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Monday, November 15, 2010

Open letter from 'Cabinet' ferret

Read and decide for yourselves, people:

Sayed Khaiyum Corruption

As I have always said and will reiterate again this information is from inside cabinet (well in fact most of these things were not done in cabinet) and these beans has been spilled from inside sources:

Where would we start?


By adding the civil aviation into his portfolio Aiyaz has added an extra 7000.00 per month salary into his pocket.
Civil Aviation has been taken by him so that he can get the deals on the theory of the free air space policy and rake in millions of dollars by negotiating deals with UAE and other countries airline companies.
Next to that as he is the Minister for Public Enterprise – sales of Air Pacific airlines is next together with FEA ( 49% shares).
Interesting as it seems the FEA shares are being floated because of there is no money for the government after rejection by IMF so they are likely to raise a handsome 400 million from its sales.

Education sector corruption
By moving all education tertiary institutions like FSN, FSM and Advance College under FNU, the next reform to be TPAF (a body formed under the parliament of Fiji).
Why? – because TPAF earns more than 30 million a year and has a bank balance of 15 million plus – so this money can be used to invest into AG’s investments like buying of resort Tokatoka ( opposite nadi airport).

The police and FICAC files on Muslim friends of Aiyaz (owner of Ecstasy in Nadi) have been removed and destroyed from the offices and the lawyer that came to prosecute the case was told by AG never to return to Fiji even to holiday. 

In his speech this year in Sigatoka (as I was also there) – AG told the Muslim gatherings that we thank the government that it supports freedom and prayers of Muslim but not only that, “this government is a Muslim government”. This part was never published in the newspapers.


80 million dollar loan for road upgrades was given to Fiji and AG and PM signed a deal to the Malaysian company without any tenders or consultations of the cabinet. They only returned to tell the cabinet that the tender has been awarded and they are to comply and endorse PM decision as the money has been transferred.
Sadda Reddy was told to transfer the money whole 80 million to the Malaysian account while PM and AG were in Malaysia.
Commission from this deal was 10 million dollars to PM and AG.
Also as a part of the deal the Commanders house has been rented to this company in Suva.

ADB loan to Fiji was USD 25 million dollars, but the announcement in Fiji was that it was a 25 million Fijian Dollars loan. 25 millions was deposited into a foreign bank account in UAE by AG and PM.

Last year AG presented a paper from the total upgrade of the FBC (Fiji Broadcasting Corporation), and the total cost to be 17 million dollars. This loan was given by Fiji Development Bank and straight way transferred a New Zealand radio station account Operated by AG’s brother.
- Cost of renovations of FBC was around 4 million dollars and the reminder of monies has disappeared into AG family account.

So where the inspirations of such things are is coming from:

There is a team of Muslim advisors who are continuously planning for AG next move to move Fiji more towards a Dictatorship Muslim state. Where Muslims will be rising to power and as you can see that most board appointments are of Muslim people.
Next move is to move AG to the position of the Prime Minister and Frank to move up to become President of Fiji.
Right now all decrees and movements of government assets whether its sales or devaluation is coming from AG office who has successfully gained control of Frank and his military puppets.

Currently AG in his offshore account has more than 20 million Dollars in cash that he has swindle from the people of Fiji.

Classic example is this:

This morning a staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs told us that the announcement of Teleni’s as the Ambassador was written by AG quoting Prime Minister and just announced. Teleni was delivered a letter on the directive of AG on Monday morning. Even the minister of Foreign affairs was not consulted. Even PM is not aware has he is in china nor Teleni was advised as Teleni came into Foreign affairs asking who announced his appointment this morning.


sara'ssista said...

Perhaps something Croz and his fellow travellers can illustrate is , as they have such confidence in this country being ruled by the benevolent wisdom of this military regime, whom , do they suggest , is given the opportunity for oversight to prevent corruption? Or do they claim that this instituion is impervious? My thoughts are they will cravenly accept that as this regime doesn't feel it should have to, so it is not worth talking about. Therein lies the problem with coup apologists, they are apparently willing to accept verbaitm any sliver of positive news, while defending the continued subjugation of others rights and freedoms. Yes, even Mussolini got the trains to run on time.

sara'ssista said...

