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Monday, November 1, 2010

CCF adds its weight to growing concerns over casino plans

SOCIAL PROBLEMS: Moves afoot to tighten laws governing casinos in Honiara.

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum has joined the growing chorus of concern over plans for a casino in Fiji.

CCF says the illegal regime is forging ahead with its proposal despite widespread opposition expressed last year against the idea.

Its CEO, Rev Akuila Yabaki, says previous elected governments had shelved proposals because of the concerns of individuals, civil society, religious organisations and parliamentarians.

“CCF and several other civil society groups and individuals, had expressed concern last year, against the building of a casino in Fiji because it is known world over that casinos can have collateral damages. 

"CCF is also concerned that the plans to build a casino is going ahead without any process that would be equivalent to parliamentary debate and public consultation."

CCF also says casinos in the Pacific region have failed.

It says a report by Oxfam in 2006 found that the operation of a foreign-owned casino in Vanuatu since the 1980s, had not generated any increase in tourist numbers and neither had it generated any economic growth. 

It says the report also found that all the profits were repatriated overseas and none were reinvested back in Vanuatu. Although initially intended for the wealthy tourists, in recent times, the casino in Vanuatu has been patronised more by the poorer ni-Vanuatu, including women market vendors, hoping to strike it rich. 

It says the casino has created a growing social problem of gambling in Vanuatu.

In June this year, the Solomon Islands Democratic Party had called for a reform of gambling legislation because of the social problems being caused by casinos in the capital Honiara.

Yabaki says if a casino does get built in Fiji, regulations need to be in place to ensure appropriate consideration is given to:

The impact on social welfare and culture;
The casino is restricted to tourists or those with a certain income threshold;
Measures to reduce possibilities of gambling addictions;
Fiji does not become susceptible to new crimes due to the influx of gambling tourists.

Meanwhile, news of a casino is spreading fast. The Fiji casino story is the lead item on InternetPoker.co.uk


Anonymous said...

Fiji isnot ready for this ill-conceived proposal. More worryingis that it is being pused by the illegal AG. The first questions that springs to mind is if the AG has got some sort of a kick back organised for this proposal. Does he have silent shares tied with this proposal. Is he going to offer part of his property/land portfolio he has amassed whilst occupying the the AG's seat?? Some concrete questions that spring to mind especially after learning about AG and Tappoos deal!

Anonymous said...

I thought that back in 2006 Bainimarama told the nation that his coup was to get rid of corruption and not create it?

Legalised gambling is going against Gods will and corrupts the moral chore of the nation.

Please bring the Taliban to rule Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Regime school of macro economics announces historic breakthru.

Alliviate poverty via gambling.

Wow - somebody notify Stokholm.

Anonymous said...

Yet another spectacular macro enconomic breakthru via alchemy.

M. Chaudhry of Mill upgrade & fund raising fame has just announced via www site that he's demanding cash compensation from FSC for all NFU members.

Bread from stone? Ummm?...

mark manning said...

another nail in the coffin for Fijian society as we once knew it, and still no one stands up for Democracy and Freedom in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Calling for a Casino when Fiji is a dictatorship.Tenders called when press freedom has been destroyed. Fiji scores zero in accountability. All we need now is some investment funds from the National Provident Fund.

hzinck said...

The introduction of a casino into the Fiji environment is more of a money making process for the government.
Has the government done a survey in all the hotels to gauge the need for a casino or are they just out to get money because of the situation of the economy.
The tourist come to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beaches, not casino's,.

Anonymous said...

There is a very strong smell of corruption in the air. Is Tapoos going to be awarded with the license or some Chinese developers who are more than happy to fork out a fat kick back to Aiarse.

Anonymous said...

Make sense..the military and police guys will be security guards, Fijians will spend take a break from drinking grog to visit the casino, and the cycle continues...poverty springs to mind