry, the noose is likely to tighten further, as Fiji awaits the promised election in 2014. We should not be surprised, if he will also be accused of sabotaging the sugar mills around the country!

Let us hope that the regime will display the same zeal and determination in bringing to court all those, like Chaudhry, who have been exposed by Coupfourpointfive for various crimes.

And, finally, we wonder whether the ‘Coup Magician’ and his assistants themselves will be prepared to stand alongside treasonous Chaudhry in a court of law for the highest crime – the crime of treason against the people of Fiji.

In Chaudhry and Qarase’s cases, at least the two have submitted themselves to the scrutiny of the law. Justice is blind.


Jake said...

The master puppeteer manipulates each cord to his advantage one cord at a time the lone figure comes alive he then manipulates with the other hand the rod and voila the show begins.

He now sits back and watches the animations unfold one puppet at a time each with their distinctive character plying their mastery of the art of deception but unbeknown to these puppets the master is well and truly in control.

He releases with both hands the rods and the animation ceases, the master puppeteer is now the master manipulator.

It comes back to that old saying you surround yourself with idiots you become an idiot however if you surround yourself with knowledgeable people you become wise.

Long Live Bainimarama.

TheMax said...

The Bai falla should be careful with da rope or he might hang himself on of these days

Joka said...

Jakehead you must be falling under the spell of Bai's sulu. Keep your head down there and your ass in da air.

Anonymous said...

When all this is over and Bainimarama is behind bars, Chaudhry should also be done for treason as well as the rest of the FLP.

Joka said...

@Anon 3:21 That is very hard given the support from Bai's puppeteer and deep cover agents like the jughead and mini max

Anonymous said...

Confused, is this a u turn on the thy enemy's enemy is my friend campaign

Anonymous said...

Confused, why should Chaudhry be subjected to the wrath of the law and Frank and the gang abrogate the Constitution when the law says their acts were treasonous - double standard