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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Collapse of the illegal Fiji regime: trickle of discontent now a raging torrent

THE FORMER TIGHT THREE: Fracas over Fiji Water has opened up wider gulf.

By Jone Baledrokadroka
The resignation of Ratu Epeli Ganilau as acting illegal prime minister seems to have taken most by surprise.  But as the English 17th Century political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, once  said  “a political crisis is never a lightening in a summer day; it is always the consequence and the conclusion of a persistent bad weather”.
It's said Epeli Ganilau's resignation was triggered by the Fiji Water dispute with the interim regime over tax issues. The command came from China three days into our Illegal Prime ministers ‘trade talks’. If so, this is another well-established Bainimarama modus operandi - he likes to dish out unsavory orders for others to execute, from the safety of international distance. It shows the people that he and his side kick Aiyaz Khaiyum are in control.  

Family and politics
With the little that has come to light, one would think that Ratu Epeli took his principled stand based on the evidence before him. Or is it that the former Commander RFMF and chair of the Great Council of Chiefs had had enough after signing off on the illegal Attorney General’s previous illegal deportation orders the last four years,  and decided to make a stand for justice? Or could it be that it was the last straw, for being used to deport yet another close family friend, like Mr. Dugdale? Personal family agendas and political agendas, it appears, have intermeshed in this latest crisis.

I would argue, however, that the years of power struggle within the Bainimarama regime is coming to a head. Many military regimes have suffered a similar fate. And for a country that badly needs political and economic stability, more stormy weather is predicted in the weeks ahead. And that's not withstanding the damage that this crisis is doing to investors and security travel advisories; worse still, to a psychologically downtrodden people in limbo.
In one of my articles, I explained the military concept of the culminating point. The point at which a force no longer has the capability to continue its form of operations. Land Force Commander Brigadier Driti and the Fiji military, I argued, would have  worked out that the military regime had metaphorically reached that point months back and was seeking a way out.

In December 1942, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel after his defeat at El  Al Amein it is said, warned Hitler that victory over the Allies could not be achieved. Till April 1945,  the dictator’s Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, kept churning out lies to the German people that victory was imminent. Millions more died as a result.
The illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is now playing the role of Goebbels in the Fiji regime's dying days; trying to keep the whole shebang together, as the main players in the clique around the despotic Bainimarama are sacked or desert the ‘noble cause’. The list is long and why bother regurgitating it as there will be more to add in the coming weeks.

But what a Mickey Mouse situation the nation finds itself.  An acting Prime Minister resigning whilst entrusted with keeping watch over the state and another acting acting Prime Minister chosen in the flicker of an eyelid by an illegal Prime Minister on literally a slow boat to China!

Secret talks

What would have triggered the resignation (from the kitchen some would offer) for Ratu Epeli as benefactor to abandon his creation, the Commander RFMF Commodore Josaia Vorege Bainimarama? Or is he doing an ‘Esala Teleni’ to be reincarnated as a diplomat, to the court of St James, perhaps?
The truth is there had been secret talks with the SDL party, other local political stake holders and certain senior military officers about returning the country to democracy and immediate elections. In the ever changing face of Fijian politics, those power brokers behind the plot involved an approach to Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

Their grievances stemmed from their dislike of a whole raft of Aiyaz Khaiyum’s policies through decrees and his hold on a mesmerized  Bainimarama. This struck a chord with Ganilau. This plot was sprung by Bainimarama’s embedded military intelligence nationwide. 

The fallout has been the suspension of Brigadier Pita Driti and Lt Colonel Tevita Mara. They remain on the periphery of power, no doubt watched by Bainimarama spies. What the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau decides on their future careers remains another crisis point, especially with Bainimarama’s ally Minister Cokanasiga as Defence Minister.
Commodore Bainimarama has likewise positioned Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga and Lt Col Jone Kalouniwai at Land Forces  and Major Suliano as CO 3FIR in union with  Commander Kean of the Navy and Lt Col Langman of the Engineers  to keep him in power.

