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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FDFM responds to Sharon Smith Johns re Radio Australia story

Below is a statement issued by the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in response to Sharon  Sharon Smith Johns reaction to  "Viliame", an Australian visa applicant interviewed on Radio Australia last week.
The illegal Government spokesman Sharon Smith’s reaction to one Viliame on Radio
Australia last week was very irresponsible and insensitive.

The Fiji Government should be more concerned and come up with answers as to why
thousands of Fijians are leaving Fiji and seeking greener pastures overseas?

The over 2000 applications from Fiji citizens currently clogging the Australian Refugee
Review Tribunal’s system is not, to quote her exact words, ‘a handful of people’ .

Instead of brushing aside Viliame’s claims, the illegal self appointed leaders of Fiji
should ask themselves, what is wrong here? Why are people leaving Fiji in large

They must be reminded that it is their responsibility to look after Fiji’s people and
their plight wherever they are because these are Fiji’s Citizen. It is the Bainimarama
Regime’s duty as the wannabe and self appointed Fiji Government to look after Fiji’s
citizens whether they are in Suva, Sydney or the South Pole.

If they want to relieve themselves of the obligation of looking after Fiji’s citizens, then
they should do the honourable thing and stop collecting taxes or better still resign
their positions and open the way for those better suited and with the right attitude to
replace them as public servants.

There are many things seriously wrong with Fiji and the whole world knows about it
except those who deliberately deny it. And those who do so are the ones benefitting
the most from it such as Sharon Smith.

The current illegal administration made an illegal power grab in December 2006
based on wild unsubstantiated claims of corruption. It is now four years and they
have not managed to successfully prosecute any members of the deposed government
on corruption.

Therefore, their reason for their continued existence is constantly changing and the
flavour of the moment is economic reform. In the last four years, the Bainimarama
regime have mismanaged the economy and brought a lot of misery and suffering
upon the people. In the mean time they continue to live a life of abundance in their
ivory towers.

With no one to answer to, they have gone about their ill thought-out decisions
without regards for the consequence of their decisions.

A report commissioned by the Fiji Islands Bureau of Statistics and produced by Dr
Wandan Narsey recently indicated the incidence of poverty have increased from 27%
in 2006 to 31% by 2008-09. Economic commentators are expecting another big
increase by the year end due to the imminent collapse of the Sugar Industry.

The collapse of the sugar industry was avoidable given the European Union had
approved a grant of 300 million Euros to rescue the sugar industry. A condition of
‘election first’ was placed on this grant following the 2006 coup which Bainimarama
has stubbornly refused to meet.

Results of Dr Narsey’s study has indicated that back in 2003-04 rural people already
make up 63% of those classified as poor in Fiji. This percent has risen to 71% by
2008-09. What will the result be given the current state of the Sugar Industry?

Those that can afford to are leaving Fiji by the plane load because no one wants to
live under a dictatorship where basic rights and freedom are not allowed. Neither do
they want to watch their families’ living standard drop as they become innocent
victims of the illegal power grab.

Economically and politically displaced people from Fiji are now scattered all over
Australia working in factories, railway lines and fruit farms. These people do not want
to leave their families and love ones behind. However, they have no choice but to
leave our shores in search of income to sustain their families back home.

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement have come across many professionals
who have laboured for years in educational institutions and secured jobs in the public
service as teachers, air traffic controllers and custom officers and are now picking fruits
on Australian farms. They have been forced off their dream careers to go overseas
and seek work because they have lost jobs or life has become unsustainable since the
coup of 2006 given the 10% pay cut, 10% devaluation of the dollar and the
increasing cost of living brought about by Bainimarama’s decisions.

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement keeps a close tab on the opinion of the
people in Fiji and have noticed a mood shift take hold since April last year. There is
now a much greater sense of hopelessness as daily survival becomes more challenging
for the average person. Even those living in rural areas are finding it hard to survive in
an environment where people are expected to sustain themselves from natural food

Sharon Smith is an Australian expatriate that got paid a six digit salary while managing
Connect Internet. She has lived a grand life rubbing shoulders with the elite on the
cocktail circuit for the last ten years. She will never know nor understand the real Fiji
where the majority now live as marginalised poor.

