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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2009 London cables show NZ call to suspend Fiji from Commonwealth

New Zealand government efforts to suspend Fiji from the Commonwealth have been revealed in the latest batch of the WikiLeaks release. 

The information is disclosed in a cable from the US Embassy in London dated June 2009 which gives briefings on activities by the Commonwealth Secretariat. 

The cable says New Zealand was pushing hard for Fiji to be suspended from the Commonwealth.

The information is of little surprise, since both New Zealand and Australia have openly criticised Frank Bainimarama for carrying out the 2006 coup.
Both countries have also continued to condemn the changes made by the military government since then, including the abolition of the Constitution and Bainimarama's refusal to hold elections until 2014.


Anonymous said...

What does Jake think of all this? He can usually put a good spin in things

Jake said...

At least Bainimarama for what its worth came out a winner for the two leaders of the countries mentioned was hoisted with your own petard.

God bless Fiji and our equitable Leader.


mark manning said...

Jake is too busy worrying about Frank dying and aiyz taking over Fiji and where his next bribe in an envelope will be coming from !
He's already spent his money, instead of investing it, unless he has invested in the FNPF and Fiji Resorts and now realises the error of his way ! Too late Jake.