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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chinese Embassy official says dictator Bainimarama is sick and undergoing treatment


A Chinese Embassy official in Suva, speaking on condition of anonymity, claims that the dictator Frank Bainimarama is ‘very sick’ and undergoing medical treatment on mainland China.

The official says that this would be confirmed when the dictator fails to present the 2011 Budget to the nation.

As we reported earlier, the dictator collapsed at the Nadi airport on his way to China. The pro-regime newspapers and other media outlets, have been quoting the dictator’s statements which, the Chinese official claims emanated from Fiji.

“Have you seen the Fijian leader on Fiji Television?” asked the Chinese official, suggesting that the dictator is too frail to publicly show his face to the nation.

According to other sources, especially in the Prime Minister’s Office, the likes of Ratu Epeli Ganilau and others are jumping ship because they are acutely aware of the dictator’s frail state of health. In other words, if anything unexpected happens to the dictator, they are hoping to re-surface in other guises to continue swindling the nation, while promising lip-service to return the nation to democracy in the foreseeable future.

When asked why the dictator has stopped visiting India for treatment, the sources in the Prime Minister’s Office claim that he fears that after he ‘liu muried’ his former illegal Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry by putting him on trial for fraud and money laundering, the Indian doctors might exact revenge by “administering wrong medicine to him”.

Basically, since making that infamous dash through the cassava patch following the 2000 mutiny, the dictator’s heart beat has been running high – non stop!

The Chinese are now trying to apply all sorts of treatment, including acupuncture, to keep the dictator going, as they themselves are fleecing Fiji in the guise of ‘aid and development’.

We hope the Chinese doctors have given the dictator a book of sayings by Confucius, of which one reads as follows: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”


Anonymous said...

If somebody awarded the title 'Rumor Capital of the World', Suva would indeed be a strong candidate. Frank on the other hand has been consumed by fear since 2000. Living in a constant state of fear combined with a serious inferiority complex is certainly not a recipe for a healthy heart. Let us assume that the dictator is seriously ill. What happens if he keels over? Is it better to be on the inside then or on the outside as Ganilau seems to prefer? What will happen to Aiyaz who is certainly not the most popular figure amongst the RFMF officers? We do live in interesting times!

intel source said...

yes i can confirm this fom the inner circle thats its 100% true that PM is in shanghai seeking treatments.

I will try to get some pictures of which hosital he is in and publish it soon. My guys already in china are being tasked to this.

also the news of the 1million hesist is a hoax, i had it confirm with the army and police CID.

Source said...

What a piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

Send him back to Fiji and let him loose on a cassave patch, and Ceke aka Jake can bark and chase him.

Khu'Ta said...

Gud he joins the Kalou Vu so we can all have peace and a little bit of freedom.

Jake said...

It is rumoured our esteem leader was seen dining out with Mao Zedong junior that is, I can now verify this fact Bainimarama did suffer a relapse at Nadi Airport but not from what the author of his article suggests.

The heat at Nadi Airport often plays tricks on the human psyche that is to say Bairamarama became very anxious when he felt around and thought he had forgotten his left nut on his desk.

For the rest of you contemplate this.

Vox clamantis in deserto

Let's choice a government that has integrity and are credible to all concerned.


Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

Also misplaced a Roko Tui Viti?

Anonymous said...

Actually he has gone for a boob job .... and a brain transplant and of course remove his head which is far up his ar$e.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying FB's head (the one down south) is far up Aiyarse's ar$e? Shame on you for telling the truth, that's supposed to be a state secret.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2:14pm...LOL you know that you can be deported for that comment, its a threat to the secutiry of the nation, hihihihihi.
Well, no punches pulled but bai ahs had his head up aiyarse arse from the get go, since 2006, smelling all that shit iiiiiuuuu.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese government will plant a microchip in Voceqe's arse to control him better! lol...

Anonymous said...

hahahahahha....man reading all your comments really made me laugh....really made my day actually.

Thanks Anonymous all over!......Just laughing man!

Anonymous said...

Baini has left China for North Korea for another boob job , sources inside Baini's ass confirmed that he and Kim Jong-il had a facial makeup before being paraded down town in Pyongyang, still deeper sources deep within Baini's ass also confirmed that Kim Jong-il is willing to send advisers to Fiji to sort out the sugar problem that has been in turmoil forthe past couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Geepers, Bai's ar$e must be bigger than a hippopotamus' ar$e, oilei.

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