Sharon Smith has never lived on a $90 a week wages nor have a bath from a bucket
every morning, living in a makeshift squatter settlement. She does not have the worry
of eviction permanently lodged in her subconscious. That is why she will not
understand why Fijians are leaving in droves for overseas.

We challenge her to forsake her luxury lifestyle and go and lives with a family at the
Wailea Squatter settlement for a month? It is so easy for her to speak with that tone
of arrogance and insult our dignity sitting in the air-condition office of Government
Buildings far removed from the realities of life.

Sharon Smith and her master should at least be grateful because without these
remittances, the economy and their dictatorship would have faced a financial
collapsed long ago. According to Dr Narsey’s research, remittance stood at almost
$280 million in 2009.

In a hypothetical situation, let us assume very conservatively that the Fiji Remittance
Income money multiplier is 5, that $280 million would have generated economic
activity of $1,250 million. In other words, the spin off from these remittances would
have generated an extra $970 million of net income in Fiji’s economy. A very senior
economist we consulted have highlighted that the multiplier for remittance earnings
would be much higher than for tourism, and probably higher than sugar as well- since
remittances is pure net income earned from overseas

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement calls for a change in direction
immediately. It demands that Voreqe Bainimarama’s resign as Military Commander
and as Prime Minister because he has in the last four years of self appointed
leadership, proven to be a conniving, corrupt individual who has demonstrated his
lack of capability, and transparency. The recent ‘Open Budget Survey’ and Fiji’s
bottom of the table ranking of zero among the 100 nations surveyed is the most
recent embarrassing example of his leadership style.

Bainimarama, like any military dictator, has quickly accumulated enormous wealth for
himself and his cronies at the expense of those easily marginalised in society such as
the workers, the poor, the rural dwellers and the voiceless and it is time for him to

The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement calls for the appointment of a neutral
bi-partisan caretaker government as recommended in the Fiji Court of Appeal
Judgement of Qarase and Others v Bainimarama and Others of 2009 to lead the
country, allow for a public open consultation of electoral reforms under UN and
Commonwealth supervision, and a general election as soon as possible. The
Movement also calls for the immediate resumption of basic human rights and
freedom as guaranteed under the Bill of Rights of the 1997 Constitution immediately.

Secretariat FDFM


Anonymous said...

It's ironic that your 'article' already know about the plight of Fijians LIVING IN FIJI! lets face it, those of your writing your 2cents worth of comments are sitting right now in the comfort of your room without having to really know what went wrong with Fiji. Have you been to Fiji lately? clearly your 'article' suggests that you either havent or havent been because as a single parent, I can finally send my two sons without having to worry about their bus fare, school books or education. Thats more than any other Government has done. What's better is that I can receive so much from the state including cheaper prices on basic food items! thats more than any other bloody government has ever done! so why dont you do something better and try to help out without condemning the very people who are helping us Fijians that live in FIJI. Oh and another thing, you call yourselves Fijian and continue to detest everything that this govt is doing to help ordinarty fijians?? Sounds more like everyone has a personal agenda! or is it just sour grapes that couldnt milk the cow anymore? even though i'll leave that to your thinking, i know it wont crack a nut with either of you...but yeah, go ahead and publish this or do the hypocritical thing and not because you're too afraid to publish the truth...censorship much?

Anonymous said...

All very well - but?

While applauding & supporting the views and aspirations expressed in this article - current reality is unfortunately very differnt.

Surf the blogs are you will find the overwhelming majority of anti regime supporters frequently use terms such as jail for life - even execution? Fact is regime cannot and will not return to democratic rule while this logic dominates - their all in too deep - they know it & we know it.

Ask yourself this - if you were in their position - would you?

bye bye frank and mary said...

We forgive you for being a coward and peeing your pants in the cassava patch. Be a patriot, give yourself up and do the right thing by Fiji - we'll look after you and mary like Mr and Mrs Ceasescu.
Its all over and even poor old moaner lord haw hawe has given uo....and sharon is already in her hole with gates!!!!

Joe said...

@anon 2:12pm
"I can finally send my two sons without having to worry about their bus fare, school books or education."

