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Friday, November 12, 2010

Bank governor Sada Reddy is no longer at his post

Reddy allegedly secretly transferred thousands into his NZ bank account

Sada Reddy, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, is no longer at his post as the custodian of the country’s financial system.

Inia Naiyaga is expected to be brought in as  the Acting Governor. Coupfourpointfive understands the illegal regime is to make an official announcement in due course.

According to highly reliable sources inside the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Reddy had allegedly transferred thousands of dollars to his private bank account in New Zealand last year, shortly before he devalued the valueless Fijian dollar.

On 9 April 2009, the Fiji dollar lost its value by 20 per cent. So while the poor feared more hunger and loss of employment, the man who devalued the Fiji dollar had the previous day allegedly secretly funnelled his own money, to the tune of $850,000 into his New Zealand private bank account, where his family reside, and he holds permanent residency.

The RBF’s Financial Intelligence Unit, tasked with the job of  monitor money-laundering, according to the reliable bank sources, turned a blind eye to the alleged money transfer.

More information as we get it.


mark manning said...

When are the rest of the Soldiers of the RFMF going to wake up to Frank and Co.'s activities ?

Anonymous said...

Blurry bastard of a thief! I hope he is taken to task for this and not just terminated! He needs a jail sentence and be someone's 'princess' in Naboro!

Anonymous said...

Imperative this person not be allowed to depart Vit until he's answered some pertinent questions
regarding his knowledge of the $200ml Kings Wharf theft?
Once returned to NZ nest egg he'll shield behind Kiwi legal system.

RBF has a Financial Intelligence Unit? Don't think so...

Anonymous said...

Good on you Sada - Just protecting your hard earned money like the others in the Military Junta who transferred money before the devaluation.

Ask Khaiyum how much him and his family transferred.

Calm down people nothing will happen to Sada as we are all in this together.

We Indians are all getting richer while the dumb fijian soliders and their clueless leader protects us.

Anonymous said...

$850k - & this was just his Viti account?

Calculate date of hiring - salary paid until now - deduct living expenses etc - see what you come up with?

How on earth did he accumulate this ammount in such a short period?

Funny part is its relatively easy too establish - simply trace origin of all his banking transactions during his time at RBF.

Then again maybe some associates believe everything would be better if he just left - knows too much.

Only positive so far is that he'll never work in international banking again.

Jieke Morisi said...

Another rat turns up and I hope sets his pethunting dog Jake after him.

TheMax said...

Things are falling around the ears of Jake's Kalou Vu and he does not have a clue what is happening.

The criminal coup said...

Thieving mongoose! This terrible military junta and ther parasitis supporters like crosbie walsh are raping the economy and the Fijian people! khaiyum and his bum boy bhaini have a lot to answer for!

Prove it ... said...

Any proof of this ... what about copies of bank accounts and or money transfer slips.

And to “anon” people, don’t just blindly believe everything. Be realistic.

Jake said...

Prove it, check your toilet.


mark manning said...

Quick, abandon ship !

Anonymous said...

wow, this totaly sucks...conniving bastard...sa bau baca saraga o koya qo.

Puls said...

Cant say much!

Joe said...

Just another Indo who shafted you Kaivitis, and you poofters (RFMF) can do jack shit about it. Keep sucking up to Taliban Aiyarse the Vuaka

Anonymous said...

You gotta wonder how he financed his villa resort in Ra - pretty little set up though. Must have cost a fair penny, given the location and terrain! This guy is not poor by any stretch of the imagination.

Jake's fan said...

Jake you said it .. all this is bull shit...

Anonymous said...

Sada Ready, Mahendra Chaudhary, and all past and present members of governements in Fiji should all be put against a wall and shot. They have all raped this country in one form or other. Anon 12.42 i think you are a racist idiot. Not all ethnic Indians think like you and most are ceratinly not getting richer. Most Fiji citizens of any ethnic background have the same problems in putting food on the table. So please put a stop to your verbal diarrhea.

Anonymous said...


Transcend said...

There is a 6 paged letter which was sent to the PM's office outlining all the nasty deeds Sada has done. Would someone be able to get their hands on this and post it here for all of us to take a peek at as well? Based on the information I've received, the letter even reveals the affair Sada was having with his PA.

mark manning said...

Don't waste the bullets, just let them rot in prison like George speight is at the moment.
Shooting them would be too easy and no deterrent for the next would be egotist.

Anonymous said...

When are you all going to wake up and realise your country is being freemasonry controlled for the one world order. Australia NZ, US, Fiji, the UN the IMF etc etc are all working together to move their country forward to the One World Order. All roads lead to Rome.

Waste of time said...

Sada Reddy is still in Fiji. What are you people talking about. Being angry at someone or people who dont know you exists is useless. You are all like kids.

Anonymous said...

Waste of time, stop wasting your time. Talk to Ceke (Jake) Sonalevu.

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