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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Leweni back in the ranks

The Ministry statement says "the move is in line with statements previously made by the Prime Minister, that any Military Officer  seconded to serve in the Government would return once they have completed the duties they were assigned. "

The statement goes on to say "Leweni, has been dedicated to the reforms the government is undertaking and has made a considerable contribution towards improving service delivery within the Ministries he has served in."
The Ministry says Filimone Kau, the Deputy Secretary of the SFCCO, has now been appointed Acting Permanent Secretary of Lands.


Tadu said...

Read .. :"because Leweni has been found totally incompetent and lacking in any duties involving thinking and communicating."

Anonymous said...

"once they have completed the tour
of duties they were assigned".

Not a good sign given past record -
maybe they'll punt Vaniqi for him?

Jake said...

Another idiot bites the dust.


Lord Haw Haw said...

Another unemployable Fiji military goon who like dribbling driti, will never, NEVER EVER, work again on any international mission - so mr lewini get your taxi licence monkey boy!

Anonymous said...

Talking land - Croz's blog...

Former AUS secretary for Pacific Affairs(Fiji)Duncan Kerr SC has called for land reform in Viti. Now you see why he didn't stand in last election.

Taukei want advice on indigenous land reforms last person we will ask will be a Tasmanian.(lazy & incompetent one at that).

Butt out & go away DK SC - like deposed PM - had your chance & blew it.

mark manning said...

The Regime has finally reached the bottom of the barrel.
Now we will have two Military Officers to listen to who can't read or articulate themselves coherently.

Anonymous said...

The orders came directly from Khaiyum that Voreqe had to comply with or else.

This is all to do with the stupid action taken by dickhead Leweni in dismantling the poor indian lady's house at Jittu Estate.

Khaiyum we Fiji Indians are proud of your firm leadership in helping to bring the fiji economy to a whole new level where efficient use and maximization of all aviable resources is critical to the wellbieng of all our people's -Not just Ratu's and rich businessmen.

Electronic goods and household items should be your next targets as the Tapoo's , Motibhai's, Courts, Rup's, Mh's are ripping us off.

While you are at it can you also please set price control on kava and Fiji beer and overseas beer that is way to expensive for most of us to enjoy.

Jake said...

True to his word the Fijian PM has recalled back to camp a member of his force.

The task is nearing completion from now on in its onwards and upwards.

Hail the Man.


mark manning said...

Monica is back, Monica is back, yell it from the tree tops !

mark manning said...

Why does Frank Bainimarama wear his insignia on the front of his shirt ?
Is it an ego trip ?

Jake said...

Nah to disguise the hole at his rear.

Hail the doppy.


Anonymous said...

Naval insignia worn as constant reminder too army of their stupidity.

Square tag reminds what his name is.

Anonymous said...

So HOW MUCH $$$$$$ did mai-yaso-Lewenski & family make between themselves from having their thieving noses stuck in the people's treasury trough??

mark manning said...

@ anon 138 pm
Yes, stupid RFMF !

Anonymous said...

its the symbol of freemason. The one of the evil order. That gives him his orders to get Fiji's systems up and running in line with the order.

mark manning said...

Cigars all round I say !