I have accepted from the very beginning that this coup culture can only be addressed by rounding up all invloved, yes rabuka qarase, khaiyum, baini, et al , and the current flunkies and hang the lot. Then apologise, fresh start etc. Feel free to have an inquiry afterwards and wringing hands about how we came to this, but get it over with , send the families some flowers and move on. Clearly, given the rather flexible loyalties (ie 'melanesian brotherhood') of those currently and previously in power does not give me confidence that they will learn their leson with a prison term and yellow ribbon campaign. I think a brutal act of revenge and retribution is cleansing for a country and serves as great warning to others.

Jake said...

Unaceptable: we don't these kinda bull to feed the already over-worked romour mill.

Kalo Vu Bai is above petty theft...he is a saint.


Anonymous said...

@ sar'sssista.
Understand where you coming from but if you intend tarnishing Viti's image in the way suggested you may as well go all the way and hold public executions - then you can eat them.

Radiolucas said...

“this government is a Muslim government”


Anonymous said...

Notice that there was no announcement of Frank's trip to China until he was almost there. Word is that he was medivac'ed there late last week. Perhaps true since his normal copious volume of comments and press releases about things he doesn't understand, has dropped off suddenly.

As for above allegations, perhaps some truth to them. But I can't believe that ALL are true since it is unlikely for all of them to have been going on for so long without ANY whiff of any of them in the blogs.

Anonymous said...

This is a fairly outrageous accusation - but not outside the realms of possibility given the personalities involved/accused.

One thing it might explain is Aiyaz's seemingly invincible hold over Frank. If even some of these are true, they would make for fairly damning evidence and a fairly overwhelming temptation to hold, blackmail-like and bribe-wise, over Frank.

mark manning said...

Surprise Aiyaz, it's not a government at all and history will prove that in the not too distant future.

mark manning said...

It's time to cease all his land and assets and throw him behind bars.

Anonymous said...

If the Pm is not careful, Muslim will takeover Fiji and we all know about Muslim state.AG is a very intelligent man as professional he is a lawyer and he knows how to play his cards with PM .He reduce the price of goods so that people think the government is doing well but we have see the big picture who is making money its AG and his family. May god Bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Too much corruption

mark manning said...

Seriously folks, time to fucking real and shoot these fuckers for what they are doing to your country and your future.
For God sake, how much of this bloody shit can you warriors take before you wake up and know that it really is bloody war !

Anonymous said...

Best of my knowledge Muslim goverments do not permit casinos.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the writer give evidence? They are quick to blame all on Aiyaz but please provide us with some decent evidence, or else it'll be just like the other stories about him that he has been asked to resign etc etc... Why does the writer keep mentioning about Muslims? Be careful you might just start a holy war! Evidence please not just heresy..

Anonymous said...

Be very careful people. Here is a little talk by an ex muslim terrorist, now a converted Christian. Do a search on "Walid Shoebat" and read/see more.

A must see for everyone, esp. those eunuchs at QEB.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add the fortunes he made from the sale of his properties at obscenely over valued prices. One to Tappoo and the other to Hari Punja. Now why would these gujis do this? Of course AG is a minister of important portfolios and all these are bribes or kickbacks for favors extended.

Joe said...

@anon. 1:37 AM
Read posting of anon. below yours, the answer is right there.

Joe said...

Why did Aiyaz take civil aviation? Is there a secret plan to transport "printer ink cartridges" thru Fiji to US and neighbouring countries undetected?

Corruption Fighter said...

There's a pattern here. When Chaudhry was a member of the regime the freedom blogs carried stories about the payments into his bank account overseas but these were ignored by Bainimarama and regime apologists like Crosbie Walsh dismissed the blog stories as mere rumour.

Then when Chaudhry falls out with the regime, over what we don't know, he's charged with the very offences that were claimed a year earlier but dismissed.

At no stage were the public entitled to ask questions and demand accountability. It's only when the thieves fall out among themselves that any action is taken.

mark manning said...

No " war " is Holy, that is a contradiction !

Anonymous said...

And now Mahen Patel goes down because he buys Fiji Times. Just as he goes into jail, Fiji Times onlines goes down as well. Looks like Frankie and his gay friends are winning the war against us in Fiji.