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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family of deported David Roth to join him in the next few days

The family of Fiji Water executive, David Roth, are packing, trying to get out of Fiji by Tuesday or Wednesday. Roth flew out on Thursday night for Los Angeles, after the illegal regime went ahead with its plan to deport him.

His wife and two adopted children, a 5-year-old from Ghana and 2-year-old from Fiji, hope to join him in the United States by Wednesday at the latest.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Roth's deportation order said he was a threat to national security and had to leave immediately.

The order came from the self-appointed leader, Frank Bainimarama in China, on the advice of the illegal attorney, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Sources say Roth was deported because Sayed-Khaiyum wanted Fiji Water to pay more taxes, something Mahendra Chaudhry and his government tried to do when in power.

Roth's deportation sparked the resignation of the acting prime minister, Epeli Ganilau from the roles of Defence Minister, Immigration and acting PM, widening the cracks in the regime hierarchy even more.

Fiji Water was embroiled in a court case with the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority in 2008, after FIRCA stopped any exports from leaving the country. A ruling on the court case was about to be delivered when the judge presiding the case was sacked.

Reliable sources say Fiji Water management are fed up with the illegal regime and could make a drastic decision to close the operation down and move to New Zealand, where it has also bought a natural water plant.

Fiji Water brings more than 150 million US dollars into the Fiji economy every year and employs about 700 people.

Picture: David Roth and his wife in happier times in Fiji.


mark manning said...

It's time to shut Fiji Water down and deny the Regime of much needed revenue.
Aiyaz and his supporters are no doubt waiting to get their grubby little Indian hands on it.

sara'ssista said...

As predicted, another withering critique by Croz Walsh over the deportation, yes deportation, on the spurious grounds this time ....of the catchall 'national security'. Love your work , quickly becoming the lord haw haw for this regime. And ...still nothing from the illegal PS of misinformation? Maybe like previous incidents of illegal deportations, arrests and detentions this junta just can't be bothered to explain anything to the dumb masses they claim to saving. I am sure old croz will be out there explaining it for them. You gotta love him.

onefijifala said...

What a joke. what would Fiji Water do in NZ? the whole company is based on Fiji. Moving to NZ would be a huge loss for them. They should be paying taxes to the people of Fiji. No more free rides

Bulina said...

The so called clarification from the Lord of the Manor did little to reveal the reason for the deportation. If anything, it only added to the confusion. What people want to know is the exact nature of the breach or what law he specifically contravened to warrant such action.

Instead the doppy pm comes up with the normal clarification language that does not reveal anything at all. How can he say they support overseas investment with that kind of behaviour. Overseas investors want to know the breach concerned so they don't commit the same mistake.

Ministers are expected to carry out orders even if they know it is illegal. What a farce.

Anonymous said...

Epeli Ganilau should now explain to the people of Fiji why he willingly signed the deportation for Russel and others, and not Roth, for the same reason - National Security threat.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Water is actually rain water with a little bit of silica in it which gives you this soft feeling in the mouth. It is not a mineral water by European standards and as such nothing but ordinary water boosted by a very smart marketing campaign. The same marketing resources applied to a water from Samoa or New Zealand would probably be equally successful and replace Fiji Water as the thing to drink if you want to be cool in Hollywood. Unlike the Fiji Times which would be difficult to move elsewhere the water business is extremely easy to move. The regime seems not to be smart enough to understand this. Deporting executives on the other hand is a very effective way to deter foreign investment, something that the regime seems to want and the Fijian economy badly needs.

So where from here? As an investor I would pull the plug and move to New Zealand where the making of the Hobbit movies provides an excellent opportunity to launch the next water marketing campaign. And it is also a destination where corporate executives decide when and to where they take planes.

Anonymous said...

facts first please: Fiji water employs less than 400 people, and pumps less that $30 million USD into the economy,making it about 3.6% ofthe GDP.

Jake said...

While Bainimarama explains the reason for Roth’s departure I felt he ought to have explained his loyal servant’s involvement in the matter.

It is profoundly important when one is the guest of a host country one must not involve themselves in matters of governance and must be seen to be impartial in all aspects regarding the functionality of state.

What I would like to know what was Ganilau’s involvement with this fellow and why he refused to carry out orders.

There may be something more sinister than meets the eye.

Integrity is the game Bai is the name


TheDroid said...

The rule of law and democracy allegedly underpin the notion of freedom and equality. Ambiguous as they are, the terms engender emotions in people for the simple reason that the expressions encapsulate a dogma for the realisation of human aspirations. History however is fraught with the failures of both. The rule of law for example has been consistently tainted with criticism as a tool for domination, favouring the haves while short-changing the have-nots. Likewise, democracy in spite of its global acceptance is an elusive concept where tyranny of the majority reigns and the minority continues to dominate over the majority. Increasing problems in the world today: crimes, war, and poverty, testify to the dilemma but people continue to have faith in the rule of law and democracy for lack of viable alternatives.

Anonymous said...


Bai cannot fully explain Roth's deportation because Thief-in-Chief Khaiyum ordered Bai to deport him immediately and would explain later.

