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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Chaudhry on charges while Khaiyum lolls in dictator's lap

FALSE HERO: Not a piece of pure white cloth after all.

CHARGED: In court recently.

We can now reveal more about the AUD$2 million that Mahendra Chaudhry - the disgraced Fiji Labour Party leader and one of the beneficiaries and perpetrators and of the December 2006 - secretly pocketed after collecting the millions from Haryana following the 2000 coup that deposed his government.

But before we do that, let's look at the principal artists of corrupt and shady deals in coup-ravaged Fiji, and their role in suppressing dodgy deals after the December 5, 2006 military coup.

It is now well-established that the money was raised in the name of the poor and the oppressed Indo-Fijians, some of who were subjected to violence by the thugs of coup front man, George Speight.

Ten years later they are being subjected to oppression of a different, if not worse type - being deprived of dignity and justice as well as fair financial return in the case of cane farmers while their one-time hero, Chaudhry, is living a life of luxury with the $AUD$2 million or FJD$3.6 million stashed away in Australian bank accounts.

Frank Bainimarama's regime cleared Chaudhry of any crime in March 2008 after Chaudhry's loot was revealed by The Fiji Times and Fiji Sun more than two and a half years ago. 

Chaudhry was Bainimarama's favourite side-kick then - by virtue of his position as the regime's Finance & Sugar Minister. At that time, the staunchest ally of Chaudhry was Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum (pictured above) who told the world his friend was as clean as a piece of pure white cloth.

Two and a half years later with Chaudhry out of the regime (having being booted out in August 2008), Sayed Khaiyum is now in Chaudhry's bad books after he told the world in July that following new information, Chaudhry was charged with 12 counts of crime, including money laundering on the account of his millions from Haryana in Australia.

So in July Chaudhry was no longer as clean as white cloth. In truth, both Chaudhry and Sayed Khaiyum stink of financial and moral corruption. Like Chaudhry, Bainimarama's blue-eyed boy is stashing his pockets and bank accounts. A good example is his salary of more than $300,000 per annum, paid to him by Fiji's struggling taxpayers and processed through the accounting firm of his maternal aunt Nur Bano Ali.

The saying of "No honour amongst thieves" perfectly fits the bill for Chaudhry and Sayed Khaiyum.

While Chaudhry will soon face trial (he's due to appear in court again in January), Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is resting comfortably in Bainimarama's lap protected by the thugs and guns of the military dictator.

But he, too, like Chaudhry, should remember that "You reap what you sow". And like Chaudhry, Khaiyum's short term gain will be long term pain for him in future.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tomorrow morning, more Chaudhry Family rip-offs.


Anonymous said...

Difference being Chaudhry had become so blatant (even by Kai Dia standards) - something had to be done. Latest known - did he personally benifit from the FSC Mill refurb debacle?

Wouldn't be letting him leave Viti
like his RBF brethren did.

Joe said...

Dont you love this. A Taliban who destroyed i-taukei values will slap you with a budget in 2 days time and you morons cant say boo. Where is the "Bati" in you eunuchs?? Up where the sun doesn't shine?? The silence is deafening. What happened to your slogans "Fiji for Fijians", "indigenous rights" etc.? Do you have any rights left? If so, I would like to know what. Have any of you got the balls to stand up for your rights? Are you scared of guns? Those faggots at QEB will not shoot at you, it is a scare tactic.

mark manning said...


TheMax said...

@ Joe

You seem to be talking to your ownself my friend. Indigenous Fijian are no longer gullible like before when they are easily duped by politicians exploiting race, the vanua, church and whatnot to gain support. In the fours years since the event of 5th Dec 2006, ordinary iTaukei are finally shaking off decades of manipulations by the corrupt Chiefs and i taukei politicians. The new paradigm is well and truly manifesting itself.

Anonymous said...

The cockroaches are starting to crawl out of their hiding places, Jake aka Ceke Levu included.

Joe said...

@ The Max,
I agree with everything you say. I perhaps over exaggerated it, but at the moment, no one has any right. It is "do as you are told". No one knows what is going on, lies from the word go, PER when in reality there is no emergency, draconian decrees, sackings and deportations w/o any credible reason, and the list goes on and on. When will this BS stop? Someone has to stand up.

Kuch Nai said...

The Max: You the gullibe one you dope. You crawl up Bai's pants you ass ole.

Jake said...

This fellow is no different to Qarase and his SDL party.

They are both duplicitous and calculative the only one that suffers are the people.