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Monday, November 15, 2010

Gone Marama Bale responds to Fiji Sun

In response to the false reports recently contained in the Fiji Sun, please permit me to respond as follows.

On behalf of the Gone Marama Bale, may I advise all readers that her personal position and that of the Vanua of Rewa remains firmly in line with the stance of the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) adopted in December 2006. 

At that time the GCC confirmed its support for the 1977 constitution upholding the rule of law, firmly condemning the unlawful act of the military and the subsequent establishment of its government.  Rewa’s position as expressed by the Gone Marama Bale, remains unchanged.

In the Gone Marama Bale’s address to the Bose Ni Yasana o Rewa, appreciation was conveyed to the civil servants present, for the development work they diligently implement on a daily basis.

The Gone Marama Bale also commended the civil servants charged with looking after the province, for maintaining a professional balance in the delivery of their services under  difficult circumstances.  At no time did she express support for the regime nor indicate a change of direction. 

The Fiji Sun seems to have completely omitted the Gone Marama Bale also stated that development is the responsibility of every government that levies tax on its population.  

The Fiji Sun journalist and management must examine their reasons for choosing to publish such a slanted false report, which in effect compromises their own credibility, as most people will have been able to discern the falsehoods contained therein.

Two important points also included in her speech yet omitted by the Fiji Sun are:

i. Opposition to the regime’s Land Bank initiative that will duplicate the role and responsibilities of the Native Lands Trust Board, without the care of duty and the welfare of indigenous Fijian people with which NLTB is entrusted under its Act. 

The Gone Marama Bale expressed concern the Land Bank initiative will render NLTB obsolete without completely and competently fulfilling the roles required of the body entrusted with the stewardship of native lands for future generations of Fijians.    

ii. The establishment of casinos was also firmly opposed in her address.  From the Alliance government to the SDL government, the establishment of casinos has been vigorously opposed by the Churches, NGOs and many women’s groups and the Gone Marama Bale is of the opinion the peoples wishes should be respected in this case

Jese Sikivou
Private Secretary


Praise where praise is due said...

Fact: When Ro Temumu praises civil servants for improving the level, of service delivery to the people of Rewa, she's praising the government. Who else do civil servants work for? They are officers of the government responsible for carrying out its program. The Gone Marama Bale made no criticism whatsoever of the regime in her speech, so this is hardly the denial it purports to be. It's not the fault of the Fiji Sun if Ro Temumu sends out conflicting messages or doesn't make herself clear.

mark manning said...

Obviously the GCC remains intact, and that is why the Regime has chosen to misrepresent it in their Newspapers report.
Frank Bainimarama and Co. are obviously fearful of a backlash from the Community and consequently, I would suggest that this is the time to stand up against this oppressive Regime and demand that the RFMF return to barracks.

Anonymous said...

Bure Viti.

How on earth does this regime expect success with the 3 conferderacies against it?
As for the Land Bank rubbish? Even Indians realise that any long term 99 year leases granted will be immediately overturned (invalidated) by any duly elected Taukei goverment.

Anonymous said...

Isa Gone Bale - it's the 1997 Constitution, not 1977.

Anonymous said...

She has crossed over

sara'ssista said...

excatly who prints comments that are not supportive of this regime ?? This the joke...coup supporters trade this info like it is a 'goundswell of public and private support when no-one has a choice and there comments aren't printed in fiji media anyway. Who are you kidding??

Jake said...

I thought it was the 1947 consitution.