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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Freed Tuisolia says disgruntled businessmen behind fraud charges laid against him

The former Airports Fiji Ltd CEO, Ratu Sakiusa Tuisolia, says his acquittal has lifted a huge burden off his back. 

Tuisolia was cleared by the Fiji High Court yesterday.

He told FBC News the charges have been held against him for four years but he'd maintained his innocence from day one. 

Tuisolia was charged by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption on three counts of fraudulent conversion and three counts of keeping false records. 

He says he was always confident based he'd be cleared the ruling would go his way saying it should never have made it to the Fiji High Court.

Tuisolia believes the investigation was raised by certain disgruntled businessmen who did not have their way with him when he was CEO of AFL. 

He says he does not want to comment at this stage on the independence of the Fiji judiciary except to say that he respects the judges decision and was happy to be acquitted.


convolutedexperiment said...

the 1st. casualty of war is Truth !

Anonymous said...

Mac Patel via Parmesh Chand ????

Anonymous said...

Jo say,

Too many persecutions, lies and fabrications,the worst in Fiji's history. So now that Tuisolia has been acquited, who will be responsible for the hurt, pain, losses monetarily, physically, mentally & most importantantly his reputation he has build over the years to get to where he was and be chopped beacuse of baseless allegations? Not the regime cause they have a decree to protect themselves - seemly you can't sue them. tall poppy-syndrome I guess.
Saki has been strong imagine those that have lost their lives beacuse of this 2006 coup. "Its gone with the wind" One day mafatu...

Anonymous said...

An acquittal is not a sign of innocence fool. what about the bottle of single malt being offered to someone for your contract renewal....REMEMBER???? For your second term at AFL???????
An acquittal is simply a sign of idiotic prosecution!!!!!

Be careful Saki said...

Saki, just leave for safety of Manila while you can. What's the point of saying all of this now? It's just going to come back to bite you. Remember, you may have been acquitted but the judge had some very critical things to say about you. You're not totally in the clear so don't put yourself at further risk. Go and enjoy life with your marama and your son.

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