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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What the Fiji Times failed to tell the nation about Ioane Naivalurua

Ioane Naivalurua’s CRW Unit stormed Parliament in 2000 and later mutinied at the QEB Barracks to kill dictator Frank Bainimarama who escaped dressed up as a ‘marama’ – woman!

If anyone has blood on his hands, it is the new police commissioner Ioane Naivalurua, a deeply malleable character. He had set up the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit with Major Ilisoni Ligairi for the father of the coup culture, Sitiveni Rabuka and was “a Rabuka Man” once.

The CRWU, shorthand for the First Meridian Squadron, the unit's formal name, was disbanded in 2000, and was the brainchild of Rabuka. The Unit was involved in George Speight’s 2000 coup, the munity at the QEH Barracks, and was accused for attempting to assassinate the dictator Bainimarama in the failed mutiny.

Although Rabuka was credited with the establishment of the CRWU, Major Ilisoni Ligairi, the former SAS officer, was the founding father. Naivalurua was part of the team which had a hand in the formation of the CRWU, a fact hardly known outside the QEH barracks.

We are not surprised with Rabuka heaping praise on Naivalurua in the Fiji Times yesterday, in the 'Top man a born leader' story: “He was good at all levels of command he was in. He was destined to be commander.”

Coupfourpointifve can reveal that one of the reasons Naivalurua asked to become Prisons Commissioner after the 2006 coup was to ensure that George Speight, Jo Nata and others convicted for the failed coup kept their mouths shut! After all, it was CRWU, a handmaiden of Naivalurua, which brought so much death and destruction to Fiji.

He is now policing the police, instead of sharing a cell with other CRWU mutineers, who attempted to kill the dictator in that failed mutiny at the QEH barracks.

BROTHERS IN ARMS: Jo Nata meeting illegal Finance Minister Mahendra Chauhdry, with Naivalurua on hand as Prisoners Commissioner in December 2007 


Anonymous said...

I prefer the term improver rather than dictator.

For you guys fail to mention how composed the nation is under his leadership.

You may not agree with everthing he has done but you can agree on this fact the corruption that permeated all sectors of government needed remedial work most expeditiously.

Anonymous said...

coup four point five you are full of negetivity.

Anonymous said...

ummmm!!!someone got carried away with his soft spoken ways and attitudes, make him angry...he will bite your backsite.

Anonymous said...

Corruption? Remedial work? Expeditiously?

Try this?

Where's the $200m in freshly printed $20 notes gone?

Was Khaiyum's Swiss visit mere coincidence?

Why the sudden media blackout on this matter?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous
You mean corruption like the slimy dictator bainimarama paying himeself $200,000 'holiday pay'?

The collapsing coup said...

The only way Ioane can save himself from the International Court that will put the murdering coup pepretrators on trial will be to remove the dictator. And he'd need his missing testicles for that!!

Anonymous said...

Tis all pittance compared to the havoc wreaked by the likes of Qarase and Rabuka.

Besides most of what gets disseminated is mendacious and suppositional.

Dont believe every thing you read.

Opinions breeds lies.

All you need to know is Bainimarama is doing all he can to secure your grand childrens future.

TheMax said...

Anon@10.02 You monkey, you must be either a fool or living in a fantasy world of your own.We see corruption on the rise every day, there is no transparency and good governand had been flushed down the toilet. Improver, your ass. He is a dictator through and through.-Edited C4

mark manning said...

That is a frightening thought !
Frank in drag I mean !

Anonymous said...

Lots of people still don't understand primary fuction of the CRWU. Full name offers explain?
Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit.

Somebody staged a coup - they responded.

Unlike current rabble - these people should be commended & respected for valiant dedication.

Anonymous said...

Well, to whoever posted this blog, i think jealousy or stupidity or say what the hell is your problem. How do do you know this is for a fact. How do you know he was there during the coup when actually he was in Iraq.

He once led the CRW, but way before this coup even eventuated. we commend his hard work and dedication in moving this country forward and the Gorv for eradicating corruption. People like you who post this blog, are causing instability. oh and for your info..we know the facts.

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