Just desserts

Police Commissioner Naivalurua will play the waiting game. The roll of the dice may determine all their loyalties the next few days.
Aiyaz Khaiyum, who is clinging to Bainimarama and Brigadier Aziz,  and their hard core band of military supporters for dear life, has to be ever vigilant to keep the ship of state on course. It seems even those on the captains’ deck are abandoning ship with substantiated permanent secretary  at the prime minister’s office Lt Colonel  Pio Tikoduadua also tending his resignation. 

The joke doing the rounds was that poor Pio, when tending his resignation letter to the acting Prime Minister  Ratu Epeli, was told  “Vosota au sa liu!”“ (Sorry, I beat you to it!). The coming days will be interesting times no doubt with frantic phone calls between China and Fiji.  

To all pro-democracy advocates, may be it is time to pause a little and have a nice Ice cream cup of joy like they sell in Nausori town.


Anonymous said...

Pooey @ JB musing!

The iAG isn't going down without a fight, that's why the BIG RATS are now scurrying to abandon ship hoping to pin all coup blame on iAG.

Sorry beka but the people have been watching and observing from DAY 1 and they won't be fooled this time around.

You're all going down together.

No amnesty.

No pardons.

Naboro beckons.

Anonymous said...

Stealthy dodgy looks. Not exactly a very securely happy looking trio. "We have been naughty so we are afraid someone is out to get us. What shall we do?"

Anonymous said...

So what is new when stupid solders do coups supported by corrupt politicians? In the 1987 coup, Rabuka initially supported by Mara fell out with the Mara and others and finally formed his own SVT party. In the 2000 coup, Speight never saw the light of day because it was a civilian coup. And now, the 2006 coup is just a repeat of the 1987 coup except in this instance, it is not a race thing (thank goodness)and Bainimarama and his band of merrymakers are not prepared to give in to an interim administration to see us quickly to an election. Hopefully they will change their mind and play the role of observer to ensure the election is not another rigged one.

mark manning said...

make mine a double chocolate please !

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen as indegenous fijians have no guts and Aiyaz has total control over the Fijian Military and Chiefs.

As usual he will prepare a speech for his boy Voreqe and all the dumb fijian soliders, officers and indegeous fijian chiefs and peoples will bow their heads down and shut up in their usual io saka manner.

Aiyaz is the Man and people of Fiji get used to the firm and decisive leasdership of a Fiji Indian Leader that will promote truth and justice for all our peoples.

TheDroit. said...

Good buddy analysis except may be to the likes of Jake.

Jone, how about the flipside? said...

Jone Baldrokadroka is a player in all of this so why should we believe any of what he says? The more he goes on, the more obvious it is that he has a personal axe to grind.Ratu Epeli has gone because he didn't think it was wise to upset the Americans by throwing out a US citizen, just when we need their help. The other side to the story is that Fiji Water refuses to pay a fair share of tax from the millions it is making by selling one of our natural resources. If these California billionaires want to continue their tax free holiday, then go someplace else. They wouldn't get away with it in America so why should they get away with it here?

Anonymous said...

Nialatikau is not interested at all as long he has money to burn and Grant's Waterhouse is open everyday even Sunday's to ensure he is occupied with his favourite job - horse betting.

The rank and file are now referring to QEB as the Saiyad Khaiyum Military Barracks as all directives and orders come from him with Voreqe and his senior Military Officers having to comply or lose their jobs.

They are even preparing a new national anthem at the camp that will now have to be sung at parades every morning ....

O' Khaiyum Khaiyum..... You are the leader of us all.

O' Khaiyum Khaiyum ....You are strong and bold with no fear at all.

O'Khaiyum Khaiyum ..... Please lead us all to save Fiji from hell.

O'Khaiyum Khaiyum..... we love you all as we have no brains at all.

O Khaiyum Khaiyum .....You are the saviour of us all.

O Khaiyum Khaiyum ....... Khaiyum....Khaiyum....Khaiyum.....

PS.- Leweni will not have a job as the band will be conducted by the honary Bandmaster Jake.

