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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bainimarama continues the sugar blame game

Self-appointed prime minister Voreqe Bainimarama is blaming dirty politics for poisoning the sugar industry and for bringing it to near collapse.

The Fiji Sun quotes Bainimarama as calling on the people of Ra Province at the Nanukoloa meeting to rally behind the efforts to put the sugar industry back on even keel.

The paper quotes him as saying the regime had decided to reclaim control of the FSC and the business of sugar making, claiming the industry "had been crippled and poisoned with dirty politics for a long time."

Passing the buck and making lofty promises he said: "Government has therefore decided to shoulder the responsibility of cleaning the operation of the industry and nurturing itback to good health."

To the Fiji Village, he said the regime was fixing the problems of transportation and harvesting, adding a meeting is currently being held in Lautoka on the Delloitte report. He claimed the report would lead to the recovery of the industry.

The FSC is expected to use up the nearly $5million given by the EU to by the end of the year.

Picture: Bainimarama ducks for cover while farmers suffer.


Anonymous said...

What is the matter with these people?

Problem doesn't lie in transportation havesting or growing - farming half have that covered. Immediate 'problem'lies in other half of equation (milling)- & right now the 'Mills don't work'.

sara'ssista said...

Exactly how long has this regime been in power? And still it is everyone else's fault? This guy is taking to politics rather well for someone who spurns politicians.

mark manning said...

And it's also someone else's fault that they have been in power for this long !
Frank and Co.'s motto :-
" I'm quite happy to point out when someone else is wrong and I'll take no responsibility for my own actions " !

Anonymous said...

Yeh well in this case he has to - so far as FSC is concerned he's the minister - buck stops with him - futhermore everybody knows this.

Will make interesting watching?

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