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Sunday, November 7, 2010

$600,000 funding of the Ra plant reveals 'icy' nature of Fiji's illegal leader

PEELING BACK THE LAYERS: Bainimarama's character deeply embedded in favouritism.
Opinion piece by Suliasi Daunitutu
Our observations and assumptions are correct according to ANU senior fellow Dr Jon Frankel who not only lived and taught in Fiji (USP) he actually “lived” and observed a lot about our cultures and traditions in the 11 years he was there. 

Based on his intellectual findings and experience, not to mention his ongoing research and studies of the Melanesian people particularly the Fijian way of life, he has concluded that Bainimarama favours those who appease him while those who oppose are starved of funds and preferential treatment.
These findings agree with what we know and what we have witnessed in the events or developments that have been conceded by various districts/koros or yasanas in this past four years of biased and prejudiced governance.
And if we look closer we will see the nature of his character as one deeply embedded in prejudice or favouritism. He has shown that character in the army, in the choices of officers he keeps, his appointments to government, and an overall windvane deployment of his generosity according to who is going with the flow of his demands or instructions.
And if you don’t agree with him are, his preferences are the door (sacking), or a night at the army camp and a barrage of questions from officers whose qualifications don't correspond with their rank, and at worse, who are promoted around the tanoa bowl, or similar circumstances as Leweni was. It's a situation that can only be described as a lose-lose for all public servants.
But neither is the public sector free of his scrutiny either. And don't forget, his umbrella influence on the workforce denies all, of the “freedom of choice or speech".
In the case of the $600,000 ice plant for Ra, Bainimarama clearly displays that trait and there will be no one to stop him, not even the Minister for Rural Development. And you can forget his gutless Cabinet.
My thoughts will mean little as this project will go ahead regardless of the other parts of Fiji who so desperately need the fund more, but I will ask these questions.
1) Who will benefit from this project?  (I say Bainimarama in popularity dollars)
2) Is it necessary considering the other sectors who desperately await needed funds?
3) Is it sustainable?
4) Has there been necessary research or a feasibility study into the project to support its supposed sustainability and productivity?
I guess these are the question that could be asked about everything Bainimarama does.  There will be some who will find my opinion distasteful but my conclusion about the  preferential behaviour of Fiji's illegal leader is this:
Development and funding is good, but it has to be structural rather than preferential.   I might be wrong, but I think if the deployment of funds towards development is according to a set structure, than everything associated to that, can be operated in an uniformed manner – and that can itself police transparency, corruption and other termites that cause administrative decay.
Editor's Note: The ice plant is planned for the Namarai village in Nakorotubu next year and was announced by Bainimarama while opening the Ra Provincial Council meeting at Nanukuloa in Ra this week. The plant is expected to boost the earnings of fishermen by helping them store their fish. 

Picture: Originally ran with a satire piece by Lyndon Hood.


Jake said...

For once this assessment of the saviour of Fiji is right on the button. You cannot do a better job than the Kalou Vu themselves to aptly describe the inherent characyersistics of Bai's personality.

Anonymous said...

Nothing unusual,Voreqe is using taxpayers money to keep the troops happy by increasing rank and wages around the grog bowl and with the villages, promising all sorts of government aid.

The promise to Namarai is the same he made to many villages around Fiji during the last two years.In return he demands a matanigasau for a publicity stunt and to show the trrops that what he is doing is right. Sadly many of these villages are still waiting because the government coffers have run out of funds.

What all Fijians should realise is that when they lower their ethical standards and support a criminal like Bainimarama to get ahead, they confine their fellow citizens and their kids to a future society that harshly suppresses their democratic and basic human rights. rights.

Is this the future they want for their kids? What will the kids say about their parents who were had no guts to stand up for what is right but prefer to sell their freedoms and truths to a traitor?

Anonymous said...

More promises made by the king of all liars. Tu Voreqe is certainly not in the image of Christ but of Tu Se (Setani).

Rabuka was famous of being consistent at being inconsistent but Bainimarama and his totalitarian regime are famous for being outright liars and conmen, with the people of Namarai being the victims this time.

King Katukatu promised the nation and the international community that there would be no coup in 2006, he lied. When he did it he promised that no soldier will benefit from the coup, this one is a shameless and disgraceful lie.He promised not to abolish the constitution and Judiciary,he lied.He promised an early election, he lied. He promised the South Pacific Forum countries and the international community of an election before 2010, a blatant shameful lie.He promised all those who politically supported him many riches, he lied and removed them.He promised equality in the government and places like the military, he lied because it is now more predominantly made up of stupid Fijian bumsuckers.He goes around promising the world to many villages if they present a matanigasau to him, all a conjob and the villagers who did it shot be shot.He promised those in the Peoples Charter led by that silly Catholic "Archbishop Bad Eye that there will soon be a cleaner democratic society if they supported him,what a waste of $15m taxpayer funds on this classic conjob.

