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Friday, November 5, 2010

Illegal Fiji leader uses Diwali to spout prosperity and equality

The theme of good and evil or light over darkness continued today with self-appointed leader Voreqe Bainimarama saying Diwali was a "celebration that illuminated a path to self-determination, towards prosperity and more importantly, towards sharing."

Earlier this week Bainimarama used a special commemoration for the three soldiers who died in the 2000 mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks to say it was the end of Fiji's dark days.

Today, he turned to the annual Diwali celebration to suggest Fiji was in good hands under his regime saying the spirit of Diwali was about stability and peace, "which should rise above all cultural, racial and social barriers."

"Diwali is a significant part of our calendar as it displays the cultural and religious diversity that Fiji is known the world over for. This occasion is celebrated by all the communities in Fiji and is a reflection of this diversity."


mark manning said...

It sounds like Frank Bainimarama is still living in Fantasia, Mysterious island, the Twilight Zone or the outer Limits :-
Just for fun :-

Jake said...

The Fijian people have long been the bane of their thieving leaders and self proclaimed chiefs among others who claim to hold hereditary titles.

The truth is these mongrels were made chiefs by the British, how dare they make the people subservient to their greed Lutunasobasoba and Degai arrived on the shores of Fiji without any title yet they managed rather well.

I am just glad that Bainimarama has seen these people for what they really are nothing more than rogues.


mark manning said...

clearly Frank Bainimarama is Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's hand puppet, notice the resemblance :-

Frank wouldn't know how to write a speech, let alone understand its contents and what it means.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

System of hereriditary titles are an integral part of Taukei culture & will remain so
You don't like it? Too bad - probably against it because they are not accessible to Kai Dia?
Got your own - called Maharajas.

TheMax said...

Thre goes the jughead right on cue about his kalou vu.

mark manning said...

@ jake
You obviously don't come from Fiji or you would know that the Chiefly system in Fiji was in rule along time before the British went there.

I note a huge difference though, where villagers advise the chief, unlike in india, where their leaders determine the fete of millions, hence the abject poverty and human Rights abuses.

What you have said Jake, is like the pot calling the kettle black, and subsequently, it remains clear that you are backing a greedy grab for the land in fiji by Frank Bainimarama, the thief and his side kick, Mrs. Abdula Mohammed Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

The world wide ecumenical movement through religion to bring about world unity is what this present military govt is heralding for the one world order. Bainimarama speaks snake language for Rome. When are you Fijians going to wake up to the fact these people work for the United Nations. That's where their orders come. None of them are bright enough for the job. You just need to be a puppet with an oath.

Jake said...

Anon @1.18pm.

How can it be an integral part when initially the founding members “Lutunasobasoba and Degei” didn’t have such titles?

You like that simpleton from
Aussie are arguing from ignorance come back with something concrete to support your arguments besides what culture you speak of.

Did you know Fiji had no culture; the culture you talk about was brought to Fiji via Africa by the British.

Yes there was a common culture that existed before 2006; it was one of pilfering among other things the mass abuse of taxpayers’ money.

And to that dipstick “themax” boy you need to flush your head with kerosene those creepy crawlies are disrupting what’s left of your mental acuity.

Long live the Saviour.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Jake must be referring to those self proclaimed and thieving wannabe chiefs,Ratu Voreqe Bainimarama, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, Ratu Inoke Kubuobola, Ratu Jim Ahkoy and Ratu Mahen Chaudary.

BTW Jake,if you had enough sense to attend a traditional chiefly installation you will not find any foreigners there setting out the rules. Degei and Lutunasobasoba are identities in Fijian folklore but nowhere are they referred to as chiefs as you are presuming and no evidence to suggest that there were none in existence before the British came. Quite the contrary,Cakobau exiled the Roko of Bau and the Ratu Mai Verata was defeated by the Dritabua.Cakobau also called a Bose Ni Turaga in order to gain consensus to cede Fiji to Britain.Seems to me, you history books begin at the arrival of the Leonidis from India.

If you go to Valelevu at Ucunivanua, you will find that Lutunasobasoba is not the title of a man but a house.Ooops, this could be another one for your files in that naming a house could also be a British tradition that the British gave the Fijians.

If you travel up to Uluda today, you will find that people still view Degei to be of a snake and Vu.

How do you equate the above two names with that of chiefs and titles is mind boggling but then I undertsand that little things amuse little minds.

I suppose the caste system in India was also an invention of the British? What caste would you be if you were still in India? Turaga or Kaisi??

TheMax said...

Its amazing for someone like Jake, who lived most of his life in white man's land, to come back and tell us that he knows it all about Fijian culture et al.

You dickhead you need to clean your thoughts of the filth that spews out of it.You can kiss Bai's ass and Lutunasobasoba but you cannot convince people to support this idiot running the country.

You need to detox.

Jake said...

Anon @3.35pm.

You are absolutely correct Lutunasobasoba isn’t a title of a man but in fact a name of a person precisely a man whoops-a-daisy.

It is obvious that you are just a child trying very hard to prove a point not worthy of these two great men and their journey across the seas.

Believe me when I tell you it’s Fijian mythology and is revered by many while there may be a building name after the great man where on earth do you think the name originates it wasn’t plucked out of thin air as you are suggesting or maybe the name arrived via space craft aye.

Where do you think the title Ratu come from?

One thing is for certain not from Seru Cakobau.

Go back and research your facts or better still talk to your old folks, dust your impaired auditory modality do not let what’s between your ears remain barren absorb as much as possible.


Mastiff said...

I agree with Jake on this one, unfortunately (But not in support of our current political situation). Our leaders have failed us, allowing the commoners to be manipulated for their needs and miserably left to fend for themselves when the going gets tough.

Noone can say for certain when the title of “Ratu” came to play in the Fijian culture but it would certainly be an invention like everything else is any culture. For any culture to be understood, needs to be seen as evolving, a dynamic organism

This coup is nothing new in the Fijian society. Chiefs have risen and fallen at the hands of the clan (or a rival clan). The law of the club was supreme. Thus it must be emphasized that change in leadership or their longevity was always closely linked to how well they led.

We all know in Fijian history, the Island of Bau. The Title Cakobau (Bau is Bad) came after Seru Cakobau drove out the Yavusa Ratu Chief (the Roko Tui Bau), burning half the island. It was said that The Roko Tui Bau was becoming unpopular (this is up to debate). There a numerous other examples.

The Title Ratu was not given from birth but came with the position. A certain chief in Bau was raised with the warrior clan until it was his time to lead. And lead he did.

The fact remains is that there was also avenues in which the clans dealt with leadership and the passing of chiefly titles were not always hereditary.

All petty disagreement aside, the fact is our country is in a mess and the big question is who will lead us out of this??? A Ratu?

Anonymous said...

Lutunasobasoba and Degei are for the dead past and gone. Let them stay dead and rotten in peace. The magots ate their remains neon years ago. They exist only today on top of the hat of the catholic bishop. The open mouth of the fish god degei or Damon with the fish tail flowing down the back of the wearer in lace. They believe that shit or they just don't know its origin.

Anonymous said...

@ Jake.

Can't flush my head with kerosene -unfortunately you drank it.
Difference between u & me is that I know who I am - where I come from.