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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pictures show Bainimarama looking like a patient rather than a leader

The self-appointed leader, Frank Bainimarama, has today continued to try to shut down talk of his health and reports he's either had a attack or a stroke.

But Coupfourpointfive has received further information that suggests yet again that all is not well with him.

We have been told Bainimarama's hand shows signs of a stroke and that  border police at Nadi Airport saw this when he was boarding his Air Korean Flight. 
We have also been told that according to a source in his office Bainimarama collapsed again (from a stroke) on Sunday, November the 21st in China.

As we said last night, some of the pictures being used in stories by Fiji media are not current. In those pictures, Bainimarama looks well. But the pictures sent back from China, after questions about his unexplained silence while supposedly on this trade mission, tell a different story.

To any trained eye, the two released photos suggest illness. And if one was to be unkind, it almost looks like he may have just thrown on clothes for the camera, perhaps even borrowed these clothes from his new Chinese friends.

Certainly, one can see that the first picture could even be in a private hospital room - see fruit, dinner-for-one place set. And why are his hands on hips in both photos? Could it be he hasn’t got a belt to hand and needs to stop trousers from falling down? Having been in a hospital patients gown?

It would certainly be strange for a Prime Minister and military commander to meet with officials from the China Railway First Company without tucking in shirt, no ties-all-round. 

Look to the picture here of Epeli Nailatikau from today's Fiji government online portal, dressed as a senior government official doing business...formal, sharp, dark suit, white shirt and tie. Not a polo shirt and casual jacket. You judge folks. 


  1. The sky fell onto Fiji today.

  2. For a Fijian, that's terminal, lols !

  3. I am perfectly honest about my opinions and my hopes for Fiji and they don't include pandering to a military dictator or this regime. i am very hopeful that fiji will put this history behind them , but i am not the one who would prevent this in the hopes that the military entrench their position for eternity. There are some wonderful developments that are occuring despite this regime and could easily have been developed with a government of national unity and with the full consent of fijians. There seems to be an obsession with coup apologists that this miltary option currently must be and can only be the only option available, it is not...believe me , the defense of this regime bores me no end. But the fact that others feel the need to keep up appearances appeals to my suspcions about the regimes desperate need for recognition and legitimacy that will go to china to get it.

  4. It is an interesting point - as unelected leader of a nation, I find it a bit odd that he would (a) dress so badly for international trade meetings, and (b) produce two photographs that show little other than heat have met some Chinese people.

    As for his health, I don't believe that a stroke would do much to ask that barely had a grip on reality in the first place.

  5. Do not believe what you see.

    Do not believe what you hear.

    Do not believe what you read apart from a philosophical person.

    All else is spurious and based primarily on surmise rather than adequate evidence.

    Fiji is in very good hands controlled by very capable people.

    The Majority of people have this regime their blessings.

    Why dont you naysayers come along and lets build a solid foundation for generations to come rather tha being preoccupied with you pettiness.

    The nation is in the process of metamorphosis.


  6. The sky opnened up to swallow the Vore so he can meet his Kalou Vu...whatever the name...Daquwawa may be.

  7. I hope he dies the bastoot.

  8. Those pictures remind me of the the movie Weekend at Bernies...it looks exactly like the movie poster and the storyline is probably the same as well : )

  9. His hands in both pictures are in his pockets not on his hips, maybe he is hiding paralysis one one side of his body.
    Die already die.

  10. i wonder why there are no media reports of the "Chinese trade talks"...local nor Chinese media...why aren't they covering this trip and updating us on the progress of the trip?..very different from all other trips that VB has taken? hmmmmm...

  11. There continues to be moaning from Coups-apologists about the lack of support and positive comments from regime opponents. They praise the steady and stable course of this regime and confuses WILL POWER with ARROGANCE and dictatorship. I have offered plenty of positive remarks regarding a government of national unity to legitimse the reforms and give them mandate, but like their opinion , mine mattere little to this regime. Even positive suggestions fall on deaf ears as they are disinclined to even consider public consultation unless it agrees entirely with their view.

  12. his met his fate..he told the turaga na tui nayau to step aside when he should have backed up his chief commander na viavialevu gona qo koya sa yacovi koya kina na stroke..same thing ratu mara went through will happen to him especially when a turaga has spoken a curse saying you will never find another government or another prime minister..strong words from a man who held the mana for the lau group..saun ni vanua ko lau..qori wants to remove chiefs and take over in their position e sega ni ura me tei damu..he will die soon e na lau moku for lying to the fijians and for selling us to the chinese qo na vanua tabu o viti thats why we still have ancestral gods because god put them here to look after the land in the first place and chiefs are bestowed for the purpose of their confederacies qori sa qai kena ..

