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Monday, November 22, 2010

Roth was on Dictator Frank's purge list

The deportation of David Roth was on dictator Frank Bainimarama's wish-list before his departure to China, supposedly on a trade mission. And he entrusted his side-kick, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, with the job of carrying out the dirty deed.

Coupfourpointfive has established that Bainimarama wanted Roth out at any cost. The price was paid by his former army boss, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, who has lost his job in the regime's Cabinet.

The dictator tried to justify Roth's deportation with this comment: "It is unfortunate that David Roth saw it fit to engage in activities outside of his work-permit conditions," but failed to say just what Roth had done.

But sources have confirmed to us that there are three reasons for Bainimarama's blatant animosity towards the Fiji Water executive:

1) As already established, David Roth was very close to the Mara family.

2) Harry Dugdale, Ratu Mara's son-in-law by virtue of his marriage to Mara's youngest daughter, Adi Litia Mara, was employed by Roth to handle public relations work for him as well as Fiji Water. The major public relations consultant for Fiji Water is a company owned by former United Sates Embassy employee, Nirmal Singh. According to sources, Dugdale was deported earlier this year after he referred to  Bainimarama as 'dick head' during a cocktail function. David Roth was present at the drinks, conversing with Dugdale when he slanged off the dictator as a 'dick head'. Bainimarama got wind of the information and wanted Dugdale thrashed by his military goons. But Roth was 'saved' by his brother in law, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (former 3FIR boss). Roko Ului. however, could not prevent Dugdale from being deported and advised him to leave Fiji. Adi Litia remains in the country while her husband is back in his country of birth, England.

3) David Roth was seen having lunch with Roko Ului and former Land Force Commander Pita Driti after they were "sent on leave". According to Coupfourpointfive sources, this lunch is also being seen as Roth's 'interferenc'e in Fiji's domestic affairs.

Bainimarama wanted heads to roll
The dictator, apart from wanting Roth out of the country, had also made up his mind he wanted to see a few of his trusted men given the boot. Again, this was prior to his very secret excursion to China.

Bainimarama wanted his permanent secretary, Pio Tikoduadua, to resign, which he duly did, handing his letter to Ganilau. Sources say the illegal leader is insisting Tikoduadua receive him at the airport when he returns from China, despite his resignation. Sources say it's Evil Frank's way of humiliating Tikoduadua.

On his return from China this week, Bainimarama also wants to know from Police and Prisons Comissioner Brigadier General, Iowane Naivalarua, which post he prefers. 

It's believed he fears that being the Commissioner of both Police Force and Prisons Service makes Naivalarua extremely powerful and a threat to him.

The dictator had also decided that his former permanent secretary, Parmesh Chand, who is the permanent secretary to Public Service Commission, should resign. Chand tendered his resignation more than a week ago and will leave in December.

Dirty Frank also wanted Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara to resign as Chairman of Fiji Pine Ltd, Tropik Woods, Fiji Forest Industries. Roko Ului had called it quits but last Friday appeared on Fiji Television news and speaking as Chairman, announced the payment of $1 million dividend to landowners. He also authorised a special supplement to be published in a daily newspaper last Saturday.

Sources say Roko Ului has withdrawn his resignation and and now wants Bainimarama or Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to sack him. It's believed he's awaiting Bainimarama's return to see if he is forcibly booted out. Only time will tell if Roko Ului's defiance is genuine.


Harry and the two Tevitas said...

I'm sorry but this doesn't cut it on the grounds of logic, though doubtless the author will argue that no such thing exists in the "new order". "Lord" Dugdale calls Frank a dickhead in David Roth's presence. What has that got to do with David Roth? And David Roth has lunch with Roko Ului. Since when has it been a crime to have lunch with any of the Maras? It's hardly "interfering in the country's internal affairs, is it? No, let's just wait till Frank gets back to see whether he can come up with a plausible explanation for what has been a very damaging episode for the regime. It had better be good. Because if any if this speculation is true, having lunch with anyone in Suva nowadays is becoming very risky. I think I'll dine alone from now on and If anyone tries to speak to me at The Cottage or Daikoku, I'll just raise my eyebrows in the usual greeting and keep eating. They'll soon get the message.

piggy hunting said...

Bhaini the coward and the terrorist khaiyum are dead men walking....tik Tok...Tik Tok...even the old fool walsh knows the farce is coming to an end!!!

Anonymous said...

That's it - Frank was always paranoid. But now he is officially approaching Caligula-territory!!

sara'ssista said...

this is how fiji works theses days, ohhh how things have changed. So really it is the same toilet but a diffent person sitting on it. This is what Croz would refer to as fiji's necessary transformation into a multiethnic democracy free of politics and a compliant and submissive media. The price of course is that don't be seen with the wrong people, don't opne you mouth, don't rely on the rule of law (or is that decree), expect a knock on the door and deportation on 'national security grounds'.

Anonymous said...

The term dickhead seems flattering under the circumstances. Fiji is led by a paranoid maniac with a serious mental disorder and no education. A rabid dog on the rampage. Used and manipulated by Aiyaz to make the AG a very rich man at the expense of the people of Fiji and consumed by fear and anxiety Frank is a pathetic figure indeed. How long will the people of Fiji allow the rule of a rabid dog?

Anonymous said...

Who needs Voreqe when Sir Khaiyum has been running the country for the last 2 years.

All orders come from sir Khaiyum that Roko Ului , Driti and other dickheads in the Military have to follow with no questions asked.

Fiiji Loyal said...

Pretty clear that it's guilt by association. Vore doesn't need 'plausible' excuses to annihilate people. Anyone who doesn't agree with him or who challenge his'vision' and edicts suffer the fate. Plase people let'snot be naive about it. We only need to look at those that've been deported ....journalists and diplomats, mainly and all conveniently under the excuse of threatening security in Fiji. What Bhaini means by this, is anybody who is not caught up in the propaganda, someone who can still think for themsleves. We all know this talk of 'spying' is the regime's way of getting rid of 'dissidents.' It has never been able to detail point by point the so-called 'crimes' of people it has deported.

Anonymous said...

Well its pretty clear now what kind of influence Roko Ului and Driti over 'their' men....which is bugger all. Being 'Head of the 3FIR' or 'Land Force Commander' means jack squat. Right now most if not all the military are in it for the money or just plain gutless. Considering they're all getting huge chunks of 'backpay' on a regular basis particularly towards Christmas every year you won't be seeing any of them wanting to rock the boat. Frank could cede Fiji to China for all they care....pathetic bunch of wimpy drunkards.

Richard Cranium said...

It is terrible that people are calling the f...wit dictator a 'dick head'. This is an absolute threat to national security - deport them and extend the PER!!!

Cocktail Ferret said...

Cranky Franky has never needed an excuse for his vile actions. Obviously David Roth offended him and it became all too easy to boot him out of the country. We've seen this film before ... Court adviser falls out of favour with the court so of with his head. In Roth's case thankos to his connections, Cranky Franky was always suspicious of him.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who knows Vore will know this to be so like him

Anonymous said...

Probably because he was good at what he did(successfull).

Anonymous said...

Sharon Smith-Johns quoted in Fiji m edia as saying issue between Vore and Roth is personal...and nothing to do with Fiji Water. What does she mean by 'personal'. She also says Bhaini will clarify things when he returns...can we believe it? Story only in spotlight thanks to blogs

Radiolucas said...

Calling Frank a dickhead is an insult to the other dickheads I know of - they are much easier to avoid. We have to think of a new term for treasonous reptile like him - any ideas?