This govt must be really good that you can send your boys to school for free. Is your PC and internet provided by this wonderful govt for free too? Why dont you ask baini-hairyarse- vuaka doce to get money off the NBF crooks so that you can also have free electricity, phone, food and grog.

I am glad C4.5 published what you had to say. Bludgers like you have no hope, dependant on freebies.

Jake said...

Since 2006 there was an explosion of blog sites where views were exchanged quite liberally and more of than not it all conveyed the same message where the commentators each appeared to be suffering some form of anxiety neurosis.

Which on all accounts were understandable considering their alleged corrupt benefactor was tossed from office this in itself would send the average person into a tailspin however for those at the coalface of fleecing the masses scarpered only to raise their head in a foreign land.

What have before us is the by product of self serving individuals feathering one’s nest we have heard on numerous occasions where these individuals spoke to varying degrees the need to re-instate Qarase as PM that has since changed like many of their harebrained schemes.

Who can trust such vultures.


Anonymous said...

Geez someone's button got pushed ay. Dr. Narsey's report stated facts regarding poverty in Fiji. One must ask, what causes this?

The critic who wrote the first posting above should sit down and digest the facts. Approx one third of Fijians are now considered to be living in poverty. I'd say the current illegal regime will only make things worse.

Jieke Morisi said...

@ Jake

Hear Satan preaching folks. If Bai is not feathering his own bloody nest, than this Jake dude must be a guest at St Giles hotel (with anxiety neurosis).

Jake said...

That’s one way of extricating people from the grip of being subservient by diagnosing them with some form of folie.

Bainimarama for the first in the history of Fiji returning to the people the power that was arbitrarily removed by self serving individuals.

Vox populi.


Anonymous said...


Forget about your kalou vu Bai returning to "people power" and "vox populi".

There is this PER and there is also this media censorship in which only some privileged people are heard. It is apparent to us our voices are being silenced. Don't take us for fools.

Don't presume that in our silence we agree with you and your kalou vu, Bai.

TheMax said...

@Jake kuka

What is wrong with ya? Bainimarama has not returned any power to the people. On the contrary he grabbed all the power albeit illegally and filling his own pocket. Go take a rest in ya hotel room up yonder at Nauluvatu hill.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

Given your intellect & interest your obviously the right choice for this Q?

How would you fix looming crisis at FSC?

Anonymous said...

@ Joe, Im not taking freebies and never have..in fact its the tax that I pay that goes back to my sons. Lets put it this way, HAS OTHER GOVERNMENTS EVEN DONE THIS? WAY DID MY TAX GO?I'll tell you where..it went to the overseas trips, conferences, houses, flashy cars and so forth. Oh and just to let you know that now that internet is becoming freely accessible (becoz of this govt), I can blog from a coffee shop for 5cents per minute.At the end of the day you choose to ignore the things this government has done and make up stories (coz you're so damn good about it you should write a book)that makes your blog site seem more like a joke...lets face it, you'll NEVER win this war...all you can do is blog but does your fight here carry any weight?? well you;ve been doing it for a while without effect so you do the maths!!!!ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD THINK SO!

Anonymous said...

I think the civil service Wage cut was 5% (at least the initial one), not 10%.

On the other hand, the devaluation was 20%, not 10%.

Also, FDFM forgot to mention Fiji's high post-coup inflation rate which is also eroding purchasing power, real wage rates, and asset values.

Otherwise the article is reasonably accurate, and is certainly valid as an real opinion. (As opposed to manufactured military media cell ones like Jake's and Sharon's)

sara'ssista said...

all these 'anonymous' people...its a laugh really... none prepeared to put their name to anything.Where is all the support this regime has , even if there is any, they can't march because they are not allowed to!! The onlty reason you don't see more of this regime travelling international is because of sanctions and other governments not wanting to be associated with them.. ts is not a'choice' or something noble. They very quickly starting looking after their own interests, their own security, their own get ourt of gaol free card... please don't hoodwink me with 'they are doing it for the 'people'. they are doing for the military first and the rest comes a poor second.

conchybola said...

