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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guarantee of justice gone with loss of independence at Office of DPP

There is no more independence remaining in the Office of the DPP.

Since Monday, staff from the illegal Attorney-General's office have been auditing all files in the DPP's office.

Sources inform us that on Monday it was serious offences files and that on Tuesday it wasall fraud files. 

This has never been done before and it just goes to show how low the office of the DPP has fallen from its mighty days.  This has never been the way business has taken place in the office of the DPP. 

It just proves how the illegal AG, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has gotten his flithy hands into that office and taken away all independence. The very independence which guarantees justice to all.


Jake said...

Thats the only way to guarantee law & order under the rule of law.

Jake said...

They are looking for files that may implicate the cow boys of these regime.

mark manning said...

Perhaps the time is coming for someone to bring Frank Bainimarama and his cronies to justice.
If there is no credible law in place in fiji, then it would be just as legal to detain and arrest Frank and Co. as it is for the Regime to detain and arrest innocent citizens of Fiji.
Let's hope that the soldiers wake up to themselves soon.

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

Selective overseas warrants been active quite some time - check their flight inventory for confirmation?

OK - patience is a virtue.