Anonymous said...

JB - can you tell us anything more about the secret talks with SDL,them people we never hear from but oils the wheels behind the scenes????? What of Qarase these days anyway?

tiger balm said...

Turmoil for sure so can turn the mute button on the likes of songstress Jake and co and other pro Sayed Khaiyum supporters

mark manning said...

@ anom 525 am
Aiyaz an Indian Fijian ?
@ the beginning of this coup, he was a Resident and seeking Citizenship in Australia !

It sounds like a New World Order and a Jihad on the way in the Pacific Islands that once were " FIJI " !

Jake said...

Once in a while the ophidian slithers out from the bowels of the earth to raise his head and spew venom.

The truth be known this fellow is still on the military payroll awaiting his call up.

Well the time has arrived Jone care to explain your duplicity.

Hail the Commander.

He will bring peace for he is the saviour.


Anonymous said...

The circus in Fiji is getting better and better. Banana, Aiyarse and Ceke (Jake) are the clowns in this circus.

Anonymous said...

Smoke - Mirrors & Smoking Guns.

Khaiyum this Khaiyum that - so it goes - increasingly so.

Khiayum is merely an oppurtunist Jackal feeding on the corpse of democracy killed by others...

Don't forget the names of the principle "Taukei" perpetrators behinf all this - infamous gang of 4?

N - B - G - M.

behind this?

Anonymous said...

Acting PM resigning while bosso levu is in China? And not a stir in the population? What does it actually take to wake the people of Fiji, and I mean all of them to wake up and end this nightmare. Do we have to wait until Aiyaz has destroyed all industries in Fiji for his own personal benefit. How long do we accept to be led by a fanatic who has a sunset date set on all things Fijian? How much more humiliation and international ridicule do we, a once proud Nation, have to endure at the hands of a Muslim fanatic and a dimwit dictator? Eating ice cream in Nausori may not cut it Jone!

Anonymous said...

Caution - this ain't over till its over.

Don't get carried away - their still in power - still hold all the guns? History teaches more situation deteriorates - more desperate & irrational they'll become. Remember - these people are bati - have only one fallback position?

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is doing the right thing. All natural resources should be owned by the Statre including the Namosi Copper Mine, Vatukoula etc.

The State should decide who it should be leased out to so that the people of Fiji get a fare and equitable return for the country's natural resources.

The NLTB should be abolished and all land transferred to the State as this resource belongs to all the people of Fiji and not only indegenous fijian landowners.

Indegenous Fijians just like Fiji Indians do not own any land as this belonged to others before our forefathers set foot in Fiji and thus the benfits should be shared amongst all the peoples of fiji of all races.

Khaiyum should through a decree close the NLTB and transfer all land to the state for better utilisation of the land that will bring economic development and prosperity to Fiji.

The tourism industry Sir Khaiyum should also be your next target as 80%of every dollar earned leaves Fiji in some form or another.

Do not worry about investment as there are Fiji Indians locally and all over the world with money to invest that will benefit all the peoples of Fiji.

All land policies currently in place in Fiji should be torn up and thrown in the trash as it is hindering economic development and prosperity for fiji.

Anonymous said...

More like Bati Da.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 11:03am

Agreed. Although this is an interesting development, it ain't over until the fat pig squeals.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the ringmaster !

Monkey boys said...

Nice photo of khaiyum's threee monkey boys!

TheDroid said...

The lord of the Ring will shed light on the fiasco upon his return. The dumb ass needs a kick up the back site...the conving son of a beach.

Coup 4.5 said...

Note to Jake: Pull your head in and less of the BS about 'curtailing of comments', Stalinist regimes and freedom of speech etc etc. You get a very fair run of your 'alternative' comments. Your views, as wtih everyone elese's, is welcome but this blog is not a poster board for your boy, Sayed Khaiyum.-C4.5 Editor.

Navosavakadua said...

An end to our nightmare

The power to end our nightmare lies in the hands of one man -Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, our President. He may be illegal, but the illegal law gives him the power to restore our country to normality.

