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Monday, November 8, 2010

Gillard: keep pressure on Fiji

CANBERRA, Nov 8 AAP - Australia remains very sceptical of Fiji's promise to hold an election in 2014, says Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Ms Gillard said on Monday it was important for Australia, the United States and other nations to work together on Fiji to try to ensure the poll was held.

Her comment followed reports that the US and some other countries had talked directly with Fiji's government, bypassing moves to diplomatically isolate Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, installed in a coup.

Ms Gillard said when it came to Fiji, Australia supported pressure being maintained so that democratic elections were held.

"The Australian government is very sceptical that the elections which are supposed to be held in 2014 will actually occur," Ms Gillard told reporters.

"It's important to us, to the US, to the world generally, that we keep working together to maximise pressure on Fiji to give the Fijian people the appropriate opportunity to go out, exercise a vote and pick their government."

Ms Gillard said this would be discussed with the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton now in Australia for the annual Australia-US ministerial talks.

"The best thing is for us to be discussing is how we can best work together so we can maximise the pressure on Fiji," she said.


Sa Rauta said...

Well done julia - bone those bottom feeders out big time - and while you are at it tell them I want my lease money - with interest!

Anonymous said...

I really find it so hypocrytical of the Western world when they keep harping on about democracy and human rights in Fiji. Yes we are not a perfect country and yes we have serious political problems. But a country like Australia should really shut up as it literraly has no guts to say anything to China where people have been rolled over by tanks. They seem ever eager to jump into bed with some of the worst cases of dictator ships in the world like China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc etc. Some of these countries still stone people for adultry and most of these countries dont even allow women to drive. When it comes to money nothing else matters for Western governments. Where was Australia when the likes of Qarase and Rabuka where raping Fiji in the name of Democracy. Where were they when the Fiji Indian community where marganalized and treated as 4th class citizens in a country they tolied to bring to some sembelence of mordernity. Yes this coup and all coups have not been good for the country and we all know that the present government has lost the plot economically but the reality is most of Fiji's problems have been compounded over the last 40 years of religous bigotory, racial discourse and 3rd grade morally bankcrupt politicians elec ted by an increasingly racist and illiterate public on all sides. Not ones have we elected a party that was not characteized as an Indian or Fijian Party.The dumb chiefs of this country and the militant methodist church have all contributed to the Fiji Today. I have only one request to Frank. Before holding elections please make sure that the chiefs, the methodist church, and the likes of Qarase and Chaudhary are never allowed to influence our future again. We must find young and forward thinking people who are neither Indian or i-taukei. They must be Fijian at heart. Then only we can grow to our full potential.

Anonymous said...

"..neither Indian or i-Taukei.." So who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Above comments seems to come fron an idiot who does not respect democracy or freedom of speech.People are crushed by tanks because of animal instict and inhuman thinking of some leaders in the world today like Vore.The idiot talks about Chinesse military killing people and he must be blind or an ignorant person who think that Vores coup is bloodless.please look into your own backyard before you point.

Anonymous said...

Wow, @ anon 7.43am - you sound very, very angry... I guess it is hard to swallow the truth when it is thrown right back in your face aye? Who are you & dictator voreqe to decide for the people of Fiji as to what is democracy and what is good for them, LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE, GO TO THE POLLS!!! Sorry you cannot compare Fiji to Saudi Arabia (THAT'S AN EXTREME MUSLIM COUNTRY), China (an extreme Bhudist country with communist practices), but whatever it is - you cannot compare Fiji to any of those countries, what works for them doesn't work for Fiji, THANKS TO CHRISTIANITY, Fiji is the way it is today, or else exteme moves would have seen you Indians kicked out of Fiji long time ago, and don't blame Fijians for why you ended up in Fiji, ask the Brits. Try imposing your way in India and let's see how far you go, EACH COUNTRY MUST BE JUDGED ON ITS OWN MERIT. Whether you like it or not, Australia and NZ will always have something to do with Fiji, because they are our neighbours, after all it is better to have them influence Fiji compared to China, India or Saudi Arabia. GROW UP ANON!!!

Jake said...

It is very simple. China is too big to bother about condemnation from any country. More so Auz, NZ, and US all need trade $ with China by the sheer volume of turnovers.

On the other Fiji is a begger that survives on aid money...so beggers cannot be choosers. Acha.


mark manning said...

anon 743pm
where is your faith in your fellow man ?
At least everyone you have admonished here, was elected, unlike Frank Bainimarama !



Anonymous said...

Sound like Anon 7:43 now reflecting Kai Dia fall back position 'were all Fijians - everyone should be equal - we should share everything (ie -land).

