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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fiji news and truth as you know it

Another example of the unfortunate loss of media freedom in Fiji and the insiduous rule of the illegal regime.

The Fiji Sun newspaper, dodgy at the best of times because of its unabashed support for the illegal regime and advertising dollars, has today printed a story headlined 'Chief calls for Government support.'

The chief named is Ro Teimumu Kepa, of Rewa, who we know has this year been in the wars with the regime over a legitimate show of defiance against a Frank Bainimarama ruling to ban any gatherings, especially those by the Methodist Church.

So the Fiji Sun story raises questions, when they quote her as calling on her people to support the Government.

The occassion was the Rewa Provincial Council meeting at the Burenivudi in Lomanikoro Village, in Rewa, and she is reported as saying: "We should always show our support for any government that comes into power."

One can either doubt this outright or surmise that her  comment was a cautious, if not diplomatic one, that must've come after one the former minister in the Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party, hailed the regime for bringing new roads, water and other improvements to Rewa. 

Whichever it is, it's fair to say the Fiji media is these days making readers sift through the 'facts' for themselves to find the truth.

So much for the regime boasting that its media decree would lift professional standards in the industry.


sara'ssista said...

I am more tha willing to accept this regime has supporters. But what i do not accept that most are supportes by choice. They must besupport for bsuiness, they must to keeop their job, they must support as requirement of keeping their media roles, they must support or there are serious consequences as we have found. Is this the mandate this regime is crowing about? And frankly people are worn down, this does not translate to mean that they support, it means that they are bored or fearful and have no opportunity to resist.This is the grand basis for what passes for reform.One week we hear condemnation about greedy racist cheifs and poiliticians but when they agree with this regime , all is forgiven, how noble. Aren't they still the same people ??

Joe said...

"We should always show our support for any government that comes into power."

The statement above by Ro Teimumu is 100% correct. She is making reference to legitimate, democratically electected govts, if ever there is going to be one.

Tadu said...

Beware the propoganda-ists when reading such quotes.... "Joe" is right.

Jake said...

She made the right decision because the country needs to move forward under the guidance of Bai and the Kalou Vu.


mark manning said...

@ Joe
A brilliant summation and interpretation of what was meant, in contrast to what was " said " only !

Liu Muri said...

"We should always show our support for any government that comes into power,THAT IS HEADED BY AN ITAUKEI WITH MAJORITY ITAUKEI AND SUPPORTING I TAUKEI SUPERIORITY AND ETHNO-NATIONALISM."

That is what Ro Teimumu meant. Wasn't People's Coalition through legitimate democratic means?

mark manning said...

@ Liu
Your interpretation just doesn't sound like the language of someone as sophisticated as Ro Kepa !

Anonymous said...

Moving Goalposts.

Kai Dia have & always will vote as block (racial) - this was method devised by early Kai Dia politicians as a ways & means of achieving an Indian takeover of Viti - so why is it now suddenly different & unacceptable (racist) when the Taukei employ this very same tactic?

Anonymous said...

Adi Ro Temumu was quoting from the Bible about supporting government. We are currently being led by a band of thieves and not a government.

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