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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hunger strike at Naboro still going

Alarming news from Naboro Maximum Prison (pictured) where it is being reported a hunger strike has broken out.

FijiVillage and Fijibroadcasting Corporation say the police have confirmed the hunger strike and are looking into the grievances of prisoners.

FijiVillage says some of the inmates have ended their strike and that just a few prisoners are continuing their action. 

The grievances surfaced during the court appearance of a remand prisoner who told the court prison officers were mistreating inmates.

The Fiji Prisons and Correctional Services has denied trying to cover up the hunger strike at Naboro, where  the jailed coup leader George Speight is, of course, being kept.  


Jake said...

What is alarming by the hunger strike? These crims have doing that since the prison system began. Nuthin new, jest another day in the office.


Eat **** said...

Hunger strike at Naboro? What's alarming about that? George Speight made the rest of us eat veka. Time for him to do the same.

mark manning said...

As the stress on the Regime grows, there needs to be an outlet to vent their anger and fear, so why not take it out on those least able to defend themselves ?
Frank Bainimarama and his supporters are a bunch of sissy cowards.
Jake, you are pathetic mate, and I feel sorry for your family.
I sincerely hope Jake, that you have no sons !

Jake said...

Button up Mark. Hunger strike is a ploy crims use from time immemorial. What hs that gota do with the government you dope? Prison Oficers are paid to look after them, or do you expect the Prime Minister to run down there when one idot refuses to eat.

Grow up for change Mark.


Anonymous said...

Speight is at Naboro Minimum, not Maximum

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