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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ailing Frank may find all too few willing to make the sacrifice

HOLY ACT: Papal leader passes the white feather to Frank.

By Jone Baledrokadroka

Being a third generation Roman Catholic I can vouch that some of the most hilarious ‘Pope jokes’ are heard from within the church and are usually about taking the mickey out of ourselves.
As an old boy of both boys’ colleges; Marist and De La Salle Brothers, I still have a ripper of a collection and unleash them at old boys get-to -gethers for laughs. 

With the Fiji Marist Old Boys (MOB) volleyball team due in Canberra this week for the annual national Good Neighbours Tournament, MOB Canberra is gearing up to host our fellow Kai Vitis and no doubt there will be many a tall tale.

Anyway, one Easter Sunday morning as half a million of the faithful packed St Peters Square, at  the Vatican to worship with the head of the World’s largest Christian denomination on this the most holiest of Christian feast days, a Cardinal dressed in the obvious scarlet red robes and hat appeared to announce to the astonished faithfuls that the Pope had just suffered a heart attack and had to undergo immediate heart surgery.

As the Vatican clergy and staff prayed that early Easter morning within St Peters Basilica for the Pope’s life, the Arch Angel Gabriel appeared before them. 

The leader of the  legion of angels in heaven had brought a message from the throne on high that the Pope would surely die unless one of the half a million gathered within the square immediately gave his heart in transplant for the holy father to survive!

The Cardinal then astoundingly announced from the balcony of the Holy palace , that according to Angel Gabriel, a white feather (which he held high between his fingers) was to be dropped by the Cardinal onto the square full of faithful Catholics. The faithful whose head the feather fell on, would be the one chosen from heaven to sacrifice his heart and life for the Holy Father.

As the white feather was released by the Cardinal, the TV cameras set up to cover the Easter celebration Mass zoomed in on a bizarre scene .... the white feather was blown out of St Peter’s square as half a million Roman Catholics huffed and puffed at the top of their lungs!

As the China sojourn by our beloved dictator comes to an end, half a million Fijians may well be heaving a similar huge sigh of relief.


Anonymous said...

So the Fiji version is - The Chinese doctors inform the members of Franks Illegal Government that he urgently needs a kidney and unless someone in the IG donates one of theirs Frank is going to die. The members of Franks IG have a meeting (about 2 mins long...just enough for noodles) and come up with the following announcement - "We have been reliably informed from China that Frank is going to die, funeral preparations are underway and donations in cash would be kindly received. Thank you.".

Anonymous said...

@ Sages Jake & RL.

What you reckon? Savior not well in faraway place - True - Fish (herring red) - Verebau?

Anonymous said...

I loved the joke!

Just - go easy on the hurricane generation...;-)))

Anonymous said...

Fork in the road.
JB - make your mind up?
Bati or Missionary?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That was so hilarious...

wazzawazza said...

watch out you guys, you gang will get deported 2

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:39.

Previously requested brain - IG didn't understand Q?

Anonymous said...

I just came back froma trip and not having read the 4.5 for few days, started reading thsi story.

It sound so serious trying to understand this Angel Gabriel stuff... until I came to read the white further was blown out of St Peters sq.This just could not make me stop laughing.

Anyway, this shows at the end of theday there will be no Fijians or Indians to save the balls of Aias or Frank and they have to carry on therefore until they find a Fijian to donate his to let them feel safe.

Do we have anyone? Not me for sure!!!

Bauhaus. said...

More things appear to change...

New twist on old Ritova legend?

Radiolucas said...

So does the result of all this talk mean that Frank really doesn't like being called a "dickhead"? I will try to use this insult more often.

Anonymous said...

Thank you JB, who f cares if he dies, I'd say. Good riddence to bad rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Frank potrays real strong leadership and will power. He didnt remove the auther Jone as Jone shot himself in the foot and now in self imposed exile. He wasnt chased by Frank or locked up for against him. Same issue with Ganilau. He accepts his resignation and thanks him. Better people will step up like the ones that have Jone in the Fiji Army.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

@anon 6:48am...you have got to be joking...frank potrays real strong leadership. Oh perhaps you have the same mentality huh, my bad..than its you who is saying that simply because you are just as simpleton like frank....fools think alike. Vinaka for nothing. Real strong leadership...hahahahaha
some people LOL.

Jake said...

A young Indian boy with gusto and without reservation stood at attention one hand raised to his forehead and the other clasp by his side singing the Fijian national anthem preparing to salute the Flag of our forbearers.

What a wonderful sight it is to see the young boy showing true allegiance to a country that his forbearers had adopted a century and half ago.

Not much can be said of those purported freedom fighters across the Tasman who by their very nature is maleficent and are self serving individuals with little or no consequences of their odious actions.

I am rather disappointed at the author of this article for allowing the thugs he associates with to fly the Fijian flag upside for no other reasons than to show their idiocy that is to say he being a military personal ought to have shown leadership and advised them to cease and desist.

For many of us our forbearers have fought and shed blood on the battle fields and like their comrades some did not return let their memories be not tarnished by greed of the few.

Fiji never was and will never be in a state of distress.


sara'ssista said...

i have nothing much to addd, all the other comments speak volumes. Fiji.... beautiful one day , ruled by a military junta the next.... oh and to the guys at the fiji
(mis)information ministry...you guys seem really on top of things and doing a great job!!

NadroKid said...


Unfortunately, the current lot of posers up at the camp are the ones tarnishing the great sacrifice made by our Grandfathers (and Grandmothers) in the real wars of the past.
And your last sentence just reminds me of Sadam's Information Minister sprouting his BS on TV denying the Americans were in Baghdad. Sa vo ga me lasu tu ga va ya me sa laurai mai na TV ni sa dodoki yani i gusuna e dua na dakai. Sa rauta mada na lasu kerekere.

LOL LOL said...

Hahahah thanks for bringing it JB

Anonymous said...

Jake, the joke, you must be in lala land, an idiot like you forever supporting your corrupt girlfriends, frank and ass hole.