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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fiji's illegal lawmakers open conference to New Zealand Law Society

Fiji's illegal regime continues to try to convince the outside world, especially its neighbours, that is has things well in hand and that there's no cause for concern.

The illegally-appointed solicitor general, Christopher Pryde, has now invited the New Zealand Law Society to visit the country to observe for itself the state of law there.

New Zealand's law society president, Jonathan Temm, has been asked to attend the 12th annual Fiji Attorney-General’s Conference in Nadi next month, an invitation that comes on the heels of the society denouncing the regime for compromising the independence of the judiciary.

The Attorney-General’s conference is normally attended by members of the Fijian judiciary and legal profession, diplomats and policy-makers so Pryde is opening it up to New Zealand to sell the ground-breaking work supposedly being achieved under the regime's direction.

According to today's statement, Temm will have the opportunity to exchange views with Pryde and members of the legal profession. Which ones we ask? Those handpicked by the regime to endorse its view that there is justice in Fiji and that they didn't take a sledgehammer to the judiciary?

The regime's track record has been worse than shabby and include the abrogation of the Constitution, the introduction of illegal decrees and the dismissal of a number of magistrates, including one who questioned the propriety of a prosecution by the Independent Commission against Corruption.

The case is known to the New Zealand Law Society, which has also embraced a Law and Justice report by the Citizens Constitutional Forum that found the regime had dismissed 40 judicial officers and five magistrates in the year to April 2010

Laughably, the country's key illegal lawmakers yesterday gathered to welcome a new community law centre in Suva.

At the signing of the MOU with the University of the South Pacific, the illegally-appointed attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum had the gall to say that democracy is not simply about going to elections but having access to justice.

According to FijiVillage, he said the center will be free to  people who can't afford the services of a lawyer, albeit under the care of a final USP law students who is being supervised by a qualified lawyer.

Sayed Khaiyum says the opportunity will allow law students to have a sense of community spirit as they serve the marginalized group who are usually neglected, adding the centre is part of the process in gaining just services.

Pryde, who also chairs the Legal Aid Commission, piped up to say the center - which doesn't open until next year - will operate as a law firm committed to access to justice and the promotion of legal literacy among the people of Fiji.

There are none so blind as those who've destroyed the natural order to create one that suits their crooked vision.

Pictures: Illegal lawmakers - Pryde (at top) and Sayed Khaiyum at yesterday's talks for a new community law centre in Suva. (fijivillage pic)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Given overwhelming majority of lawyers are parasitic by training -Kiwi's will probably accept - nothing to do with country of origin.

Joe said...

@C 4.5, The law breakers are now called law makers, are they? How sad is it that the prez of NZLS is attending a conference organized by the law breakers? Dont these guardians of law have any ethics anymore? By all means, Jonathan should visit Fiji, but to patronize in an illegal AG's conference? Where was NZLS when FLS was being raped? Why go there now, when your counterpart is forcibly muted for obvious reasons.

It seems very convenient for the illegal regime to bring in the prez of NZLS at a time when the PER is in place, but Mr Temm should be mindful that he will face the full brunt of the NZ media on his return.

Anonymous said...

Joe say,

Just call or email Campbell live program & New Zealand Herald tell your story of Mr Temm accepting invite of illegal regime. They will jump and run a story. NZ democracy is fluid.

Anonymous said...

Too much assumptions and presumptions. Four years on yous continue to assume and presume. Happy blogging anyway.

Anonymous said...

Do u think the NZLS Prezzie would be game for an interview over at what used to be the Fiji law society secretariat? And wouldn't the charred remains of what used to be the FLS secretariat make an interesting background for his interview - standing out there on the lawn!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:13. Tick & Tock.

4 years 40 years? As long as it takes - time is our ally - not yours. Thanks for kind regards re blogging - thank you we will... Tick tock - tic - tock...