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Friday, November 26, 2010

2011 Budget going into lockdown

Fiji's 2011 Budget will be announced at 11 o'clock but security to the venue where the address is being delivered by the acting Minister of Finance, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, is tight.

The roads to the FIRCA headquarters have been cordoned off - the first time the country's budget has been delivered under such tight security.

The self-appointed prime minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, was to have been back in the country to deliver the budget but is now reported to returning later today.

It's being tipped the budget will focus on improving efficiency in various regulatory bodies. 

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says "bureaucracy will be removed to enhance reforms – even if it means engaging the services of expatriates."

It says "Bainimarama has stated that if Fiji is to attract investors into Fiji, we must have the right environment and attitude to facilitate these investors."

Fiji Village is reporting the illegal regime is likely to focus on civil service, land and sugar reform. Pictures: FBC and FijiVillage


  1. It seems all is not well on the home front. With all murmurings of unrest in the camp with no word from Driti and Ului and the sudden resignation of Ganilau the budget address seems to have been the opportunity for more takeover mahem. Bainimarama in true 'cassava sprint' fashion is keeping away until he can be sure there is no danger for him. Unfotunately he can't hide in China forever, they've got bigger problems on their hands with their other dictator friend in North Korea.

  2. Warning! Warning! Warning!

    Viti's Trough still open.

    "engaging the services of expatriates".

  3. so we are going to bring back those devils - the colonial expatriates

  4. Apparently only coup-lovers hshuld be consistent in their views.I make no apologies for wishing ill to those that continue to dominate Fiji. Feel free to read whatever you like into upper case and lower case 'f'. Violence or the threat of violence is this governtment policy as far as i can see so there is no inconsistency on my part, but i am very enthusiastic about consequences.There will be plenty to go around, and unlike othere here, i don't have to be on the defensive I am perfectly thrilled at the idea that anyone , with any ties to any coup should suffer, then let us move on. I am fine with going as far back as Rabuka and cleaning out the lot.But the very idea that anyone who has benefited from this coup being a front runner for the next elections, should they make until then, is a joke. The idea that coup-apologists can decide how and who can take over this country is also laughable, you had no say and have no say, that clearly doesn't bother you in the slightest.

  5. BTW it appears the military regime and coup apologists are using the same well worn tactic that their friend china also employs, and now north korea. We do unto you and you are supposed to sit back and take, because we can get away with it. Don't use violence even if we do or threaten it, don't criticise that if for us to do abd blame prevuious governments and foreigners, don't be racist but , don't look at the fijian military as an example of being representative or the police crusade that humilitated many non-christian police who were threatend with dismissal and had to sit through lectures by the wacky commish. no one should benefit from this coup but that started early with baini himself and the 'interesting' unpaid leave issue that he awarded himself, a mandatory retirment age, for some. and the list goes on.Plently of material and hypocracy to go around i would have thopught.

  6. Anon 10:54.

    No - something far more dangerous -

  7. Look @ who is controlling your Commander and delivering the fake budget which has decimated your country

    Once were warriors !

    yeah right, pansies more like !

  8. This road block business, interestingly enough, gives a clear indication to all that the Regime of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum,is doomed and they know it !

  9. This road block business, interestingly enough, gives a clear indication to all that the Regime of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum,is doomed and they know it !

  10. @sara'ssista...

    I presume that, if all coups apologists since Rabuka were to be removed, we are talking about maybe 80% of Fiji's population...maybe more.


    "those devils - the colonial expatriates"...well it depends which ones. If you read Baron Von Hugel's book written in the late 19th century, you will see that Sir Gordon was a great humanist working if a very difficult environment. Would you have been able to handle 250.000 uneducated, unindustrious and unpredictable people without your boots ending up in the museum next to the cannibal forks?

  11. Why did Aiyarsehole have all that security in order to deliver a budget? This is laughable, comical and extremely ridiculous!! I think he's gone too far up Bai's ar$e and now he's full of shit!

  12. Budget tidbits now on our site:

  13. @ precision... i mean those that have a direct and treasonous relationship with the coup plotters, those that have taken oaths, those that have accepted positions and direct benefit. Cetainly those in ministries, ps and senior civil servants, judges and magistrates, diplomats, senior military and senior police. This the clean-up that is required. That doesn't mean at all that there should not be investigations into old corruption or criminal matters.

  14. @sara'ssista...

    I think that all those who have supported a coup in their life can somehow be labelled 'coup supporters'.

    If you are not opposing a coup leader and keep quiet because you like it, you are a 'coup supporter'.

    In that regard, I would say that 80% of Fiji's population are 'coup supporters'.

    I think that the people of Fiji should have a look to themselves in the mirror.

  15. Why the tight security? Are they, and more particularly that second PIG [Arse Ka Yummy] scared of something?]? Tamata sonalevu you Muslim PIG!!
    One day Mafato you will have to come back to the REAL world and face reality - your bodyguards will by that time be no longer around to protect to arse, you arsehole!!


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