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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sayed Khaiyum's evil hand at play again

Epeli Ganilau has shown the illegally appointed government he's not one to be mucked with.

Ganilau has today confirmed, that as said by this blog, he resigned because the illegal regime was trying to interfere with the hugely successful, Fiji Water.

We revealed last night that Ganilau is close to the director of external affairs for Fiji Water, David Roth, and is a regular visitor at the Roth home.
Today he admitted to FijiLive: “We had some differences over the David Roth issue."

Other Bainimarama allies and military cohorts have fallen out with the dictator but Ganilau is the first to go public.

His resignation, coupled with the public revelation is proof, as freedom blogs have been saying for some time, that the cracks in this regime are wide enough for someone to drop kick Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum out of government.

Sayed Khaiyum continues to be at the root of much of the current malaise in the regime and is behind Ganilau's departure.

In the information supplied to Coupfourpointfive yesterday, it was clear Sayed Khaiyum was out to destroy another foreign owned business, the hugely marketable Fiji Water, just as he did the Fiji Times.

This at the same time as he is lining his own pockets via backhanders and business opportunities created by illegal decrees and such.

It must sting Ganilau to know that the deportation order for Roth clearly came from Sayed Khaiyum an had to have been approved by Bainimarama.

Ganilau has said he sent his resignation via email to Bainimarama. We keenly wait the development of this story.

Picture: Baywatch star David Hasselhoff just one of the many Hollywood stars who drink Fiji Water.


Anonymous said...

OBVIOUSLY, with the Ganiluas their every decision is based on their own PERSONAL, VESTED INTERESTS and not that of the well-being of Fiji and her people.

Can't see beyond the tips of their uppity mighty crooked noses, LOL!

So yeah, please spare the nation and piss right off into oblivion YOU LOSERS!

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is in total control and all these crooks in the Illegal Junta and dumb fijian soliders have to comply with his directives.

We Fiji Indians are so proud of your firm and decisive leadership in driving fiji forwrad.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum - You are the Man.

Guns, violence and the dumb fiji miltary have got idegenous fijians nowhere since the coups of 87, 2000and 2006 except for making few people and rich businessmen richer.

You have clearly demonstrated that non violent means and brains is more powerful than all the guns of the Fiji Military.

Who would have thought after all the looting, burning and attacks on fiji Indians since the first coup in 87 that one day they would be crawling to every whim of a Fiji Indian Leader who is more powerful than Rt. Mara, Rabuka, Voreqe., Chaudhary,JR Reddy and Koya all put together.

We salute you and your family Khaiyum for sacrifing so much for Fiji.

Seize the time said...

And so the Khaiyum is about to launch another campaign. Fiji is becoming so deeply entrenched in the Khaiyum 'master world' plan but you can't tell its improved the lives of the ordinary folks. tekk him and his brother to turn their pockets off the rotten thieves.

Anonymous said...

Indeed Khaiyum's vested interest is at work again - maybe trying to take control of Fiji Water Company with back hand payout commission from the purported buyer.

How else do you think he will survive after 2014 elections if not any sooner taking political assylum in UAE?

He needs all this big cuts to be able to leave the chair for new comers. Who knows he may work for UAE after getting them air space and landing rights in direct competition with Air Pac, so Air Pac can be absorbed by his new boss in UAE.

The sooner they fill their pockets, the quicker we can see them disappear and leave Fiji in the good hands. So give them a break - it is only about $50m each to reach to make democracy work again!!!

As For Ganilau, did David Roth offer him salary and upkeep for him to resign quickly and make the noise the reasons why. Did he advice him that the ship will sink any day now, so join with him instead.

By announcing the reasons why, there may be some hope of having the deportation order cancelled, or taken a rain check on by Aiass..

Is any one innocent in this !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1.22p.m

Never a good idea to play the race card or is it now a convenient xcuse in order to save the real thieves a$ses who flung themselves into Aiyaz's arms from the get-go. Bloody losers.

Anonymous said...

To the Indians with there derogatory comments, This coup has just set race relations back. nothing has improved and you will cop the backlash.

Jake said...

Everyone the time is upon you to invest in a radiometer for within this orblike contraption you will find peace.

Peace has eluded the nation for many years this is due in part by the corrupt indoctrination of the many by the few.

Led by none other than the master swindler themselves Rabuka and Qarase.


Jake said...

The ineviatble within a council of thieves, crooks and good for nuthins...they are bound to fall out to asuage their thirst and greed for power, money et al.


mark manning said...

All in the Regime and their supporters are marked men anyway.

Joe said...

Everyone, except Frank and Croz, knows who the real dictator is. The sooner they arrest him and lock him up, the better it will be for Fiji.

Pluto said...

Everyone is corupt except Bai, Aiyarse and Jake the snake.

Anonymous said...

@ the A-nonsense @ 2.48p.m.

What Indians are you talking about that made those deserving comments?!
Please look in the mirror to see who's deserving of good lashing. Na lamusona e sa matata vinaka tu mai vei keimami since you've been caught with your grubby fingers in the treasury honey-pot. Dou veisau!