What you will need to be concerned about is that Ganilau is going home to his province to the waiting arms of the Tui Cakau and the people of Cakaudrove and Tovata who will now be more united as these two chiefs and cousins resolve their differences.

I'm sure this is going to worry you kalou vu Bai some.

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse will give Fiji Water to Bahadur Ali (Valebasoga Tropikboard) so that his muslim bhaiya can have a sawmill and water plant like Dayals of Ba!

Stealth. said...


Nothing mysterious about it?
Reason people have faith in the rule of law & democracy is because there is no "alternative".

Perhaps you could enlighten us by
citing some of this criticism of which you write?

TheMax said...

Eli Cohen was an Israeli Mossad who befriended top Syrian government officials before he got caught out as the spy leaking valuable Syrian army locations. When he was caught, the top Syrian officials whom he befriended couldn't believe that their best friend was an Israeli master spy. All of them resigned from their positions in the Syrian army, government, etc.

The case with David Roth is very similar to Eli Cohen in that he befriended top government officials while working against the state using his top position in Fiji Water as cover.

Anonymous said...

I think this guy deserves to be kicked out. Leave national polocies to the locals, whether the ideal match yours or not. Foreigners only come to Fiji, 3rd world countries, to make a quick buck and leave. Dam the locals, dam the environment.

Look at PNG for example, Australia is sticking its nose into somewhere it does not belong. Before long there will be a civil war.

Look at the Solomons. RAMZI. How can you allow foreign police officers not to be held accountable for any laws that they break eg. if they commit murder.

Look at South America, countries like Venezuela, Panama.

Roth the next time you are told something and you are a guest please be polite enough to obey even though you may not like what you've been told.

I would say the same to any foreigner in this beloved Fiji ours. Otherwise, take the next bilibili and FO.

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye idiot epeli!

Anonymous said...

Epeli has demonstrated that when he had conflict of interest, he declared that and removed himself from that decision making process. he could not do so by asking anyone else to make that decision for him as minister responsible, it was his role to do the honours. He has passed the test on biased and conflict of interest. His resignation therefore is in order for a leader of a political party to use his actions as a campaign line on accountability!!!!

Radiolucas said...

@ TheMax & Anon (November 21, 2010 11:25 PM)

Do you guys advise Frank on his foreign policy too? Is Mr Roth a Mossad spy? Is he, his wife and small children a threat to the security of an entire nation?

The USA Australia and NZ never deport foreign nationals if they refuse to pay tax or obey the "law" - they charge them with an offence or bring them before the courts first, then deport them - it is the idea of "due process" - something that the military regime dislikes because it reveals them for the idiots that they are.

This is not a question of "being polite" or whether or not Mr Roth worked for Mossad (TheMax - you need to keep up your medication).

THIS is how stupid this illegal regime is - they claim that everyone has to obey their made up PER and media laws and when they cannot bend the law to their will (Aiyaz runs out of ideas) - they claim that this middle aged American and his family are a threat to national security and deport them.

Foreign investment is the lifeblood of Fiji. Foreign nationals are not just "guests", they are hard working members of Fijian society and to claim that they should be discriminated against is just abhorrent and insulting to the generous nature of the people of Fiji.

It is also destroying investor confidence in Fiji and reducing our sovereign reputation to that of corrupt third-world despotism.

This arbitrary rule by violence is no rule at all. This is the kind of behaviour I expect from 11 year olds, not the so-called leaders of a nation.

sara'ssista said...

I am with you Radiolucas, i netriely agree. To claim that the rule of law exists when they again use the national security catch-all is a joke. None of these allegations can be tested, which was entirely the point and even the decree used, completely illegal as it is, was drafted one evening to give the illegal minister carte blanche to rid the regime of anyone for ANY reason.

Anonymous said...

Imagine any intelligence agency with any intelligence (Mossad included) would allow agents too take spouses & children on missions?

Never thought I'd see it - Jews mentioned in same context as Fiji's troubles?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that Fiji water was hiding it's actual export numbers?

Rumors are beginning to evolve that millions in unpaid taxes were evaded by falsifying export numbers.

TheMax said...

I used the Eli Cohen story to illustrate a point and not necessarily to say that Roth is a spy. What I'm saying is that Roth was able to cultivate a close personal relationship with the Defence Minister while working against the state. So when the Defence Minister was asked to sign the deportation letter for Roth, he couldn't because he is too deep in that relationship. Their families have become close.

Most of you critics are so stupid and narrow in your thinking it boggles the mind. Remember, this government is here to stay whether you like it or not. Come hell or high, this government will take this country to a better direction.

Radiolucas said...

@ TheMax

Okay. So what "crimes against the state" was Mr Roth guilty of? How do you prove it and how would he have the opportunity to defend himself against these allegations?

No normal democratic governments behave like this. The fact that you imply that this governments behavior is somehow reasonable is both sad and moronic. We deserve better, more responsible and accountable.

So far we have NO elected officials. NO parliament. NO accountability. NO honesty and NO plans for our future.