  13. The illegal Presi. is the jackal and I noticed that Frank doesn't usually have his hands in his pocket !
    One can only feel sorry for someone who has been so caught up in the excitement of the power and money, to end his days this way.
    I hope that he has time to ask forgiveness and make his peace with his enemies and his God before it's too late.
    Now, what will happen now that he is out of the way !

  14. Looks like someone has been overtime using Photoshop.

  15. This is what we call...dress for the occassion, with Rt Epeli, it was appropriate to dress formal as he was recieving a forieng diplomat, as for voreqe, well he is in hopital and the dress is casual... so much for the Trade talks, without our chinese diplomat, ah koy...wow I would have thought that when you go on trade missions/talk you would have ateam along with you, this is an army of one, going to get nothing.

  16. Io na sauti iko voreqe na nomu viavia levu, ke se bula tiko o iratou na ganemu, tuakamu me ratou se lai cakava e dua na matanigasua ena Bose Levu Vakaturaga ni bera ni o tekea na vokete toka qori e matamu.
    Nanuma srala o iko voreqe ni o sa bau Rt toka ena sega ni sauti iko na nomu vosa beci ira na Turaga, very sorry, o iko o tawa vanua la, mai ya so na viavia Rt tiko macawa.Ke o na mate ena sega saraga ni dua na isa lailai. O sa vakamadua taki keimami na kai Tailevu. Sa rauti iko vinaka qori, na nomu i votavota ena viavia levu ni gusumu. Ena veve mai na gusumu ona sega ni vosa rawa, o na mataboko mai, vekaveka ca, mica na nomu tarausese, vekaci iko, o na vakaloloma taki. Sa baleti iko saraga na nomu leqa.

  17. His hands are his pocket because he's looking for his bus fare coz his Chinese friends mamagi

  18. sobo sobo ..you peep want to know the real reason for his clothes ..the fulla borrowed it from his two mates beside him, Ching Luu and Chong Poo coz Bainimarama had diarhoeaa when he suffered the stroke.

    And apparently when he had the stroke, he yelled out, bachao bachao ...save me save me ...

  19. @ Jake
    a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, in Fiji, Frank has turned paradise into a shit hole !
    that's your Metamorphosis !

  20. Vakaloloma na curse ne i Anon (10.06am)which I REBUKE by authority of the HOLY SPIRIT in JESUS NAME! May you (anon) find peace in your heart and may God only judge Fiji.
    Look around you (anon), don't you think the chiefs needed to be reminded of their role? Painful as it may be, they have been a laughing stock by most of us even if we're related to them. Their type of decisions have been pathetic and now we wonder why the natives constitute much of the poor in this country!

  21. Hopefully the Tongans can learn from Fiji's mistakes.
    You just should never mix Traditional Culture, Religion and Modern Politics !

  22. anon @ 7:17 pm.....sa bera na nomu na via rebuke taka na curse, me cava kina o iko talega o kawa vaka turaga, macawa na nomu vosa, vosavosa ga ni kaisi tiko vei iko, mo mai tokoni voreqe ena ca me kani cavai mai o kemudrau....ena mate rogoca vinaka sara qo.....ena mate, ena baleti koya ga na nona mate....na vivia levu sa rui sivia.

  23. What a pathetic and embarassing pic!!
    The Vore is SUPPOSED to be on a business trip, yet he turns up in casuals. So much for an 'Officer and a gentleman!!' What poor taste!!
    Or maybe the Vore is REALLY in hospital!???
    Photos never lie, or do they!!!!!!!!!!

  24. How very true Mark for your metamorphosis comment. History has come ONE HELL OF A CIRCLE!!
    Was not Satan very close to God until he wanted to be God??

  25. Is that a "straight jacket" in the second pic? Says it all does it not?

  26. Anon 7;17pm - E sega ni vakaloloma na curse nei Anon 10.06 - o vakaloloma ga o iko. O iko o rairai kaitani bokola!!

  27. @Anon 7:17-Bro-Vore was cursed from the first day he took over the Government without the people's consent. No need to uncurse it now but if you are a good person (:"Christian") just pray that he turns around before the grand appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Soon and very soon!

    Hope you are ready!

    Blessings and Peace to all!

  28. @ Jake - RD.

    Remember what was said? (ain't over yet). Maybe hanging by a thread - but he's still there.


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