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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bainimarama uses mutiny commemoration to say RFMF more united than 2000

One of the more violent chapters of Fiji's military history was recalled today with a special commemoration for the mutiny at the QE Barracks 10 years ago.

Three soldiers,  Lance Corporal Simione Rawaileba, Private Seru Sirinavosa and Private Jonetani Veilawai, were remembered today.

Fiji Village photographed the widow, Leba Rawaileba, and quoted her as thanking the Military for employing her eldest son after the death of his father. 

The daughter of Vosailagi was also singled out. She acknowlegded her father for his hard work and the Military's help in paying for her education.

The illegal prime minister of Voreqe Bainimarama was quoted as saying the RFMF will ensure its soldiers did not die in vainty. He said RFMF is now united compared to 2000 and that some people had even underestimated its strength from that time.  RFMF's Chief of Staff, Brigadier Mohammed Aziz, who attended today's commemoration and said the ceremony served as a memory for  young soldiers.

Original story and picture FijiVillage: Leba Rawaileba lays a wreath for her husband.


Anonymous said...

Voreqe and his totalitarian regime should be ashamed of manipulating the deaths of these valiant soldiers and then their immediate families to justify this coup.

Since 2000,Voreqe has tried every trick in the book to blame everyone else for the mutiny except himself.The captain of the ship should take personal responsibility if it runs aground or sinks and maybe more so if the crew conducts a mutiny as in the case of the Bounty and their dictatorial captain, William Bligh.

These fallen men should be remembered for their service and sacrifice during a tragic period of Fiji's history.In 2000,they put their lives on the line for the nation, for democracy, for freedom and for the civil rights of every citizen.They would be turning in their graves if they knew that their commanders would turn out to be traitors in December 6, 2006.

How can the families of these fallen heroes take solace when the very freedoms for which their sons died for where snatched away by these greedy totalitarian criminals in the junta?

How can they be happy when the very organisation their sons represented are now persecuting the whole nation just for the greed of a few individuals like Bainimarama, Driti, Mara,Aziz, Ganilau, Nailatikau,Khaiyum, Ah Koy, Bole,Peter Foster,John Sami,Kubuobola, Mahen and other very corrupt and insincere thieves?

Would you be happy if you knew that your child sacrificed his life for these traitors and conmen?

And so what about the coup of 2000 as Bainimarama keeps harping on about? The perpetrators have all been taken to justice by the democratic rule of law before 2006 and the country was on the way to recovery.

The military belongs to the people and not to the coward,Voreqe Bainimarama.Why let those boys die in vain when you allow the military to become a tool for criminal activities for destroying civil liberties, personal revenge attacks, murders,arrests,stealing people's jobs,destroying people's lives,destroying the economy and for destroying our culture?

Commiserations to all the families who have lost their loved ones in all the coups that have occurred in Fiji but shame,shame,shame on you Mr Coward Katukatu for trying to take the credit and attempting to legitimize your traitorous actions in this totally misguided and cruel coup.

They died doing their duty for the nation and not for the coup of 2006 of which Voreqe.

convolutedexperiment said...

These Soldiers deaths should not be Politicised and the families memories of them.
But this story does remind me of how hitler used to manipulate the masses when he would attend the funerals of people he had ordered murdered only days before !

Lord Haw Haw of Horowhenua said...

The people are so happy with Bhaini the mongoose we are going to extend the PER indefinately! Jumping at shadows and running down the cassava patch while peeing your pants are now compulsory for all Fiji military dancing girls!!

Anonymous said...

Same applies to the CRW 2006 crew -when all facts are examined they simply did their duty.

All a matter of interpretation?

mark manning said...

Treason is Treason and it's never a Soldiers duty to overthrow an elected Government.