When Frank had Aiyaz draft the EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY OF FIJI DECREE 2009 he envisaged that before too long the power it conferred would soon be his. The power is therefore unqualified.

It says: "The President shall be the Head of the State, Commander in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces and Head of any Government appointed under this Decree".

No ifs, no buts, Ratu Epeli is Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Fiji Military Forces.

As Head of State he has the power "to appoint a Prime Minister by Decree". Other Ministers are appointed by the Head of State on the advice of the PM, but not the PM. He is also empowered to make laws by decree in accordance with the advice of the PM and Cabinet.

Step one in the Frank removal programme is to appoint a new PM, who will advise the membership of a new Cabinet, which can endorse a new decree.

The new decree could establish a process for return to normality based on consultation, inclusiveness and consent of the people.

It could also declare JV Bainimarama responsible for the destruction of the economy and the trust of the people in their government and one another.

As a consequence of the damage he has inflicted on the nation, his citizenship of Fiji, enshrined in the constitution he revoked, could be declared to be 'abrogated'. Or, to use the language Aiyaz put in the decree abrogating the constitution, " wholly removed, revoked, and abrogated". It would be an offence under the decree for any airline to allow him to board a plane bound for Fiji.

The nightmare would be over. We could return to seeking to govern ourselves by dialogue and compromise. If anyone thinks dialogue and compromise have caused problems in the past, we all know now they are a thousand times better than government by decree based on the threat of force. If there is one thing we can thank JV Bainimarama it's the learning of that lesson.

Jake said...

C4.5 Editor.

Incase you are wondering I am not nor ever will be the poster boy of any lowlife mongrel including youreself.

I do not know of any one in this current regime infact I reside here in the hokianga on my farm.

Why dont you identify youself you son of a bitch.


TheMax said...

@Na Vosa Vakarua

Don't you think they would have examined that avenue? Sure they can do that, but has he got da balls?

Anonymous said...

@ jake...hahahahaha touched a nerve hihihi, yeah a taste of your own medicine.

Bauhaus. said...

@ Jake.

Calm down - even if others don't -a few of appreciate both your comments & your sense of humour - where your coming from.

cirque du soleil said...

Shame, jake...looks like that's the real you the one that's lost the plot and his funny bone

Joka said...


Jake is a nin con pu...the Kalou Vu has deserted the Pupu Hhaaaaaaa.

Jake said...

C4.5 Editor.

I may have been hasty in my nasty comments therefore like the gentle man that I am excuse the nastiness.

It was borne of stupidly not able to exercise my democratic rights where equal air time ought to be the norm


Sa Qima said...

Jake is a fake...he is a dik ad...end of story. Livin in white man's land and supporting dictatorship. What a clown.

Coup 4.5 said...

Jake@8.43pm Apology accepted, half pie though it sounds. Repeat what I said earlier: your 'alterantive' view point gets a fair run, so less of the freedom of speech monologues, please. C4.5-Editor

Coup 4.5 said...

PS Let us all back to the business at hand, robust and productive blogging!-Ed

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:11.

Excellent if radical proposal - major flaw being expense incurred by State in having Police & RMF personel stationed 24/7 on all leases granted.

sara'ssista said...

Anyone holidaying in Fiji soon with snipers rifle? This has got to stop and given that this is military regime, they leave themselves wide open to a more severe kind of retribution. The idea that after this mess that this small poor country will be put through the laughable spectacle of putting these thugs and their cohorts on trial for years on end at taxpayers expense is too much, given they are disinclined to provde the same protection to others. I say let's take full advantage of this decree process and just create one that covers summary trial and judgement. Then we can all navel gaze afterwards and move on.

Anonymous said...


You forget that this IG does not respect anything on paper, as they are only for show. They control people, through the army and Naulukau can do baggar all when it comes to action like you suggest. Hoe might be the Army commander but will the army listen to him? he is enjoying the party too much and he will only wake up when he gets sober in a prison.