Now he is promising the nation and in particular our children and bright young youth that in 2014,they will finally experience what it will be like to live in a society where their democratic rights and civil freedoms will not be suppressed if they try to freely exercise them openly,everyone knows that this is another white lie.

Stphen King once wrote,"The trust of the innocent is the liars most useful tool" and Bianimarama is going all out to con the nation into believing that all matters concerning their political affairs should be left to him and his regime as long as we remain silent.But this is not a scenario that will be accepted by decent and intelligent human beings who want rid rid there society of criminals like him who have no respect for the rule of law and for the basic human rights of individuals.

The traitor Bainimarama and his sidekicks must be brought to justice before any reconciliations are undertaken.He must pay the full penalty for making the nation suffer through his totally misguided coup and pack of lies.

Jake said...

No Suli we are not going to deride you for your ignorance in fact I am curious as how it is possible for you to quote or pay credence to somebody that claims to have researched why Bainimarama favours one tribe over the other.

This supposed intellectual disseminates what he believes are facts how is one to reconcile the prevarications he is renowned for as far as I am concerned he has no credibility.

The reason why is very simple he sits so many miles away counterfactually drawing spurious allegations.


Anonymous said...

They already have a huge commercial ice plant in Vaileka that is run by the government and has been in use for so many years serving local fishermen and other commercial ventures.

Really Voreqe, building an ice plant in Namarai is like building a Village Six complex up in Delailasekau. Would it still not be cheaper under the current system where villagers buy ice from Vaileka rather than trying to maintain a white elephant in the future?

Why reinvent the wheel and build another one down the road? Would not it be better to build a proper roadside market at Waimicia so that not only village fishermen but the rest of the district can sell their produce there?

Seems like this is another publicity stunt,con job and ill conceived idea from an ill conceived and misguided wannabe government.

mark manning said...

Please go back to camp and give us all a break mate !
No one is listening to you and your not making a difference at all.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama and Co. have done the opposite, almost, to Hitler.
They have taken a prosperous Nation and destroyed its Economy and Society.
Hitler started off with a ruinous Nation , turned it into a prosperous one, then destroyed it again :-

Frank started off with a prosperous Nation and destroyed it.

TheMax said...

Nah! its you Jake who has no credibility at all. You sound so judicious but you end up exposing your obtuse support for an illegal regime.

Anonymous said...


You do not really realize it do you?

The time will come that the people will not believe Bainimarama anymore when he will "cry wolf" again.

Jake said...

Bainimarama is the saviour of Fiji with the blessings of he Kalou Vu. Just look at the sugar industry.


Anonymous said...

hey, what is new in what Bai is doing... It was done by all post-'87 PMs - Rabuka, Qarase and now Bai.

Jake said...

The Max.

I don’t have to show cause in fact credibility, the burden is on you and those who are susceptible to be manipulated by imbeciles to show you lot do have the nous to do better than Bainimarama.

The truth is incontrovertible.

Long live Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

How appropriate to show Bananarama fondling a banana..Jake you hiding inside that banana?

Anonymous said...

Take it we can now add psychiatry Dr Frankels list of achievements?

Same thing happens in Australia - veternarians & media commentators there diagnose it as pork barrelling.

Anonymous said...

Bananarama admiring a banana.. hilarious picture Jake lol

TheMax said...

Nah Jake for u and Bainimarama Lying is incontrovertible.

Anonymous said...

Dear Voreqe,
we are villagers from Rabulu,Togovere,Drauniivi,Vaidodoko,Rakiraki,Malake,Nakorokula,Navolau 1 & 2, Namuamada, Nanukuloa, Naiserelagi Bureiwai,Navuniivi, Veidrala, Namara, Verevere, Barotu, Matawailevi,Nausori,Nabalabala,Vunisea,Nailawa,Burenitu,Nativi,Nayaulevu,Burelevu,Namara,Nauria,Nasukamai,Nukulau,Naraviravi,Nailuva,Nararavou,Vanuakula, Navitilevu,Dama, Rokovuaka, Naiseyani and Vatukacevaceva.

Please we want to know why you promise an ice plant to Namarai village only and not to the rest of the villages in Ra that want one too? Are you trying to tabetabe to the Ra Provincial Council?

Another thing, please don't come and lasulasu to the Kai Ra because something bad will happen to you.

We demand ice plants in all our villages and you have 24hours to reply or our Kalou ni Draki will visit you.

Khu'Ta said...

Now the Kalou Vu's are talking.