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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fiji Water to ropen Rakiraki factory tomorrow

 Fiji Water has decided to re-open tomorrow, releasing an hour ago the following statement:
                                                                                                                             “Following discussions today with Fijian officials, FIJI Water will re-open its bottling plant, effective Wednesday morning, Dec. 1, at its regular start up time of 8 a.m.  Through our discussions, we have also agreed to comply with Fiji’s new water tax law.

 "Moving forward, FIJI Water is committed to working with the Fijian government, and remains dedicated to helping the country’s economy and its people.”


Anonymous said...

400 threads of good Xmas news.
Vinaka Fiji Water.
Kere veivosoti about the idiots in Suva.

mark manning said...

Suspicious !
Have they been forced at gunpoint to reopen ?
Just why are Indigenous Fijians allowing aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to run their Country and Institutions , into the ground ?

Pigs in the trough said...

Excellent decision. Make this illegal junta struggle for every step of the way until they are removed. Fijian people will be saved from this insidious foreign unelected scum that has manipulated the useless poorly led military - every bit of interational media exposing these pigs is another nail in the coffin.

Anonymous said...

Government is really to make up their mind whether they want foreign investors i this country or very soon everyone will be leaving with their funda dn leave Fiji pretty dry.

If a Government is greedy then investors will not want to invest in this the country-be reasonable and be humble-otherwise the country will collapse from lack of investment.


TheMax said...

Huh. Does Fiji Water think their brand will survive if they leave Fiji and bottle somewhere else like New Zealand and keeping the Fiji Water name? No way. We cannot be fooled ever again by these American corporate greed. Even the American people are already waking up to their bluff of ripping the resources off the people of Fiji paying a mere pittance for it.

What??? said...

So we're all waiting for your guys to explain how this can be so after all that's happened in the past 24 hours. Anyone our there able to say why the backflip? Or did these guys try one big bluff and get rolled?

Anonymous said...

aha interesting, this is actually a big victory for the Fijian people! thats 5000 % more income for Fiji, this worked!

Anonymous said...

Damage to investor confidence has already been done even if they reopen. Voreqe & Khaiyum can bend over everyday and investors wiil still not come.

Tourism is the lifeline for Fiji and if this sector goes , Voreqe, Khaiyum and the dumb military will go with them.

Anonymous said...

The Pig was given a warning by the Obama adminstration to leave Fiji water alone.

Anonymous said...

He! he! he! Yes, everyone forgot that the White House now drinks only FW and Obama gave direct orders to the owners to start up or face another tax hike in the US.
What a weird world we live in master jack.

Anonymous said...

SO THERE, Some actions can only be achieved by a regime and not by democratically elected govt!!!

They thought bulling tactics will work to lie their way to feed peanuts to monkeys and say they are feeding the whole country!!!

Anonymous said...

The thing with some Fijians is that if someone does well for them selfs they stick there hand out expecting something. People forget these billionares worked hard for there money and to be successful, what they were doing didnt break any international laws and and were providing a revenue of abbout $130million a year to the Fiji economy and for the IG invent a tax with 1 target in mind is just typical of these corrupt parasites.
I guess the Illegal government got what they wanted but the damage has been done to investor confidence.

Anonymous said...

@ The Max.

Its phocking wai - not uranium.

Ra people unhappy with price & conditions from Fiji Water - Cakaudrove will oblige them -
we have plenty.

Suggest you join other like minded
people at proposed public meeting in Drauniivi Village - here you can express your alternate views?

onefijifala said...

i find it disgusting how fiji water has treated the people of yaqara. they were in tears after hearing they were being laid off. it seems that it was a all a shameful passive agressive act by a callous and amoral company. im glad their tactic failed but i wont be drinking any more fiji water until they apologise to the people of fiji. Stewart and Lynda Resnick, you are profiting from a resource that is of infinite importance to every human being, not least a people with a connection to our earth that marks a cornerstone of Pacific identity. You champion this sort of relationship and sell it on your branded bottles to the world for a handsome buck. But your actions and apparent lack of business ethic and humanity would suggest that another of the many qualities and values you lack is the spiritual connection.

intel source said...

well laugh all you can : just pose to think this :

option 1 : Fiji water will now extract only 3.5m litres of water and not pay any taxes - simple solution. they have nothing to loose.

otion 2; they will activate their NZ plant and compensate the reminder from NZ " branded as fiji water" and there will be no loss to the company in internation market delivery .

and here we have Frank laughing off - idiot doesnt know that you never mess with US companies.

Anonymous said...

@ onefijifala.

U 2 are invited to meeting at Drauniivi Village where you will will be given ample oppurtunity to further bad mouth everybody
- Resnicks included - please come?

Anonymous said...

onefijifala & Max.

Do tell? You peoples heads rattle when you walk?