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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tourists want Fiji's natural beauty not casino vices

Opinion piece by Suliasi Daunitutu 

As Voreqe Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum hastily go about preparing for their money-making “casino”, Fiji - including all parts of its existence - has fallen further into the abyss of social deficiency and extreme indigence.

This view cannot be dismissed as rumour or propaganda, as the world has proven through its human rights watchdog (UNHRC), that Fiji needs to return to democracy for “IT” to get out of its present disastrous position.
The unelected president has issued a plea to the chiefs of Fiji to help the illegal government in stabilising the country (Fiji Times October 27th) and Bainimarama told the Fiji Sun on the same day that the EU should send aid to resurrect the sugar industry.

Nailatikau in his speech to the 21 chiefs of the Ba province said “There are emerging issues affecting the i-taukei such as leadership, which is not new to their lifestyle and is affecting traditional ties." He further added: “We must stop and re-look at our journey and improve our relationship among ourselves.”

The government before this illegal administration always left the Vanua matters to the government arm that manages the indigenous affairs, so it is not seen as an overpowering caretaker. Here, it is the president who is making the statement, an office which shouldn’t be interfering in indigenous affairs on protocol alone before anything else.

That in my view, is a show or cry for help. If the speech he delivered was written and prepared by his office without his input, then it shows a lack of knowledge in proper traditional procedures, but if he (president) has an input than it sounds like a distress call implicating the global economic meltdown as the cause of Fiji’s woes.

In the midst of all these problems and a frenzy of over borrowing, Bainimarama and Khaiyum have decided, that Fiji needs gambling added to its tourism lure repertoire to tease the visitors’ inquisitive palate.

Fiji, to most who don’t know, is a paradise, with pristine clear waters and beaches that stretch for miles, swaying coconut palm trees and enjoy the sounds of nature to relieve the body and mind of metropolitan stress.

I am confident that tourists who come to Fiji have casinos in their country and it would be something that they would be trying to stay clear of, given the documented evidence of gambling addiction and its related problems.

Khaiyum has reassured the Fijian population that in adding gambling to Fiji’s tourist attractions, they will make sure that “its development does not erode the strength of Fiji’s tourism brand” - and what brand would that be Mr. Khaiyum? Everything we have, that tourists want is natural, and it was branded from creation by the creator in all their individuality.

I could go on about this issue for hours, but I would like to summarize in saying this:

The casino is a proven moneymaker for the owners and the government only.

The problems that it brings include escalation in, poverty, domestic violence, addiction, illegal dealings, prostitution, money laundering, family break-ups, further rural to urban migration, which in turn increases the population displacement problems, school dropouts, venereal diseases – I think you know what I am trying to say.

There will be an increase of social and economical problems for the general population, while the government and the casino owners will be gaining from the peoples’ losses.


Anonymous said...

Serial loser Nailatikau is correct in pointing out there are emerging issues regarding Taukei leadership.

Unfortunately he forgot the word current.

Anonymous said...

Good summation - cept she forgot the most important aspect of the Fijian holiday experience - its wonderful Taukei people.

Anonymous said...

Does this regime think so little of its own people that it's willing to engage in a form of racial aparheid? (locals barred).

Joe said...

If a Casino is the best this govt can come up with, might as well legalize prostitution, illicit drugs and allow girls in the villages to wear mini skirts/bikinis.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama, as we all know too well, is not the elected leader, he is a Public Servant !
He initially rejected the GCC and attempted to dismantle it as a credible Institution and remove its influence from Fiji's Political processes.
It defies belief to now see him virtually on his knees begging for assistance in stabilising his illegal Regime.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama does not need the consent of the GCC. He can do whatever he wants. Who is going to stop him? No one seems to have balls anymore.Its all big talk no action from oppositions.

Anonymous said...

Another silly idea from a silly illegal dictator and his silly illegal AG. I suppose silly Jake will support this silly idea.

Khu'Ta said...

This government's priority is money.Everything they do is to strengthen their position and nothing to do with the people. The pretence is to keep them happy and they enjoy the perks of power to the brim. The effect of the casino on the population is the least of their worries.

Jake said...

Opinion: A personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty.

Just as well there is nothing more perncinious to the mind than those who were beneficiaries of the Qarase government disseminating innuendos.


TheMax said...

Just like Jughead spews out personal beliefs of the Vore which unfounded and certainly lacks proof.

The difference is that while Suli's opinion is well argued Jughead's rubbish merely speculates the non existant virtues of a corupted and self serving individual.

Fiji First said...

Too many uncertainties in this plan other than the real possiblity that Khaiyum cronies are the most likely winners. Perhaps connections of his from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India ... places he has plumbed to fill roles in judiciary and elsewhere. The other reality is as is said here by you Suli, tourists might want a little flutter but they come primarily toViti for its natural beauty. What happens if the casino doesn't bring the numbers it needs ... all too easy to throw open the door to locals.

mark manning said...

If the Casino goes ahead, Fiji will be a Mecca for criminals from all over the world.
It will become the Sodom and Gomorra of the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Casino ?

Let Felix & Dan Urai manage the Casino's...........it will be good for them as usual filling their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Their priority is to destroy everything that is Christian in Fiji.
Wreck havoc and create more evil.