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Monday, November 22, 2010

Police mole claims Commissioner's directives questionable

Fiji's 'Police Mole' has blizted freedom blogs with more revelations about alleged corruption in the police force.

The Police Ferret claims the Police Commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua, has among other things wasted taxpayer's money by duplicating a physical training programme for officers.

He says, worse, Naivalurua recently told officers that people who pass the physical training test will be given new uniforms but that these uniforms are supplied by United Apparel, 'a close ally of Naivalurua, his wife and his family'.

Alleging corruption, Naivalurua's nemesis says "with the current nominal roll of special and regular officer at  3800 and a set of uniforms costing $60.00,  that's 3800 x  2 sets (standard issue) = 7600 sets x $60.00 totals $456,000.00. With Commission at 10% that's $45,600.00 of easy money!"

Coupfourpointfive can't verify the claims firsthand but can say that earlier revelations by the same Police Ferret matched details documented in a report about police overspending and waste.

His or her information can have only come from inside. We've run it in good faith and in the interest of exposing dodgy management and misspending by sectors of the illegal regime.

The Police Mole claims Naivalurua's wife also runs a pot plant business and that if members of the public visit the  Police Headquarters or police stations "'You will see many pot plants being displayed. Recently, they delivered 100 pot plants @ $25.00 per plant to the police."

He says: "The commissioner's wife is earning $2500.00 per week from the police x 52 weeks = $130,000.00 per year."

He also claims Naivalurua's son recently went overseas in the basketball competition and the new commissioner hosted several parties in the police headquarters, raising more than $3,000 from police officers  sponsoring the team. 

He says Naivalurua then went with the police band to Nadi to farewell and receive the basketball team, and says the travel and expenses for him and other officers was met by taxpayers.

The police insider goes on to claim Naivalurua, who was only appointed a few months ago, has also directed officers to do 12 hours shifts and be visible on the roads. 

But he claims: "The police officers have grown tried of being on the road patrolling for 12 hours as the morale goes down, this is what police officers are doing now:

"They come to the stations to sign in and as required are to go off to patrol in the streets for next 12 hours. They catch a taxi and go home, and come back to sign off again after 12 hours. They even sit around in house to watch TV or drink grog to kill time!" 

Ioane Naivalurua today featured in an article in the Fiji Times under the headline 'Force Chief leads understanding tour.'

The story focused on a tour of the Western Division Naivalurua last week that was organised for officers to better understand the economic values of tourism.

The Times qutoed police spokesman, Fred Elbourne, as saying the command crew wanted to know how to formulate strategies to better protect the centre of economic productivity in Fiji.

"The Western Division is responsible for 70 per cent of national economic productivity and is a key investment region," said Mr Elbourne.

"There is Fiji Water, the Vatukoula God Mines and the tourism industry. We want these industries to trust the force and we want to hear their opinions."


mark manning said...

What fool wouldn't trust these ban d of thieves ?

Anonymous said...

Kesa Naivalurua what a shame! This is daylight robbery!!! It is just so unethical, but not surprised anyway!!!

Navosavakadua said...

Aiyaz is not as smart as he thinks he is

When I decided to look into a bit of the illegal law under which we are all forced to live these days, I read the so-called FIJI CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT ACT 1997 REVOCATION DECREE 2009.

According to this piece of Aiyaz Law, “”the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 is with effect from the 10th day of April 2009, wholly removed, revoked, and abrogated”.

This was the act that amended the 1990 Constitution to make it the so-called 1997 constitution.

Our self-identified legal genius Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum doesn’t seem to have understood what he was doing, or would have worded the decree abrogating ‘the constitution’ differently.

If you remove the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 you are left with the act it amended, ie the 1990 constitution.

The 1970 constitution was an Act of the UK Parliament. The 1990 constitution was a document prepared by the Government installed by the 1987 coup. It was biased racially and imposed by force.

The 1997 constitution was an act of the parliament elected under the 1990 constitution. In accordance with the 1990 constitution, the 1997 act was passed with a two thirds majority of both houses of parliament.

Congratulations Aiyaz, you have restored the racially-biased 1990 constitution. And if there was any doubt, thanks to decree number 3, the FIJI EXISTING LAWS DECREE 2009, it is confirmed that all laws apart from the Fiji Constitution Amendment Act 1997 “shall continue in force”.

In reality, however, we have no law at all. We have rule by a dictator and the hate-filled side-kick he trusts to do all his thinking for him.

Anonymous said...

Oilei, what next and I thought Naivalurua was OK.

Anonymous said...

Suva Detectives arrested 2 youths yesterday - one was drinking battery acid - the other fireworks. Charged one & let the other off.

Khu'Ta said...

The pot plant business was already in full swing at Prisons. Only now it is boosted by the larger Police Force. Naivalurua is jest full of pomp and wanna be. He is a dick head, corupt and egoistic.

All this crap about visibility, is an ego tripn...visibility for him not the poor souls he commands and mistreats.

Anonymous said...

I will reserve judgment on this. Naivalurua was one of the few bright spots in this whole sordid coup affair. It is difficult to believe he would be involved in something like this.

If it is true though, then I take it more as a condemnation of how a dictatorship system is fundamentally unable to foster accountability.

And here is an example of how an otherwise decent and competent man might otherwise come unstuck in the absence of checks and balances under a system that cannot provide these.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous Nov 23, 2010 7.26am
Unfortunately, this news is fact and is the truth. This is nothing new, Naivalurua is not as intelligent as many potray himself to be but he is just the type who is a YES SIR type of officer, doesn't rock the boat, in simple kai viti languange, a 'tabetabe' type who is solely concerned about being in the good books of bosses at the expense of his colleagues and subordinates. He will bend the laws to make his boss happy; he looks harmless but a very self centred no moral, no principle person.
On the first day Bainimarama came to work as the Commander of the army, he called all his senior officers and told them, 'that Naivalurua will be groomed to take over from him as commander...' sadly, Naivalurua took those words seriously and from that day on, he was forever faithful to Bainimarama and highly waiting to be commander of the army. Naivalurua happens to be in the click of 'kai vata' with Ganilau, so it is all nepotism at its best. Unfortunately for Naivalurua, he did not expect that the wait for him to be commander will take this long.
They live in Govt Quarters, which they have been for most part of their life in the army, and prisoners were taken to their current quarters to clean and plant wife's pot plants. Even in the army camp, when they moved in to the chief of staff residence, Naivalurua ordered all the soldiers planting cassava to uproot all their cassava and it was replaced with his wife's flowers and plants.
Naivalurua is not an eloquent speaker not a deep thinker, he will 'tabetabe' to his boss but ill treats his subordinates, talk about a bully!
Don't underestimate Naivalurua's scheming tactics, he has survived all this long because he will do anything Bainimarama asks him to do, he even visits Bainimarama's residence often to lose yaqona!!!

regimental fund sponges said...

@ Anon 7.26

Wasn't the brite spot one of them who cleaned out the army's regimental fund with unpaid loans? tsk,tsk.

Tis the problem with earning a living all your miserable, overtrained lives, on taxpayers funds, one starts to feel righteously entitled to it, se va ivei naivalurua??

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.24

For a taxpayer-funded "over-trained sotia", naivaluria's prominent role in Fiji's resulting messy circumstances speaks volumes about him!!

Dominick said...

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