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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bainimarama fronts up to quell reports he's ailing

After silence and mystery since he started his trip to China, Frank Bainimarama has roused himself to speak to media and even have his picture taken.

The interviews and the photo follow a story in Coupfourpointfive revealing the illegal leader had collapsed and is having treatment in China.

The story was picked up by New Zealand media.

Today's interviews and photos aim to prove Bainimarama is well. This is despite several people saying they saw the self-appointed leader collapse at Nadi Airport and them insisting he is seeking medical treatment in China.

FijiVillage says it tracked Bainimarama down at breakfast and that he made a joke about the New Zealand rumours he was dead. 

He said New Zealand was running the reports because it was threatened by his rugby skills. Quote: "But while giving the interview during his breakfast, Commodore Bainimarama joked that NZ needs to watch out as he is getting ready to play against the All Blacks next year."

Bainimarama told FijiVillage he is "staying back in China for a few more days because he has some further meetings with some potential Chinese investors."

But he admitted he would not be able to make it to Suva for Fiji's 2011 National Budget address at 11 o'clock this Friday morning.

The budgets address will be delivered by the illegal Acting Finance Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

To the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, he said he had been rounding up meetings with Chinese investors and interested parties in Shanghai in the past two days.

FBC says an aide told it Bainimarama had today met with officials "from the China Railway No.1 Construction company who are currently dredging the Rewa river and have been awarded the contract for Housing Authority buildings at the Tacirua Plains."

It says yesterday Bainimarama met officials from "the Shanghai Urban Construction Ltd - a construction company currently in a consortium with Templetec and engaging in various construction and rehabilitation projects in Fiji."

Coupfourpointfive says the FBC photo of Bainimarama does not show him looking well. In fact, he appears to be as thin as the two Chinese nationals conveniently planted next to him to prove he is in China, on a trade mission and hobnobbing with Chinese officials.

The FijiVillage picture which shows him looking healthy, we believe, is a file pic. Judge for yourselves.


intel source said...


something that the world should know that FBC last year purchased a professional software package for making commericals and for voice duplication. All Hindi radio listens must have listen to "bobby darling" - its how amazing this software is.

it matchs the voice pattern of orginal and than the speaker can speak in the same tone of the orginal person. It has leaked from the studios that Aiyaz brother CEO FBCL made the "voice" up here right in Fiji.

Those pictures are from the Pm last visit to china - during Shanghai Expo...

Global Citizen said...

It was heartwarming to see how he used this occasion to express his deep sympathy for the people of New Zealand who so quickly came to the aid of Fiji in a tragedy. Deeply appreciated Frank,

Anonymous said...

Well, the great thing about all this speculation is that eventually it will come to an end when Bai either does, or does not, return to Fiji in person in the next couple of days! Then there can be no argument either way.

mark manning said...

It's true, these are Frank's real pictures :-

Anonymous said...

Q people should be asking is why hasn't he been replaced? Sacked?

Shows how deep Nailatikau's somehow got himslf? Again.

Anonymous said...


says....Its OK for indians like Chodo & Aiyas to steal. Indians won't utter a word. But when ordinary Fijinas or i taukei work hard to build their wealth other 'i taukei" will quickly conclude that they must be stealing. This coup showed us just that...jealousy & tall poppy syndrome" issues. Just be careful Fiji is not sold to China or India & Fiji will be called little India & little China in the pacific.

Anonymous said...

Called Viti (Fiji) - people who are custodian landowners are known as Taukei.

Vanua (land - islands) not going anywhere untill China or India get a really big boat - and a really thick rope.

mark manning said...

Chindia, old news !

Joe said...

Looks like a patient flanked by 2 grim faced neurosurgeons who just discovered a richard cranium beyond the slighest of hope.

Fatiaki said...

Frank will return to deliver the budget. Croz has said so yesterday and he reports the truth in an unbiased way. You find this on his blog:

PM BACK LATER THIS WEEK. The PM returns from China later this week after a series of successful meetings with Chinese officials and business leaders. He is expected to announce the 2011 Budget on Friday. Key topics discussed at the meetings included streamlining of Government processes, the need to be pro-active when evaluating investment proposals and ensuring that investment provides employment and training opportunities for Fijians.

The PM said “These meetings have been important in assuring investors that the Fiji Government is committed to providing an environment where business can prosper, It is important that Fiji has the right platform, infrastructure and a program for fast-tracking quality business investment into the country

Anonymous said...

Photshop comes to mind. The colour of his skin is the same as his two Chinese cooks. In the same picture his hair looks greyer than the one on the left. And he's the same height as the two kai china. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Mark you have done a real put down on a noble, loyal and dedicated breed! They have more character, stamina, COURAGE and class then Frank!!!

sara'ssista said...

spoke to soon, CW claims there is 'concern' from the anti government (anti-regime) bloggers for the health of this interim military ruler. There is only suspicion and interest and a malevolent interest at that and in his case, proudly so.

mark manning said...

@ Anon 1.11 pm
I'm sorry, i meant no respect to the Bull Dogs, forgive me Father for i have sinned.
Jimmy Swaggart !