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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on Bainimarama's 'collapse' at Nadi Airport, Ah Koy, Driti and Roko Ului

It's a big story and one few are touching. But reports persist of the military dictator, Frank Bainimarama, collapsing at Nadi Airport before boarding a flight to China.

Coupfourpointfive has run a story about it and sources insist he did not go to China on a trade visit but to seek medical treatment after suffering chest pains.

We know that he was previously getting medical check-ups in New Zealand but these stopped after he wrested Fiji away from the democratically elected government of Laisenia Qarase in December 2006. 

Similarly, we have been told that Fiji's Ambassador to China, Jim Ah Koy, has no immediate plans to return to Fiji after being succeeded by former police boss Esala Teleni. Ah Koy reportedly has a home in China and plans to settle there.

On a note closer to home ... the QEB, in fact, we've been updated about the out-of-favour military goons, Pita Driti and Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (Roko Ului), who are still military officers despite falling out with Bainimarama.

Sources say the regime's President and military's Commander in Chief, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, has so far refused to sign the papers to discharge Driti and Roko Ului from the army.  If Nailatikau signs, both officers will be de-commissioned and lose their ranks.

What Nailatikau does with Driti and Roko Ului in the aftermath of Epeli Ganilau's resignation, remains to be seen.


Where's sharon? said...

Bhaini mongoose is a dead man walking.

sara'ssista said...

It appears the old coward croz is playing his own role in preventing dissent. First it was politeness, then being positive, then look forward..... now the tedious.....the just look forward to 2014 and everything will magically change for the better. Just don't dare bring up the wreckage of the past five years or expect the old arm chair coup apologist to stand. up for Fijian human rights from the safety of his nz home. He is the first to sell you down the river for a mirage and worse then try to sell it to anyone who will listen.. This regime was wrong then and wrong now and to have the gall to defend per and censorship and somehow disgustingly distort it to be for the welfare of others is sick and deceitful.

convolutedexperiment said...

Well now, here is an ideal opportunity for Mr. Qarase to reach out and ask these men to detain and arrest Frank and Co. and to then hand leadership of the military back to competent and loyalist Officers, even if they will need to be given new commissions, while they themselves resign for the sake of the Nation and await their fete through the Courts.
It's much better for everyone if they admit that they've backed the wrong horse now and face the music, for the sake of everyone in the country. The beauty of this approach will be no retribution, law and Order can be maintained and no bloodshed, something the Chiefs and others in fijian Society have been advocating and praying for for the past 4 years.

Joe said...

It seems Frank has too much on his plate. He may be better off w/o his sidekick because a corrupt corrupts others. The best option for Bai would be to touch base with his military generals like Driti and Ului, and get rid of this con artist Aiyaz before it is too late. He has lost Ganilau today, may be Nailatikau next. On the contrary, I think Nailatikau is too cushy in his palace, and he may not back his Karua now, but all good things come to an end too.

Anonymous said...

Joe says;

Whatever is happening is good learning for Fijian (i tuakei) race, when will we learn to paddle our own canoe's - STOP being followers & become real leaders in your own country. The problem we have now is the half-school, want to be fijian leaders are holding power but in fact people like Aiyaz, Shameems, John Prasad, John Sami etc are the controlling freaks and dictating the way downwards for Fiji.
However the "Power of Prayer" is mighty & mighty indeed.

God bless Fiji & send all these persecutors to Naboro.

Anonymous said...

Does Ganilau has the balls to send Frank to Naboro? Is there sufficient brain and gut in the military to oppose the actual dictator Aiyaz? Day after day it becomes more and more obvious who runs the show in Fiji. And it is not the cassava patch hero!

Anonymous said...

Is Frank Dead or Alive?

In the past four years, whenever Frank was overseas, he never failed to give interviews to both local and international media. This is a fact. But since last Friday, we havent heared his corrupt voice, 6 days on and counting....can someone check with his office if he is still breathing please cause we would like to attend his reguregu?

Anonymous said...

So what goes around comes around. We saw integration amongst coup instigators in 1987, then 2000 and now 2006. It just proves the Indigenous Fijians are a confused people. This cycle of coup will continue and will only stop if we get rid of the military - but how possible is that? This fiasco of coups is really about people wanting so much for a free ride, and, they're usually descendents of the chief thieves who sold us in 1874. IN 1987 it was Mara behind Rabuka. In 2000 it was the Cakobau, Lalabalavu and all anti-Mara chiefs behind Speight and in 2006 it is the Mara and Ganilau behind Bainimarama.

Jake said...

I do believe what we are reading is based on wishful thinking Ganilau did not resign that’s right he did not resign.

We must not believe what we read all the time but must discern the contents of any subliminal message.

That’s right subliminal message for within any written message the imperceptibility of comprehending the contents is well below the threshold of juvenile minds.


Jieke Morisi said...

The one person who can do something about it now is Nailatikau. Gaunilau by resigning is out cold. Driti and Mara are outside the sphere of influence in QEB, given they are on leave without commands or posts.

Under the circumstances it is painfully clear that the country lacks leaders who can stand up and rally public support. If it turns violent so be it, but someone has got to stand up and be counted.A much of public gathering has to be achieved some how.

Unless of course there is an officer at QEB with balls and the fortitude to act and act fast. The country may as well lie down and wait for death, so to speak.

I don't think Nailatikau has what it takes but you never know the power of women. The Mara women may just hold the key to unlock the gate and start the ball of resistance and discontent rolling.

Jake said...

C4.5 should compile some of the comments raised here and send it to the PM, Presi, QEB and Police HQ.

May be that will give them an idea of what people think about them.


Anonymous said...

In gambling parlance.

What happens wheh they (regime) ignore 4 most dangerous words in the English lauguage.

"This time its different".

Anonymous said...

@ jieke ceke morisi

Sa bau va ya meda mai muri ratou na cagamara no-brainer sisters. Fiji doesn't need them thank you! Their sphere of influence is only...well, y'know where. lol.

Let this mess unravel on its own accord and lets watch them tear each other down.

green beret said...

Jake@11.30am you get too much air time you air head, please coupfourpointfive that much as i find jake entertaining he's a basket case. less is more!

Jake said...

I Jake carry the mantra of Bai and I defend truth, freedom and democracy.


TheMax said...

Do I detect some subliminal thinking in Bai's pet dog(Jake)?
The Kalou Vu must have deserted them.

Anonymous said...

The implosion began sometime ago. The implosion continues today. The hand of God is at play here.

The first illegal PM in this coup cycle said something about this coup as the "lesser of two evils". I cannot remember his name now. Funny how I have completely forgotten the name of the PM of four years ago.

Little did he realize how the Qarase government corruption has now become the lesser evil from that of Bainimarama's illegal government.

Anonymous said...

talk about de military. will you kill da golden geese that lay the ordinary eggs? at least da eggs fill the stomach and dat is a lot better compared to most in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@11.05 - make sure to attend the reguregu to make sure he is dead. Don't try anything silly before that!!! or will go down withDriti and Mara!!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 11.05 & 12.58

That would be the only reason for attending the reguregu, to make sure he is DEAD, otherwise he would be discovered like Sadam living is his grave to avoid justice.

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