Adolf Hitler was very much liked by his countrymen as well.It was only the british tuned democratic folk that disliked him.AND it seems that people who are rich or favoured have no qualms otherwise it is the same verbal diarrohea I've heard since 1987 from those not in power or favour albeit in differing forms of the available medium of the times.Until we get a total removal of various cultural practices of all the races here and operate equally without the aforementioned crap ,then Fiji would regain it's pure form as God the creator had left it in the first week of creation!!!!

Jake said...

Anon@7:38 PM.

There is only one way of fixing the bloody white elephant that is to invest in 100gallons of petrol and a box of match alternately bomb the thing out of existence.

The Sugar Industry as we know it is no longer viable it is cheaper to purchase sugar eleswhere.

As far as Im concerned this Industry have breathed its last.

Hail Bainimarama.


Miliana Tumailagi said...

@ Sarasista...its laughable that you should talk about revealing our real names: mine is Miliana Tumailagi. I'm from Lau and my husband died five years ago. Tell me,is that your real name? I'm neither afraid or ashamed to show support for my government. Are you prepared to do the same? Are you prepared to go to Govt Bldgs and thank Govt? I can and I have. What about you? C'mon every democracy fighter has been persecuted. Iam convinced that your continuous blogging is an indication that you'd like to be martyr one day. You got balls? Justa thought!

Anonymous said...

Jake knows that Bainimarama is wrong and is going now where and admits it with the sugar yet clings strongly to Bai because he is either a very bitter jealous person of the majority rule cliché or just plain stupid.

Jake said...


Why should you be afraid and ashamed about supporting the government? Interesting question? But why should you support the government in the first place? It is a free world (accept Fiji)and people make their choice to support or condemn their government.

Why should one thank a government that is illegal, corupt and has brought the economic state of the country to a caotic mess? You do it if you like it but most would prefer to differ. It is a matter of choice.


Anonymous said...

They are doing it for Rome

Anonymous said...

Miliana is a slow-witted, ignorant millipede which feeds & thrives on rot, decay and yes...corruption!

Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

Sugar Test Results cont...

White Fiery Elephants.

Tried that - executive powers that be decided Mills didn't need insurance fire cover?

Outsourcing. (aka India).

Sugar now at all time high - world trend expected to continue.
First priority is supply home market - then think export.
FSC must become competitive again -
no other option - no problem growing harvesting sugar in Viti - never has been - problem in Milling.

Breating problems & Babies.

Problem here is if it does expire as you predic? They'll be babies alright - bout 2ook of them - overwhelmingly kai Dia. What then?

Q. (new test).
Who feeds - takes care of them?


Jake said...

Anon@ 4:06 PM

Anon what I have deduced is the fact you are a little girl playing with your daddy’s computer because there is nowhere in my correspondence that I have said or given my undying allegiance to Bainimarama.

I have more often than not used his name as an alternative view and have spoken on the good things his government has achieved, most things that was lacking in previous governments.

I was a questioned on the viability of the sugar industry which I gave an honest answer, however you have misconstrued I had said.

Read and try to understand what is said otherwise your comment is superfluous.

Hail the Commander in Chief.


Anonymous said...

Miliana, Qarase is from Lau and he was shafted by Bainimarama. Are you telling us that you supported what Bananarama did? Unreal!!

Jake said...

@Jake the Imposter.

A woman after Bainimarama's own heart has you a question Do you have inverted ball's or not?

I think I know the answer to that question Miliiana Jake the imposter is an eunuch.


Anonymous said...

Commander in Chief? Hardly, more like Commander in Thief

Anonymous said...

@ a nonsense 9.45a.m 11 Nov:

Now peeps, if the anti-junta and anti-dictatorship blogs have had no effect on your dicktatorshit regime, then why on earth would your commander-in-thief make reference to bloggers every now & again whilst keeping the PER lid tightly and permanently on??!


Y'see peeps, it's only scared desperate IDIOTs like you who know they're headed for the gallows and so keeps their heads in um...well, "youknowwhere"! and therefore, cannot admit to what the rest of us "calmly-living-superbeings" can see has been a foregone conclusion from a long way back - so... tik tok tik tok - u're all going down mate!

Read my lips : there will be NO AMNESTY and NO PARDONS.

As your Commander-in-thievery aptly said : 'this is a coup to end all coups'!

How insightful.

Now off the gallows you treasonous lot of LOSERS!