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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chaudhry fails to get Justice Goundar taken off his case

The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, is trying to get one up on the illegal regime who charged him with breaking the public emergency regulations last month.

According to FijiLive, Chaudhry yesterday tried to get  Justice Daniel Goundar disqualified from presiding over his case.

FijiLive says the application suggested Justice Goundar would be biased "because he was a former Director of Public Prosecution lawyer and that he had his own opinion of the case that might have risen from the constant media attention."

But Justice Goundar refused saying that if he accepted Chaudhry’s request, it would encourage other litigants to make similar applications, all in the hope of getting someone who is sympathetic to hear their case.

Chaudhry is accused of breaking the public emergency regulations last month after he met with farmers in Rakiraki. Five others were arrested with him, including the farmer whose house the meeting was held at.

The case has been adjourned to 28 January.


Anonymous said...

Chaudary is tasting his own medicine he poised everyone else.

many have suffered and even lost their lives due to Chaudary's economic tactics of Mr Fix it but mess it big time.

he is probably the biggest lie & thief in Fiji...........Justice Gounder don't spare him and sensd him to naboro for stealing from the poor Indians.

Anonymous said...

Observe carefully & you will note that the first position Indians will attempt to occupy is that of "victim".

Anonymous said...

PER case - money laundering - hopefully charges over Mill refurb kick backs? Fortunate Chaudhrys sons a lawyer - gives him traditional Indian 5% Family discount.

Jake said...

Like most that had the pleasure of Bainimarama's acquaintance is expendable and therefore like lamb to the slaughter they all seem to commit seppuku.

It's probably the aura that surround Bainimarama that repels these people.

Yes Bai Can.


Jivote said...

Yes the aura that stinks around Bai. You got it right Jake.

mark manning said...

that aura around Frank you mentioned is an aura of " death " !

Joe said...

Chaudhary will surely get what he deserves, whether it is Goundar or Ranatunga. The fact that he missed out on the goat curry should be taken into consideration and time added for cruelty to animals.

Anonymous said...

Bai its time to return the favor because Chodo paid your back pay....cancel the case acha!

Anonymous said...

Typical Chodori, everyone else is bad except him. Perhaps he thinks that Justice Goundar might not fully understand him because he is not fully Indian with a name like Daniel.

We warned you Chodori, "Vengeance is mine!"

Anonymous said...

Chaudhary just like Khaiyum you are the Man of the moment for Fiji Indians.

We Fiji Indians are just enjoying this as Khaiyum plays the fiddle and all the dumb fijian soliders including Voreqe and the Miltary Council follow.

Oh how the guns of the once powerful Fiji Military have been rendered uselesss by a simple Indian through non violent means.

Khaiyum you are the Mathma Ghandhi of Fiji as you have shown what Fiji Indians can achieve without guns and non violence.

The Fiji Military are so dumb that one day very soon they wiill be using the guns against themselves and guess who will be in charge and calling all the shots - Fiji Indians.

Khaiyum will be President and Prime Minister for life - All hail President & Prime Minister Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jake the only aura Frank has is the smell from his trousers when he is taking orders from a Fiji Indian leader Sir Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Ayarse like Chodori will follow each other to the Courts and then Naboro. All hail Aiarse and Chodo Convicts for life....

Mongoose snake said...

Let us not forget the mongoose snake was part of this coup until baini realised what a two faced piece of shyte he is - his day will come - no forgiveness for snakes!