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Monday, November 22, 2010

Two Singapore nationals arrested over mystery $1m heist

Authorities, it seems, have solved the mystery $1 million heist and the missing new $20 notes that led to so much speculation.

Fiji media have reported in the last hour there has been a major breakthrough in the case, with the arrest of  two Singapore nationals.

A police spokesperson says the arrests came "after a successful operation involving the Fiji Police and their counterparts in NZ, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong."

A large amount of the money is believed to have been recovered.

The two Singapore nationals were arrested last Thursday and appeared in court on Friday. They have been remanded in custody.


Anonymous said...

Which only leaves the question of how they manged to get the money into the Australian banking system
without official RBA assistance?

Anonymous said...

Cheech & Chong discover Viti.

Two Singaporian likely lads somehow stumble across a ship in a dock which has on board a container - contained inside is a mini safe in which is stored $200ml cash. Same two people then somehow gain entry into both container & safe & remove $1ml. Theft then not discovered until ship reaches Suva wharf - yeah right.

Crucial Q's?
Hopefully RBF Kai Dia executives didn't adopt bretheren's FSC policy re insurance?
Just exactly how much is missing?
Tried asking - dual citizen Turaga? Overseas - visiting new homeland - big new honeypot.

Lot more here than everybody's currently saying?

Anonymous said...

All bullshit these stories about the $1m heist! Sada Reddy was the THIEF...