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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Junta yet to say how international casino operator will meet 90 per cent local ownership decree

a) given tax incentives involving tax-free imports of building and construction materials and equipment, in accordance with Fiji’s tax laws

b) and be allowed to transfer profits out of the country in accordance with the Reserve Bank of Fiji’s guidelines and laws. 

No doubt, there's more to emerge about the latest efforts by the illegal regime to refill the coffers and present a consolidated front.


  1. The Ganilaus are at it again. Yatu Lau for the casino at Lagoon Resort.

  2. I must agree Fiji doesn’t need a gambling facility just yet bad enough it’s a gamble for the people to put a decent meal on the table let alone gamble away whatever pittance they have.

    This is a harebrained scheme must not see the light of day I just hope my Brother Bainimarama won’t be misled by certain individuals.

    Apart from this he is the best man for the job, you will get my vote.


  3. Fiji, the new Mecca for money laundering and underworld criminal elements !

  4. fiji doesnt need casino full stop.i have seen the effects of gambling in aust that has affected all social family lives etc & the addiction that comes with gambling.

    i agree with mark mannings..this is just a conduit to launder money through the pacific via south east asia & the mericas.

  5. Man , just look to Auckland the biggest concentration of pacific islanders to get a reading on the damage done to low socio econimic groups. Islanders the group spending the most money at Sky City but they the ones with the most to lose. Sorry stories abound about loss of houses etc and families breaking up because of the huge gambling addiction that's taken the community. casino related problem were quick to surface and communities, let alone families, still struggling to help people.

  6. Jake you take my vote for the dumbest person in Fiji, if there is such a contest.

  7. The love of money, the root of all evil.

  8. Hair brained proposal concocted by idiots. Then again maybe somebody has a lot of cash they want laundered quickly? Such as the still missing 200ml from Kings Wharf?

  9. @ Anon 5th. 11, 705 p.m..
    It's actually a very clever ruse !

    Create financial havoc and chaos, then allow people to trade off their land in return for unpaid debt.

    where Frank and Co. have met resistance from their greedy grab for land, this Casino will become their gateway to untold wealth as the chinese move into Suva, Nadi, Lautoka and the rest of the resorts.

    At the stroke of a pen, and each other, Frank and Sayed will completely obliterate the current Land Ownership concept in Fiji.

    Political Genocide I think they called it once on the Fiji Times, online.

  10. M&M.
    Taukei Insight.

    Believe you overestimate reach of regimes power base and intelect.

    Whats happening right now has always been considered a 'Suva' problem - just as Sydney is not a true & accurate reflection of Australia.

    Anybody who occupied traditional
    Taukei land via a Suva decree would encounter some very serious
    local opposition.

    Reality is unless the regime plans on having soldiers or policemen stationed on the perimeter of every seized allotment within Viti - it like the current administration - is doomed to abject failure.

    Don't underestimate us? Taukei are not Maori's Aboriginies or Kanaks -not by chance we've retained ownership of our Vanuas'.

  11. Hitler managed to totally destroy europe before committing suicide.
    Frank and Sayed are cowards and will be around for a long time unless the soldiers arrest them.
    Once the REd Army gets into suva, their goes the neighbourhood, the money and the land ownership, Taukei or not !

  12. They appear to be walk overs considering all that has happened in the past 4 years to taukeis. No response, just sitting ducks.

  13. Anon 11:53

    Don't underestimate the power of casino either. Fijians will find out soon enough when it comes and be prepared coz anythging goes for the love of money.

  14. @ 11:58.

    Still got our Vanua - quack quack!

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