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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Exposed! Chaudhry's lawyer son also benefited from his father's corruption

More on the Chaudhry family rip-offs!

Rajendra Chaudhry - the Suva based lawyer and eldest son of disgraced Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry - also benefited from his father's $AUD2 million or FJD $3.6 million.

Rajendra's father secretly stashed the money in Australian banks after collecting it in Haryana in the name of the poor Indo-Fijians and cane farmers, following the 2000 coup by George Speight.

The former prime minister was charged in July for 12 counts of money laundering and tax infringements in relation to the millions he illegally stashed in Australia. 

The 12 counts relate to offences that Chaudhry allegedly committed between the years 2000 and 2003, including lodging false tax returns grossly under-stating his income. 

One of the charges also includes gifting AUD$50,000 or FJD$90,000 to his daughter, Indra, who was living in Australia with her husband who was working there at the time.

However, we can go further than the Fiji Police Force and tax authorities and reveal evidence about money he gave to his son, Rajendra, to buy a home in Brisbane. 

Based on the evidence that we will reveal, Chaudhry would have committed an additional offence in 2005. The same would apply to his son, Rajendra, who can also be charged wit tax infringements for colluding with his father, firstly to defraud Fiji of tax revenue, and secondly money laundering. Thirdly, and worst of all, he colluded with his father to rip off Indo-Fijians by benefiting from funds collected in their name.

The facts from the evidence provided to us are as follows:

Purchase of 4-bedroom home
On 8th June, 2005, Rajendra Chaudhry bought a 4 bedroom home located at 11 Copper Street, Griffin 4503, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The home was zoned Residential A  (Urban). The owner code lists Rajendra as private person (he was then studying law).

He bought the house for $AUD 297,240 or current FJD $535,000.  The House details were as follows:  4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 car spaces.

Documents provided to us list the owner as Rajendra Chaudhry, whose residential address is given as 49 Bryson Street, Toongabbie New South Wales 2146. This was the upmarket home that Mahendra Chaudhry bought in 2001, where Rajendra was staying while studying law that he decided to pursue after going to Australia following the 2000 coup that deposed his father's government.

The market history for Rajendra's 11 Copper Street 4 bedroom home shows it was put on the market for rent a year later on 26th June, 2006 and a week later on 3rd July 2006 through the agency of Cavalier Realty.

On 11th January 2010, Rajendra Chaudhry sold the 11 Copper Street home for AUD$382,500 or  FJD $688,500. The new owners were listed as Dallas Earline & Shane Michael Bull; whose address is given as P O Box 3324, Bracken Ridge QLD (Queensland) 4017. The only development done at the home was the provision of 2 lock-up garages - in addition to the 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 car spaces the home already had when Rajendra bought it on 8th June 2005.

These are the issues that need to be looked at critically:

1) Who funded the purchase of Rajendra's home for $AUD297,240 or $FJD 535000 on 8th June 2005? Did Rajendra Chaudhry use his personal savings (if he had any) as he was a law student? Did he borrow the funds from an Australian bank or financial institution? The home is not mortgaged to any financial institution because the documents list Rajendra Chaudhry as the owner. So it had to be a cash transaction.

2) So did his father gift him the money and home or loaned him such a large amount? If the money was Chaudhry senior's personal savings, did he get Reserve Bank approval to move it off-shore for the purpose of buying the Brisbane home? Or is it more likely that he used funds from his $AUD2 million or FJD $3.6 million stash in Australia to fund his son's home?

3) Were those funds loaned or gifted to Rajendra? In both cases it constitutes  an offence because Chaudhry senior's AUD$50,000 or FJD$90,000 cash gift to his daughter, Indra, is one of the 12 counts he is charged with. The charge refers to the gift coming out of proceeds of crime.

4) By selling the house on 11th January 2010, Rajendra Chaudhry made a profit of AUD$85,260 or FJD$153,000. Did he declare this in his income in accordance with Queensland or Australian tax laws? Will he pay tax on profit derived rom sale in Queensland?

5) Will Rajendra show profit in his annual income tax return to Fiji Islands Revenue &Customs Authority (FIRCA) for 2010? Since he started practicing law in Suva has Rajendra declared to FIRCA his property in 11 Copper Street Brisbane? If he has, then will he repatriate the profit to Fiji in accordance with tax laws? Or if Rajendra has not declared the property, then it is also an offence, even if he declares the profit from its sale.

We will wait and see whether FIRCA and Police take further action against Mahendra Chaudhry and his son or if this matter is swept under the carpet - just as Chaudhry's secret stash was for so long.

PICTURES: Rajendra Chaudhry (top) and his home in 11 Copper Street Griffin, Brisbane, Australia. Rajendra owned the home for four and a half years and sold it in January this year.


mark manning said...

And Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's sordid past ?

mark manning said...

Can anyone find out Aiyaz past dealings in australia and in his offshore Accounts etc. ?

Anonymous said...

Seed never falls far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Like Father Like Son-The wicked shall remain wicked until the end of the earth-Only Jesus is your Hope!

nadina said...

Yep, the 'Seed never falls far from the tree' - like the well known itaukei saying - 'Lutu ga na vua ni niu tau e vuna!'