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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fiji's Bank Governor: has Sada Reddy gone or not?

Don't look to the illegal regime or its Ministry of Information for information, because they'll be the last to volunteer any details.
But it would appear, the governor of Fiji's reserve Bank is no longer on our shores.
Coupfourpointfive has been told Sada Reddy was given his marching orders last week during the farewell cocktail party to IMF, which was held at RBF Level 11.
The source says also present that evening at the function was the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
It's believed Reddy left last Thursday for New Zealand, where his wife lives and has resided for a long time, as is the practice with those who has permanent residency.
The question is - will he return to Fiji?
Coupfourpointfive was told last week that Reddy has been removed from his post, over allegations he funnelled $850,000 dollars to a New Zealand bank account before devaluing the dollar.
We were told the regime already has a successor in mind, Inia Naiyaga.


Anonymous said...

If he has gone? ANZ has a very serious problem on its hands re his involvement in the missing $200ml Kings Wharf heist? How this money found its way into the AUS Gov regulated banking system?

Anonymous said...

I think the regime has known about Sada's fund repatriation for some time. So the fact that they are dumping him now could suggest other reasons.

Maybe they were just waiting for him to finish his duties with the IMF before dropping the axe. Or maybe it was his failure to fob the regime's propaganda off on them, and secure the IMF SBF, which is the real reason for the regime's ire.

mark manning said...

So quickly send him out of Fiji before the public find out that another thief and appointee of the Regime is exposed.

mark manning said...

The 1st. coward to jump ship ?
I hope someone is keeping tabs on these bastards so hey can be pursued through the Courts later.

Anonymous said...

He has property in Volivoli, Rakiraki. Might be time the landowners start asking questions.

mark manning said...

Cease all his property and land.

Jake said...

He is merely taking what is due to him. That is part of his leave pay back dated 35 yrs. So give the guy a break.


Anonymous said...

Mark, it's sieze not cease

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