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, you need to get off the pipe sona levu.
Get your vulavula arse into Fiji and then talk. Vutu Sona!!

Anonymous said...

Watch them all play the race card hard to save their asses that are being thrown up into the air. LOL!
Ya! Mou dou kila tiko na nomudou kocokoco kei na lawakica esa rui vavaku.

You're all going down together...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is the Commander & Voreqe, his Ministers all follow or will be shown the door.

The deportation order was prepaed by Khaiyum and cokanasiga had no choice but to sign unless he wanted to go work his farm in Navua.

All these rumors about dissent in the Military is just bullshit as the Commander and every fijian solider and policeman shiver with fright evrytime they see Aiyaz approaching.

Khaiyum one day every indegenous fijian will be bowing down to you as you have shown them what their corrupt chiefs and leaders have been doing to them over the years.

The Chiefly system has kept indegenous fijians supressed while the Chiefs and rich businessman friends fill their pockets.

This price control on groceries, hardware itemms etc. could have come earlier but all previous governments were in the pockets of rich businesmen they could nothing.

Khaiyum you are the only man in Fiji with Guts and only Chaudhary can compare with you.

You are both Fiji Indians and we are so proud of you for standing up for truth and justice for all.

Anonymous said...

Do not bame Fiji Indians. The io saka syndrome of indegenous fijians is what has taken us backwards.

We have been taught to bow down to everything our chiefs and governments (Legal/Illegal) have told us to do as we do not have the courage to stand up and say no to corruption and injustices.

The only time indegenous fijians have stood up to a government was when when it was a Indian led governments in 87 & 2000 when we followed our chiefs and military like stupid sheep.

At least fiji indians with a leader like Chaudhary had the courage to call a wrong a wrong even with a gun pointed at his head.

green beret said...

Anon @1.22 Unfortunately, race continues to be at the heart of much of Fiji's politics. The differences in Indo Fijians and indigenous Fijians and how they repond to life, coups and political crisis is why we are where today. I see a lot of us singing off at each other on these pages and while we try to rise above 'the race card' we can't help ourselves. People who think race has nothing to do with our crisis are burying their head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.18am, Good to see some common sense comments coming out of a Fijian. Your analysis is quite correct.

My approach is unless all Fijian leaders stand up and agree with Rabuka that 1987 was very wrong, this current saga will never end.

The seeds of Io Saka Syndrome was planted in 1977 and conducted in 1987 which Rabuka said he joined the kava drinking to find out there werew mess murder plans underway that were getting discussed at that grog session.

For this reason he was encouraged to conduct the coup, when in fact he was suppose to get his army ready to fight back those conmen politicians.

The Indian farmer community that helped topple previous govt's due to their practices to find another party to see if they could do any better, they were regarded as Indians wanting to take control. They were afraid to lose out free loans from FDB and NBF if another govt took office. Nothing to do with Indians. Now the same lot is calling the cat black.

At least finally the Fijians can see for themselves that they are the real problem and after Bai and Aias run the country down, there will be no money left for the greedy politicians to try toppling another govt as they will not have money to play the game again.

The financiers of the coups will realise that they will now have to pay more then gain more by trying that out again as Fiji is F'd up big time, thanks to greed.

There will always be corruption at the top, and genuine politicians are hard to find. Maybe no businesses should be allowed to meet the cabinet - rather write to them only and managed through ministerial team - only in writing.

This type of policies should become part of future political party's manifesto's !!!

Anonymous said...

Masters & Apprentices.

Rabuka & Qarase are named "master swindlers" - so what do we call Chaudhry?

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz is the man ! for chasing instilling fears to potential foriegn investors - FICAC should investigate its own boss first. I bet no one has the guts to or you will be deported as well even though you're the itaukei.

Military is toothless - so no point in relying on them to help Fiji. In fact they have become the biggest threat & security risk to its own people.

Kalavo said...

@Anon 9:43
The master swine if you like

Anonymous said...

This is to all of you who write in this column. I am a Fiji born Indian who has a native mother. I went to school for all my primary years in a village school where i was the only one with any Indian in him. I speak fluent Fijian,Hindi and perfect English. I am less then 40 years old have seen the world and own and run a succesfull business. I have a vision for Fiji where people of all races are working together with respect for each others cultures and practises and at the same time utilizing each others strenghts to make Fiji a cross between Singpore,New Zealand, and Hawaii. In other words finding a balance between economic and social development and long term sustainability. I also believe that positive and targeted affirmative action suited to the i-taukei should be in place until they become econimically as productive as the other races. On the other hand affirmative action should also be in place for all other disadvantaged races targeted to their problems. I also believe that business development should be encouraged and financaly supported by the goverment to take away the monopolistic nature of our current business environment so that in a few years the status core in business becomes irrelevent and the 20 odd families who control 80% of this countries wealth have to leave or compete on a fair playing field. I am a dedicated family men who is god fearing and i truly love Fiji as i migrated to NZ but surrendered my residence status to live in Fiji and invest here. The question is will all you bloggers out their vote for me for someone like me to lead this country if i was standing in an election. If you answered no because of my race then Fiji has a serious problem and no matter what we say or do this country will always be run by idiots and ultimatly the people will deserve the government they get. Good to get some comments. then

hybrid myself said...

