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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

US 'unhappy' with Australia's handling of Pacific

By Campbell Cooney, Radio Australia: The United States is expected to send a message to Australia and New Zealand this week that it wants a change in how they are providing leadership in the Pacific.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives for an official visit to Papua New Guinea on Wednesday, before travelling to New Zealand and Australia for ministerial meetings.

In Hawaii last week, Secretary Clinton announced the US was to spend $21 million to reopen its Pacific Agency for International Development office, to be based in Suva.

Dr Richard Herr, an adjunct professor at Fiji National University, sees that as a message to the big powers of the Pacific: Australia and New Zealand.

Opening of the office was welcomed by Fiji's military backed regime.

Dr Herr sees the decision as recognition that the situation in the Pacific is "getting more interesting. The fraught relationship with Fiji is creating difficulties for traditional friends of the region. It is certainly opening doors to all sorts of new opportunities for non-traditional players."

These include China and Russia - the republic of Georgia recently approved medical aid for Tuvalu, which two days earlier had sided with Georgia in a row with Moscow over the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

"In other words, others are seeing opportunities in the Pacific islands that are leading to all sorts of strange alliances.

"I think these are some of the things that have concerned the US government.

"The whole Asia Pacific area is in change; everyone knows that.
"But in the South Pacific, in part because of the unstructured and difficult relationship with Fiji, Australia and New Zealand have not been playing nearly as positive and effective a role as I think some countries would have expected."

Fergus Hanson, a research fellow at the Lowy Institute, sees Mrs Clinton's PNG visit as focusing on a huge planned liquefied natural gas project.

It has the ability to lift PNG out of reliance on development aid, but could also crush other industries and cause a further breakdown of law and order.

Mr Hanson says the US wants to help ensure PNG does not fall victim to what has been called the "resources curse".

Pictures: Bainimarama Graham Davis, The Australian and the Liquid Niugini Gas, picture ex Niugini Gas Ltd.


sara'ssista said...

fiji changed the nature of the relationship and now wants everyone to applaud. Think again.

Anonymous said...

we're in the news for all the wrong reasons...

convolutedexperiment said...

It's becoming increasingly obvious that America is deeply concerned as to the direction Frank Bainimarama's Regime is taking Fiji.
It's more than likely that America's motivation is based on its own Strategic Interests in the Pacific Region, other than resources.
Frank Bainimarama and Abdul Mohammed Aiyez Sayed Khaiyum are deluding themselves if they truly believe Hilary Clinton has their personal interests at heart, in fact, it is an indication that if they don't play ball with the yanks, they won't be around much longer.

TheMax said...

The change of emphasis can be deceiving. For America it is merely a self serving exercise. It has nothing to do with support of this regime nor the people of Fiji. Its all about countering the increasing influence of China in the region.

Mastiff said...

Why else is she visiting PNG and Fiji, The two biggest Pacific islands that have rubbed much more than shoulders with the Chinese. Hence why Somare always backs Frank. We have a game on our hands and now you are playing with the big boys. Let’s see how far Beijing is willing to go.

Anonymous said...

Lets not get too carried away by this article by Kerr because at the end of the day the US will listen to their Pacific strategic partner,Australia.

It is a fallacy to think that the US will suddenly support an illegal and totalitarian regime that still harshly suppresses human rights and the democratic freedoms Fiji.This will be sending the wrong message to the Pacific, Washington and Canberra.

We must show Hillary that the illegal junta has no credibility by staging massive anti-Bainimarama protest marches in Canberra and Sydney when she comes.

My prediction is that the US and Australia will begin to assert their authority in the region and that will very quickly lead to the downfall of the dictator and his misguided coup.

Wishful thinking Kerr because the US and Australia do not negotiate with terrorists like Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

All about globalism. Moving forward to Rome. America will ensure that. The whole world is moving towards that goal. And the leaders of the world including Fiji are all working together for that one common goal using the military power if they have to get the job done.

Fiji believer said...

Worth diatribe from Kubuabola,this from the Peoples Online Daily:

Fiji and China respect one another: Fiji's FM

Fiji's Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said here on Wednesday that while Fiji and China have enjoyed 35 years of partnership they have respected one another. "The ties between the two countries have been a mutual one with non interference in their internal affairs," he said.

Speaking at the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Fiji here Wednesday evening, Kubuabola said the two countries value one another.

He said though that before 1975 the Chinese were engaged in Fiji's sandalwood and beach de-mer trade in Fiji showing ties that go back a long way.

As part of this great relationship Fiji was going to establish a consul office in Shanghai soon, said the foreign minister, adding that "Fiji's look North policy will strengthen these ties. "

Kubuabola said China offered answers for trade to Fiji and the people to people relationship between the two countries was expanding, pointing out that Chinese visitors to Fiji boosted the tourism industry and there was a huge increase in Chinese arrivals from 8,453 visitors in 2007 to 15,594 in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Mastiff Nov 3 8:08 PM

The Football game is between Australia and USA. China has been playing too. The difference is that, Fiji is the ball.

green beret said...

Dr Herrr and the US ... both manipulators.

fiji believer said...

Anyone notice how it is generallly allways New Zealand or Aussie academics who are quoted as 'experts' in this current debate? Where are our proud indigenous commentators and observers? Part of the problem

Anonymous said...

@Anon *8:30.

Very good - many a true thing are said in jest.

Skippy & Bro donned their CCC's - gave it their best shot - now lets see how regime handle really really big people wearing armour & helmets.

Don't be mislead about China - got more urgent & serious matters than a terminal tin pot South Seas dictator.

Mastiff said...

Prize: The Pacific Island Region. According to Wikipedia…“20,000 to 30,000 islands, Pacific Ocean: 64.1 million square miles, 30% of Earth surface”, quite a prize if I may say. Big boys stuff and I doubt the current Fijian administration has the capability to play this game hence its right to think of Fiji as another ball. But the US tends to side with the regime more out of necessity rather then principle, in order to get the result. Here is where the dilemma lies and unless we act, the US will quite gladly deal with the illegal regime. But this is a very important juncture which could be utilized to save our country, democratic principles, economy, and most important our people’s future

Anonymous said...

@ Mastiff.

Quote one speach or incidence where the US has supported the regime? Imagine - as others have suggested - the US staged another Granada? All hell would break loose - other options are always available. But be in no doubt the US knows & appreciates full well that this particular form of goverment simply doesn't work - never has - never will.

Therefore such regimes will always be terminal.

Tell you this - hard parts not eradication but reconstruction.

Anonymous said...

The US is working together with the Fiji leaders and all the leaders of the world behind the scene. Do not be deceived. It is America that is enforcing one world order for Rome. Wake up people, this is real.

Anonymous said...

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