Fact of the matter is Kai Dia are not and never will be Fijian - they are merely Indians born in Viti - will always will be viewed & treated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Interesting racial view point you have Anon 5:36. So what should the Fijian Indians do. Leave Fiji for good. Do you know that Fiji is the name of a country and not the name of a race. If you really want to get into the DNA of things then the i-taukei should be classified as the Kai Africa as thats where the origins of the i-taukei is. God did not just create the I- taukei for Fiji. You are not some special creatures to whom the world owes something. You are just like every one else and you drifted or sailed into Fiji just like everyone else. So get over it.The fact of the matter is it is people like you who have contributed to the 4 coups of Fiji. I am not a supporter of Frank Bainimarama as i view all dictatorships as evil no matter how you put it or what ideals you have behind it. And yes i support free speach as much as the next guy and the right to choose my leader. My point is we have had no good leaders in the last 40 years and just having democracy for the sake of it is not enough. Democracy must come with accountability and fairness. The suger industry for instance has been dying for 20 odd years and Both Mr. Chaudhary and the elected leader Qarase could not fix it in 12 years. What makes one think that Frank or anyone can fix it in 4 years. It is an industry that is beset with politics and will take time to fix. It has land owner issues that will take many moons to address. I am saying stop critisising for the sake of it. Look at the history of things and give credit where due. To all those "kaipalagis" on this website i challenge you to come and live in this country for 38 years and then tell me if we had true democracy in this country. I am neither pro Indian or Pro I-taukei nor do i hate or deslike anyone based on their race or religion. The truth is i have a I-taukei mother and a kai dia father. What i mean by neither taukei nor indian is simple. It does not matter who runs the country as long as he has Fiji at heart. By that i mean someone who can rule for the beterment of all the citizens of this country and not for one particular ethinic group. Since we are all for Australia and New Zealand interfering in our affairs then why don't we become like them. Have a country where all the citizens are equal and where any one can become Prime Minister should he or she win the elections fairly. And lets not have a coup when someone is elected that we don't like because he happens to be of a different race. That is true democracy not the half assesed attempts we have been making for the last 40 odd years. Lets make Fiji what our neighbours are like and lets see how we go with that. Lets margnalize the I-taukei like the Aussies, kiwis, and the Americans have done to the Abor's the Maoris and the Red Indians. To those who are saying that all countries are unique yes i agree with you.Fiji is unique and it has a whole lot of problems that are endemic to us. We need to solve these ourselves and the least the world can do is to lend us a helping hand instead of being critical about everything.

Jake said...

@Anonmouse 3:49

So much talk and yet you got in wrong from the start. The kai viti never came from Africa. You need to chill down before you drown in your own vomit. The Kalou Vu's peace be with you.


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3"49.

"sugar industry has been dying for 20 odd years".

True - and if you examine closely
you will note that this decline coincides with a Kia Dia takeover
of all executive positions within FSC.
"beset with politics" True also - but you must accept these were 100%Kia Dia politics. Taukei have always accepted this as an Indian cartel - now after stuffing it up via above - you now blame us with your incorrect 20 year assertion? (Qarase & other Taukei). Furthermore you now expect us to save you from your own incompetence & greed via Bainimarama?
Let me enlighten you with a couple of very unpalatable facts about sugar & racial harmony & Indian hypocrisy. The very same person who stuffed it up is now asking for cash compensation for his predominately Indian NFU members?
"we're all one" Kai Dia constantly bleat - so why did Chaudhry go all the way to India to award the refurb mill contract?
"Taukei mother Indian Father".
If you are accepted as a member of your Mothers mataqali you are Taukei - if not - your not.
No blurry lines in this fight - you are eitheir with us or your not? We are very familiar with the fate of the indigenous people mentioned - what happens when a people loses control of their Vanua. This fight has nothing to do with race - everything to do with culture.
We do not wish to be like Indians.
Imagine dual parenthood must be cause for constenation? Given Indian culture is predatory -motivated by personal gain - Taukei is not.
Major difference between Indians settling other countries you mentioned & Viti is that in Viti they attempted a cultural takeover of both land & recources.
Suggest you read Ratu Mara's biography? Hopefully clarify both your & our position? All there in black & white - how they planned a takeover of Viti.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what's happened to that lying sh!t and murderer Ben Padarath who got off his lenient prison sentence on some BS medical grounds afta he claim his manumanusoni medicine culdn't be administerd to him in prison!

Anonymous said...

Round and roud the merry go round the kindy kids sing.