you sound okay execept for the god fearing bit...

religion has done the people of fiji, as it has the rest of the pacific, perhaps more damage than good.

seriously, you raise an issue that fiji needs to resolve if it is to have a real future, free of coups and corruption.

like other pacific island communities, it would be fair to say fiji does not have a huge pool of leaders.

many of our leaders have come from well-established families, the so-called elite...they who have businesses, wealth, connections, etc etc.

i suspect we need to develop a new layer of leaders, the generation who like yourself is the best of fiji...kai india and kai viti, educated, experience of the world via living in outside of fiji to bring that global perspective.

above, all the vision to see a fiji that boasts the best of its people.

Anonymous said...

Hybrid thank you for your comments. I am not a religous fundmantalist. By god fearing i mean i make my decisions based on the basics of right and wrong and i wont let my character be compromised by the need for an offshore bank account. I have 2 children who i would like to see remain in Fiji and the only thing that would keep them here is a progressive Fiji that is working towards becoming a great country. I do agree with you that religion or too much of it has been one of Fiji's many problems.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:28..

Not your race or religion Taukei are against - its your cursed predatory Indian (Kai Dia) culture.

Time you made up your mind which side your on?

Anonymous said...

And this is to you A:10.28a.m.

You sound quite pitiful and I'd think twice before casting my precious vote for a shallow idiot like you, who says :

"I also believe that positive and targeted affirmative action suited to the i-taukei should be in place until they become econimically as productive as the other races.

(my word, "as economically productive" - how do you substantiate a loaded statement like that?!)

And in the very next breath you say:

"...and the 20 odd families who control 80% of this countries wealth have to leave or compete on a fair playing field".

Some idiot you are, where have you been hibernating in NZ? tut..tut..

I'd say the majority population in Fiji do not have a problem doing away with a race-based electoral system. In fact wasn't that the people's recommendation through the Reeves report to have a gradual but very definitive move towards more open seats... except that I understand it was Rabuka's SVT Govt that thwarted that recommendation and changed the distribution of seats the other way round.

You see mr. race-phobia, aspiring-anonymous, politician - unlike you, I really don't believe race would be the strongest or deciding factor in choosing a candidate for the majority population in Fiji. The two main ethnic groups have seen how it's been easily manipulated as a means to an end - by corrupt politicians and even perhaps by those who 'fall through the cracks' like you...

PS. Learning to use a spell check should be a minimum 'core' requirement for aspiring politicians, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.28..

Good comments, but the only problem is that when it comes to election, everyone is saying the same thing, "we will do this and that to improve your life, etc, etc, ", except we do not know who is telling the truth, so the safest way most ignorant people do is fall back to the race choice.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:28 - this is for U.

Whether you like it or not reality is race(culture)is & will continue to be the deciding factor in any future elections - anyone who believes otherwise is delusional.
Given ethnic make up - imbalance of current population stats - ever bothered asking the Kai Dia what they think about this one vote one value proposal?

Don't launch personal attacks against those expressing views that differ from your own - read what they saying - not how its spelt?

As for your advise re spell checks -"econimically" ?

hybrid 2 said...

Anon at 7.30pm personifies the haters and the wreckers that make it so hard for this nation to move forward from the coups and corruptions of elected government. Anon @ 10 28 may not be the 'perfect' candidate for the leaders but who is??? where are the leaders in fiji apart from those already known to us and whom we find less than perfect. we have also see than some of those who've flocked to fiji to 'help', the expats like john prasad, john sami have all had hands in the till. give this guy a break, at least he is starting an honest debate and putting himself on the line.

Anonymous said...

Hybrid thank you for your defense of my post. I did post a reply to ANON 7.30 but for some reason it did not get published. You are right the haters and wreckers like ANON 7.30 is the reason Fiji is what it is today. My original post was a hypothetical test on our society’s tolerance as a whole in so far as race in concerned. I do not have any serious thought about politics but I am now thinking how true the old saying is "bad people only thrive because good people choose to do nothing” and thus may actually consider politics if their is an election in 2014. Anon 7.30 and people like him or her choose to criticize everything including a typing error in spelling but come up with no solutions themselves. I challenge people like them to stand up and fight an election and actually do something about what they believe in instead of making direct personal attacks on others whose point of view they don’t like. It is also a known fact that my i-taukei brothers and sisters have very little participation in business which has been one of the so called reasons for the last 3 coups. It also a fact that true wealth sits in the hands of about 20 or so Indian families in this country who are from the Gujarati sub community out of India. I have nothing against them as they have paid their dues and have worked hard but until some semblance of equality is achieved in the sharing of wealth in this country we will not have lasting peace and harmony.