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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Teleni secondment to China just one of several key changes expected

One of the tips given to Coupfourpointfive in the past two days has eventuated - the former Police Commissioner Commodore, Esala Teleni, has been made Fiji’s Ambassador to China. 

The appointment was confirmed today by the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, which is headed by the brother of the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum. It pays to be close to the throne, eh?

The appointment was revealed by illegal leader Voreqe Bainimarama himself, but was tipped to Coupfourpointfive on Friday.

We were unable to run it then but its confirmation today, suggests other information given to us is also credible.

We've been told changes are expected this week to the line-up of the illegal Cabinet and the word is that the Lands Minister, Netani Sukanaivalu (pictured above), is gone.

We also understand that Brigadier Mohammed Aziz is to be sent on leave and that Neumi Leweni will be put in charge of RFMF Nabua, among other manouverings by the illegal regime.


  1. Well, well...this is to get him conveniently out of the way. He's a bit of a loose cannon that VB is lamu of.

  2. The story was run first in the Fiji Sun today before FBC and other media got it through a ministry of information press release.

  3. What an terrible fate. Isnt there any body else who has diplomacy? A diplomate has dipomacy. Did Teleni diplay this during his term as Police Commissioner?

    Why then, hope its not being offered to him as a gift. If this is so, then the government has done what previous governments have done.

  4. Well this could be a blessing in disguise for Atu and Reijeli Vulaono they can convert the Chinese en-masse to their strict fornication teachings and hopefully curtail the Chinese population.

    This is a clear case of the blind leading the blind but most importantly one does not send an imbecile to conduct a country’s affair abroad.
    The mind boggles.


  5. Tele Tubby is being rewarded for busting the police budget to the tune millions of dollars. Everyone in the regime has got his hands in the trough but for how long before the doe runs out is the question.Long live Bai, Jake and the Kalou Vuvu.

  6. I hope he doesn't end up being an embarrassment to Fiji like he was to the Police Force. Would like to see him try & pull his souls to Jesus stunt in china.........

  7. Stop complaining & think about it? This is a good move so far as pro democratic forces are concerned.
    If anybody can unintentionally sabotage Viti's relationship with its new found patron - this guy will.
    Chinese are not silly - know a good act when they see one - no doubt they will eventually realise what others have known for a long time. Current regime is a joke - albeit a temporary one - performed by clowns of varying degrees of competence and ability.
    More they prop it up - more long term damage they will inflict on China's long term interests in this region.

  8. Good choice. Let a Japanese go and deal with the Chinese. Diplomacy? I don't think so.

  9. Monica's secondment to China is as much a reflection on the chinese as it is the Regime in Fiji.
    Have both finally reached the bottom of the barrel ?

  10. I hope he has learnt to keep his mouth shut but mind open since his briefing began at Foreign Affairs.

    Let's see the Christian crusades happening in China now.

  11. Mrs Dikshit from DelhiNovember 15, 2010 at 1:27 PM

    What's next
    The lunatic racist from horowhenua ambassador to India???

  12. Remember this is the guy that told his senior officers on national TV that he does not tolerate lamu sona because no one is going to stop him from his Jesus.

  13. Joe say,....

    It takes a ninja to kill a ninja;
    & takes a big thief to catch a big thief.
    Fiji is rotting & will rot further.

    This is real clean up corruption ? regime should go and tell the CAT, they are the biggest thief and murderers.
    So hasn't Teleni filled up his pocket enough - so his pocket must have a lot of holes. Nothing new, what we see is what we get when everytime we have a coup.
    Fijians just don't learn.
    Moce jo

  14. confirmed from within the top brass of the lands department that the illegal Minister-sukanaivalu has been terminated for good...ISA SA NA CAVA MAI NA VEISIGA CA...the one left is AG...his time is also numbered...

  15. He will have the chinese dancing the hoopala in no time.

  16. Yes indeed, i can just see Taliban Teleni sprouting off on his christian crusade in China, then being picked up and thrown behind bars for life or simply taken out the back alley and shot.
    Be careful what you wish for Taliban Teleni.

  17. Hang on folkes, give Tele Tubby a break. He is going to improve the Chinese Police Force through his lotu crusade. What a site when Chinese police are dancing on the streets in uniform.

    Long live Bai and the Kalou Vu.


  18. We can all talk about Teleni's tasks ahead and how he will perform, but when the Chinese find out he is a Japanese by his grandfather, all hell will break loose. Watch out ayarse and baini

  19. Oh Oh did not know that tele tubby is Japonese. No wonder he woks hard, deligent spends public money like it was his grandfather's.


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