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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Resource Tax on Fiji Water: Why Now, says Mahendra Chaudhry

According to FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry, "An interesting feature of the Budget is the excise duty of 15 cents per litre imposed on bottled water."

This tax applies to those operators who extract in excess of 3 million litres of water per month. There is only one such operator ie. FIJI WATER, which falls in this category.

It will be recalled that in 2008 when a similar tax of 20 cents per litre was imposed on all exporters of bottled water, it was quickly reversed at the instance of some influential and powerful lobbyists acting for the water companies.

This intervention resulted in the excise duty being reduced from 20 cents to the preposterous rate of 0.001 cents per litre!

“I wonder what process of enlightenment has made those responsible in the regime to now strike a somewhat unrealistic rate of 15 cents per litre. And why is it confined to only one operator? Where is equity?

“I believe we have gone a full circle on this one."


Anonymous said...

0.11% duty for poroduction under 350million liters.
15% over 350million liters.

They should have just said 15% tax on Fiji Water.

Anonymous said...

Last person anybody should be asking about things retrospective its this incompetent hypocrite.

FLP website currently carries a piece attacking this website about current money laundering charges - somehow inferring he's the victim of a politically motivated witch hunt - of how he's alredy been cleared in a previous hearing?

Hopefully when this is complete - he'll explain how he single handedly wrecked FSC via his disastrous & expensive Mill upgrade fiasco?

Trust regime won't make the same mistake they did with FRB's Reddy?

Anonymous said...

Voreqe not too hot on finance is he?

Inflation since he in charge 17.5%
Devaluation 20%
Increase in VAT 2.5%


Anonymous said...

Mr Chaudhry, at that time in 2008 the influence was based on threat of Aiaz losing his job if Fiji Water's legal challenge was ruled in Fiji Water's favour, i.e. the IG was unconstitutional and therefore illegal.

You were part of that regime. But now it is under the decree that no one can entertain any legal suite against this govt i.e. no cases will be accepted by the registra at the courts.

It is this decree that allows the new tax to succeed. Maybe if you had that decree prior to the abbrogation of the constitution, you too would have been enjoying still with the likes of Aiaz.....the brain child of this decree!

This shows he is more intelligent then you Mr Chaudhry! Now he can copy cat just as you copy cat ideas all the time....

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry was cleared based on limited terms of reference in that investigation. As it was abuse of process that terms of reference as it was already known that other factors were also involved other then just the tax component.

So the investigation was incomplete you moron. Now you have to tell the court you lied through your accountant that the money was not yours.

Great mathematician said...

@Anonymous 10:17

You are not 'too hot' on finance yourself ;-)

A devaluation of 20% means an increase ('inflation') of 25% on imported stuff, which tends to create inflation on local products as well.

The 17.5% inflation you are talking about probably include that 20%, that is not clear.

Adding 2.5% VAT on top of that means that if we consider a 17.5% inflation, we have to multiply that by less than 1.025% (since VAT doesn't apply on everything). Percentages are NOT additives, but multiplicatives... It is even more ridiculous the add a '20% devaluation'...

The total would be 17.5%*1.025 = 17,9375% maximum

Over a 4 years perio of time, 'normal inflation' in Fiji would have been more around 3% a year (based on previous years), so 3%^4 = 12.5% cummulative.

Anonymous said...

"Vengeance is mine!", say the Lord God.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:26 - re Chaudhry.

How come we clearly see this man for what he truely is yet others can't? It a case of if he goes - they (Kai Dia)have nobody?

sara'ssista said...

I must say given the reputation and credibility of this man that he should be the last to discuss any matter, until there are some satifcatory explanations about millions of dollars unaccounted for that he received on behalf of others and the outcome of the inquiry into him by this very regime that found him with no case to answer. Wjhile i am very symathetic to him and his government during the coup that saw him ousted, his career since has been a grab bag of tax dodges, corruption, cowardess, venal self-promotion and hypocracy.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon3:05.

Very good - so what happens in the mean time? (reality).

Tell you what?
Pick up your Bible - go out into the middle of an open field without any food or water - sit down with your book and don't get up until the Lord provides above items for you?

Keep us posted how you got on?

paula raqeukai said...

latest Fiji water has shut-down operations in Fiji in the last two hours...very sad indeed for the people of Fiji especially the landowners of Ra....govt should review this tax issue for the sake of all stakeholders in Fiji...May God Bless Fiji...

Anonymous said...

@11.08 anon; you seem to have found anon 10.26 re chaudhry to be a Fijian writing against him and supporting his view point.

Thank you for that. But anon 10.26 is very much a Kai Dia!

So Kai Diya's indeed can see. But when Chaudhry's FLP policy / manifesto finds funds from the books to treat the Kai Diya's plight with equality, then they have to weigh at the ballot box - what's in it for me!!

Just as when Mara was accused of million dollar man corruption - how he earned so much to own million dollar Marela Hosue; use aid given machineries on his own farm and not for the general farmers welfare - etc, etc, having been made corrupt by a handful of business community, look where the wealth of Mara family is today.

So find clean politicians for 2014 from both sides, not just one.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12.40pm

Yes, I have done that and more, and in case you did not know, the God that I serve gave all the things you are currently enjoying irrespective where you are. Lets keep to the coup subject eh?
"Vengeance is mine" says the Lord God. Vore, Ayarse and all their supporters will get their turn in time.

Hebrews 13. said...

Anon 12:40.

"Lets keep to coup subject".

Done - but judging by your last post you evidently can't - won't.

So how about a report on your field trial? How long did you last?
Seeing challenge was only posted yesterday - and today you replied you've already done it - say not very long at all.

Secular - keeping all religion out of politics.

Anonymous said...

@Hebrews 13

"Secular - keeping all religion out of politics." What politics?

BTW, been doing field trial for years, and especially since I lost my job because of this coup and have no income to buy food and no land of my own and only my bible to strengthen me through its words. Yes, God did provide my needs and he will take care of this IG.